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  • This is a track from the American rock band Meat Puppets 13th album, Lollipop. Lead singer Curt Kirkwood told us that the song had been floating around for a fair while: "I went to Mexico, I went to Acapulco and stayed down there for a month or so. I think that would probably be the summer of '83. I was getting ready to have kids, and I just kind of freaked out and went to Mexico, because I didn't like being around the tension. Just having kids and we're getting ready to have kids [Curt is the father of twins], you get kind of tightly wound. And I purposely went into denial for about a month. I was just sitting outside up on the hill above the Costera, maybe a quarter mile. But back then, certain time of night, traffic's kind of still down, you could hear a lot of different music coming up from different places now and then. I tried to capture that mood of once again trying to write something for somebody else. In that case, it would have been for Elvis, sort of like a 'Fun in Acapulco' or 'Blue Hawaii' sort of motif, Elvis movie song."
  • The presence of keyboards on this track is a throwback to the synth sound of the Meat Puppets 1987 album Mirage. Kirkwood told Rolling Stone he added them because drummer Shandon Sahm was listening to some early '80s electronica. He explained: "I didn't write it with the keyboard part. I put that in there because Shandon was listening to Gary Numan 'Cars' and stuff like that. So I was just kind of like, 'Check this out.' There's no conscious effort there ­– I go song by song. In terms of the actual recording process, that's the same throughout an album generally. But song to song, I arrange them, and instrumentation and that stuff is just particular to the song."
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