Road Home
by MC Yogi (featuring Trevor Hall)

Album: Only Love Is Real (2015)


  • The lyrics for "Road Home" discuss MC Yogi's life. Born and raised in San Francisco, he was in and out of trouble with the law and with substance abuse for much of his youth. He found his way out when he discovered yoga, which he initially started studying under Larry Schultz, who also acted as yogi to the Grateful Dead.
  • The song "Road Home" takes Yogi's personal life and uses it as a way to connect to all people who are on the "road home" to peace and wisdom. In his interview with Songfacts, Yogi said the "children travelling the road home" are "all of us."

    "Every single one of us have to figure out that way to reconnect the mind to the heart and to find our way to where we belong, so it's like finding that true path that leads us back into that place where we feel connected and loved and happy and peaceful, you know it's work man it's a struggle."
  • Yogi's good friend Trevor Hall features on this track. They clicked the moment they met, with both of them being on similar paths, musically and spiritually.

    Like Yogi, Hall sings a lot about his meditative and spiritual experiences. They both also share the same management.


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