Tomorrow's World

Album: single release only (2020)


  • Muse frontman Matt Bellamy recorded this reflective track during the 2020 coronavirus pandemic. It is a message of hope, a rallying call to seize the opportunity for a brighter future once the shutdown is over.

    Look to tomorrow
    The end of our sorrows
    Our world could be so full of joy

    Said Bellamy: "This song captures my mood and feelings whilst in lockdown. I have been reminded of what really matters in life and have discovered growing optimism, appreciation and hope for the future."
  • The song title comes from BBC's future-looking science and technology program, Tomorrow's World, which Bellamy watched as a child in the 1980s. The Muse frontman explained he "always enjoyed the wild futuristic predictions of what life would be like now. It all seems rather lovely, comforting and naive in retrospect and reminds me that none of us ever really know what the future holds."
  • Bellamy released the song on May 8, 2020. His only previous solo releases were 2009's "End Title" for the political thriller movie The International, and 2019's "Pray (High Valyrian)" for the Game of Thrones compilation album For the Throne.
  • The song originated as one of several ethereal instrumentals Matt Bellamy had filed away. "I've always had these pieces of music, usually piano-based, that are these meandering-dreamy things that I write but don't always fit with Muse," he told NME. "I just put them to one side and think, 'That could work for a film soundtrack one day.' 'Tomorrow's World' was one of them, and then during lockdown I just started singing on it."


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