Album: Mad Season (2000)
Charted: 1
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  • The biggest hit for Matchbox Twenty and their only #1 on the Hot 100, this song is about a man who has reached a point in his relationship were he is confused and needs help from others in order to make a big decision. >>
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    Kevin - Linden, NJ
  • In England, this song has an alternate meaning for many listeners, as "Bent" can mean "Gay." The term can also mean corrupt or illegal. >>
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    Donovan Berry - El Dorado, AR
  • Rob Thomas stated on VH1 Storytellers that this was his first conscious "love song." He also said that it's about a co-dependent relationship between two "screwed up" people: the song is saying that if they get together, they'll still be screwed up but it's OK because they're together.
  • In the video, Rob Thomas gets knocked around by the other band members - guitarist Adam Gaynor even runs him over in a car. These various altercations are a parody of Thomas' earlier solo success without the band. He won three Grammy awards for co-writing and singing on Santana's 1999 hit "Smooth," from the album Supernatural. The single charted #1 and sold triple-platinum. In addition, the album Supernatural was a worldwide multi-platinum seller (30 million copies sold worldwide) and won nine Grammy awards. So Thomas comes back to his little Alternative band after all this...

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  • Jennifer from VirgniaI think its about mental illness or PTSD
  • Alice Root from Green River WyoYou are a light to otherwise darkened days love you
  • Matt from CaliforniaAs a former Atheist who became a Christian, this song has all the hallmarks of a story of someone who is at the end of their rope, and realizing that they can no longer go it alone they need God. Just my take. That’s what’s great about art. Its so subjective.
  • Rekrude from CalgaryI don’t think this is the relationship everyone thinks it is. Sounds like a heroine addiction. It literally fits every lyric in place of a traditional relationship. And goes further to explain “I was clean once but now I’m jaded. Just phoning it in. Just breaking the skin”.
  • Kristina Stranahan from Denton, Md I agree with most of this. I don't think it's both.. Yet. It's definitely about a relationship where one of them has co-dependancy and if the other continues to enable the co-dependent or even just stay in this toxic cycle / relationship than they both with will end up broken/bent
  • Sara from Union City, TnReally good all around song. I liked it then and still do. Bent.....yah thats me.
  • Ryan from Morrison, IlMatchbox Twenty is still together but they no longer have rhythm guitarist Adam Gaynor.
  • Taylor from San Antonio, Txi do agree with you chris i cant wait to get there greatest hits cd
  • Sunshine from Houston, TxI love this band!!! Are they still together?
  • Jessie Ann from Purchase, NyThis is an awesome song, I remember loving it when it first came out.
  • Chris from Edmonton, Canadamatchbox twenty is god!!!!
  • Alex from Madrid, SpainI cannot believe there are no posts for this song: it´s amazing. The guitar riff is great, the arrangements are better and Rob´s voice is as good as it gets. Hello from Spain is my first post!!!
    I love this page!!
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