Rock 'n' Roll is Cold

Album: Fresh Blood (2015)


  • Matthew E. White pokes fun here at rock 'n' roll egotists who forget it's an art form derived from African-American music. He wrote the song in 10 minutes with his friend Andy C Jenkins.
  • White told Mojo magazine: "Rock and roll is a carbon copy of R&B that has floated off on its own ego balloon and got drunk and made a fool of itself as it's gotten older. What's rock and roll? F--king Dave Grohl. Or Bono. Or Queens Of The Stone Age. A copy of a copy of a copy.

    I think rock and roll has aged with a giant sense of ego that's slightly misplaced. It enabled a reset (but) we've been living off that reset since 1955. It's important to be aware of where it may be happening and not happening, and it's definitely not happening in big industry rock and roll. That's not where the resets coming from, I guarantee you."


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