Let Me Go

Album: Maverick Sabre (2011)
Charted: 16
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  • British singer Maverick Sabre's first single from his self-titled debut album is hard to place in any specific genre. He told Female First in an interview: "All my music is a mix of everything I've listened to over time. Some people listen to it and say that's a soul track, it's got a hip-hop influence, a bit of blues. Really, all I want my music to be everything I've been influenced by, and my own stamp on that. I don't really know what label to put on it. If I had to say something it would be hip-hop inspired soulful folk music. 'Let Me Go' is just another little branch of that." The song was released on July 22, 2011 as a digital download in the United Kingdom.
  • The song samples the female vocal refrain in the chorus of "Glory Box" by Portishead, which itself borrows from Isaac Hayes' 1971 song "Ike's Rap II."
  • The video was shot on location in Las Vegas and directed by Luke & Barber.
  • Lyrically, the song deals with addiction. Sabre explained the its meaning to The Sun: "I had a problem with Jack Daniel's. Everyone has their demons. That's why people can relate to that song, whether it be drugs, a relationship, gambling, alcohol, sex, whatever.

    For me Jack Daniel's is my evil. It's such a universal song and I've had people thanking me for helping them overcome their problems through that song. How proud am I to hear that."

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