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Sep. 27, 1947

Meat Loaf Artistfacts

  • Meat Loaf's real name is Marvin Aday. He often makes up stories about how he got the moniker. The likely answer is that it was given to him by his high school football coach, although he's also claimed that it came from his father, who said he looked like meat when he was an infant.
  • Oddly enough, Meat Loaf is a vegetarian. He changed his diet for health reasons in the '80s.
  • His step-daughter Pearl was a "Crue Slut," for a short time, meaning she was a backup singer and dancer on Motley Crue's 1999-2000 tour.
  • A study at Sussex University in England found that his music was an excellent stimulant for plant growth.
  • He has appeared in several movies, including The Rocky Horror Picture Show and Fight Club. He also played Jack Black's father in Tenacious D In The Pick Of Destiny. . >>
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  • Meat Loaf was lead vocalist on Ted Nugent's 1976 album Free For All.
  • He comes from a rather large family. While he weighed over 200 pounds in seventh grade, his dad weighed 350 and his uncle (standing six feet seven inches) weighed nearly 700 pounds.
  • Meat Loaf met pianist and songwriter Jim Steinman when Loaf auditioned for his play More Than You Deserve. They collaborated to make the hugely successful album Bat Out of Hell and its sequel, Bat Out Of Hell II.
  • An early band was called Meat Loaf Soul, and was sometimes billed as Popcorn Blizzard. They opened for many notables, including Ted Nugent, the Who, and the Stooges.
  • He was in the original production of Hair, but declined to be in the nude scene. Said Loaf: "You got an extra $12.50 to be in the nude scene and I didn't need an extra $12.50." >>
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  • He's had a number of problems with his vocal cords and sinuses that have required painful surgeries. When he toured Australia in 2011, a vocal cord was hemorrhaging so badly that he was often spitting blood on stage.
  • Meat Loaf told Mojo his most treasured possession is his collection of rubber ducks. He explained: "I have around 100 of them. I've got some really cool ones - I have a (baseball player, Derek) Jeter one, a Frank-N-Furter one. They sit on top of my road case every show."
  • At one time, Meat Loaf went to church Sunday morning, Sunday night and Wednesday night. He told Q magazine that he still maintains a faith:

    "My grandfather was a minister and I was born into a very religious family. There's a Bible in my hotel room, I picked it up and read some of the other night. It's still a big part of my life. People don't expect it because I get on stage and I swear - I'm a rocker. But that's not me, that's a character. If I'm cast in a film I always refuse for my character to say, 'GD,' I tell them I'm not going to say it. I'll say 'damn,' but not the other thing. That's where I draw the line, everything else is open."
  • There is a sentimental side to Meat Loaf. He told Q Magazine: "I cry at the drop of a hat. It could have been watching a TV show and a dog died. Or a little girl who's been kidnapped on Criminal Minds getting back with her mother. I cry at everything."
  • He's built his legend with florid stories that don't always stand up to fact checking, but are quite compelling. One he often tells is about getting hit in the head with a 12-pound shot put when he was in high school. He claims it nearly killed him, but also helped him discover his voice: he tried out for the choir and discovered he had a vocal range spanning three-and-a-half octaves.

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  • Michelle Marie Smith from Pasadena, Md 21122When Meatloaf’s “And I Won’t Do That” I ran out to buy the CD. The song made me so sad. It reminded me of my first real boyfriend just recently at 70 years old after my husband died of 48 years of marriage. “That” for me was was our roles were backwards and I couldn’t let our relationship go on anymore. Told him “I can’t do that”.
  • Meg from Ladd, Illinoisawesome.. while i would still have questions for Meatloaf regarding his feelings of my community, that being the LGBT COMMUNITY.. I have always loved Meatloaf, his songs.. but now I'm fearful of what his true thoughts of my very happy lifestyle for the past 21 years of my life .. Almost exactly half of my life.. I wouldn't change it for anyone or anything.. I have been with my now legal wife for a wonderful 19.5 years and wouldn't want it any other way.. Now that I've laid my happy life out and I've read ABOUT Meatloaf and his very religious family and life, it makes me feel nervous as to what he would say about my lifestyle even tho i am a christian just as he is.. I'm not catholic or baptist or some of the other more harsh religions, but Methodist.. Methodist as well as several other types allow all, love all, and all are welcome.. and im not trying to knock down any religion but Catholics are one of the harshest religions when it comes to homosexuals but do they forget about how many priests out there that have molested young boys throughout the past several years.. So, they cannot say that that religion is so against this or that when the catholic community and some of its priests have had some major problems with sexual abuse towards young children and still do to this day.. Then, you have the Baptists, whom in not that educated on , but i do know that they also have a huge problem with hating and telling us to burn in hell in the LGBT COMMUNITY..but here's the thing, many of us all over the world including my community have fought very hard to free african americans from the slavery period.. So, why is this world of the Baptist so harsh and mean towards our community, when we as well as the rest of the world that believed in fairness, equality, and so on have bent backwards to abolish slavery but as a welcome the high and mighty baptist religion was formed and says we are wrong and don't belong in the same world as others. I'm so confused.. all Christians in this world are loved for who they are And not for what they are.. So, why in the world cannot we all just get along and all religions realize that they would not have it so good if it were not for some of the rest of us that you call sinners and tell us we belong un hell.. This is so not right.. I think these religious groups really need to read back in history to see just who all helped each other out of ruff patches in their lives.. It wasn't just other baptists or other catholics, it was other Christians if multiple religious backgrounds and some with no religion at all.. But they still excepted help from all that could help, becuz those people were in desperate need of a shoulder to lean on, an ear to speak too, and so on.. We all just need to stop with all this dividing up of that person is catholic, that person is baptist, that one lutheran, nazarene, methodist, non religious, and so on and just all work together to get the job done and stop all this b.S. Of thus group said this and that one won't work with this one, and just all work together and be part of a whole.. And learn to love each other for who they are and not for what they are.. Its ridiculous the way the world these days has a grasp on eachother and just won't let go and be one big whole and love one and other as they are all christians and children of god and jesus loves all of his children, no matter what color, what religion, what kind of car they drive, and so on.. Why can't people get that through there thick heads and realize that help is help, no matter who the person is.. I bet if a catholic religious family was in a car accident hanging over the side of a mountain, hanging on by a tiny thread, i bet they would except help from me and my gay family if we were right there and willing to help anyone, cuz fyi... Usually the LGBT communities that i've known or been involved with are not against helping anyone especially in a life or death situation , probably even if the other party is non exceptant of the generosity. I guess in some cases tho that i've heard of, not very often that the other person would rather die than to be helped by a person that has a gay lifestyle.. That has happened maybe once that i ever heard about, otherwise the people in trouble are happier than ever to get any kind of help from anyone.. I kind of got off track a bit, but this whole thing is about all people working together no matter who or what they are.. And i was nervous as to where mr.Meatloaf stood in that aspect, that's all.. Cuz i would help him and his family regardless, but would he except or help me and my family is the real question??? That's all! Good day to all now.. Happy thursday now..
  • Chadler from Salt Lake City, Ut"Can't this guy think of a different name to call at least one of his albums?"
    - Ken, Dupont, PA

    Maybe you should actually know something about Meat Loaf before you start posting. You've never heard of Dead Ringer, Welcome To The Neighborhood, Midnight At The Lost And Found, Bad Attitude, Blind Before I Stop, Couldn't Have Said It Better, Stoney & Meat Loaf, or Hang Cool Teddy Bear? (Not to mention Bat II and III are titled Back Into Hell and The Monster Is Loose, respectively.)
  • Barry from Gagetown Nb CanadaMeat Loaf's best material came from the pre-commercial era (before that dumb tuxedo shirt thing)
    Check out the album 'Free For All'. Meat is the lead singer for Ted Nugent and totally rocks with : Hammerdown ; Together ; Street Rats ; and Writing on the Wall ...
    If you like Meat ... You will Love this stuff !!!

    rOCk oN !!
  • Kate from Willard, OhIn the Tenacious D movie called "The Pick Of Destiny", Meatloaf played the part of Jack Black's dad
  • Pat from Albuquerque, NmThis should be up there in ArtistFacts already: Meat Loaf played Eddie in the Rocky Horror Picture Show.
  • Ricardo from Mexico, MexicoDid Meat Loaf the boy playing Pericles in Monsters Family show? or it is only a gosip?
  • Ken from Dupont, PaCan't this guy think of a different name to call at least one of his albums?
  • Gaz from Derby, England, EnglandBat Out Of Hell III is currently being recorded (November 2005) and is scheduled for a Summer/Autumn 2006 release.
  • Brad from Pittsburgh, PaSince I only heard Meat Loaf a couple times, I was wondering if they have a drummer. Also, does anyone know anything about Bat Out Of Hell III?
  • Laura from Hackettstown, NjMeat Loaf's song "I would do anything for love" was one of the greatest number one hits of the 90's. When "that" is mentioned in the song, it means nothing of intimacy, or sex. When he sings, "I'll never stop dreaming of you every night of my life" the 'that' means that he would do anything for love, but he wont ever stop dreaming. Does that make sense? I hope it clears somethings up. -Laur-
  • James from Leesville, LaWhile Meatloaf is an excellent singer, I can't believe more isn't about Jim Steinmen or Todd Rudgroen; writer and producer respectively. Jim Steinmen was a major contributor to many hits in the 80's for artists such as Bonnie Tyler.
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