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  • This song is based on Matisyahu's belief that youth is "The engine of the world." He implores his young listeners to take control of their lives and understand that they have a lot more power than they might believe.

    It's a song about taking control of your destiny, and it was inspired by the conflicted adolescence and spiritual journey Matisyahu embarked on. He dropped out of high school, but ended up continuing his education and studying at the New School in Manhattan, where he learned music before devoting himself to Hasidic Judaism. Regarding how he wrote these early songs, he told us: "The form is a lot more laid back, a lot more loose, a lot more open, free association, which in some ways to me is deeper than the well-crafted words and whatnot." (Here's the full Matisyahu interview.)
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  • Alex from Gaithersburg, MdI know that song
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