As the World Caves In

Album: Bad Contestant (2017)


  • This apocalyptic love song imagines USA president Donald Trump and UK prime minister Theresa May getting passionate with each other after launching nuclear warheads.

    You put your final suit on
    I paint my fingernails
    Oh we're going out in style babe
    And everything's on sale

    Maltese wrote the song after Theresa May announced the UK Trident nuclear program, around the summer of 2016. He told NME: "It's kind of how I like to approach the dark things that happen in life, but I try to use humor that doesn't take away from the seriousness."
  • Want another end of the world love song? Check out Modern English's "I Melt With You" about a couple making love as the bomb drops. If you fancy something heavier, there's Avenged Sevenfold's "Acid Rain" about a romantic couple getting cast into space to die after the planets collide. Or there's always Slash's self-explanatory "Apocalyptic Love."
  • Two years after its release, the song underwent a major resurgence after going viral on TikTok during the COVID-19 pandemic. A new legion of young fans shared videos on the platform soundtracked by the apocalyptic tune.

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  • Nunya from BeeswaxCan we all agree to pretend it’s about his cat? Pls and thnx
  • Anon from Nowhere I like to think about the cat better
  • Lea from /im so in love with this song
  • Anonymousthis isnt about his cat, that tiktok was a joke he said it himself
  • Cristobal Ruiz from Chile The song is about his cat.
  • AnonymousIts about his cat
  • H A M B O R G E R from Australia This song is sooooo amazing I can’t stop listening to it
  • Something from QuebecNo he said the song is about his cat.
  • Guevara Romain from Florida i am obsessed with the song, i love it so much! -15 y/o
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