Lose Control
by Meduza (featuring Becky Hill)

Album: Single release only (2019)
Charted: 11


  • "Lose Control" was released as the follow-up to Meduza's breakthrough single "Piece of Your Heart." Both songs are collaborations with the London-based production trio Goodboys.
  • The Italian trio told Celeb Mix that they set out to maintain a similar vibe to "Piece of Your Heart" but slightly more radio friendly. "In a house way," they explained, "trying not to end in a classic pop dance track."
  • This song features vocals by Meduza's labelmate Becky Hill. During a studio session with the singer, the three producers showed Hill a chorus idea they'd made with Goodboys. "She was immediately into the mood, writing verses and pre-chorus," Meduza recalled.

    The whole track was written and recorded by the four in just one day.
  • The song's music video was shot in Turkey by Black Dog Films' directing duo Grandmas. The clip was filmed in and around the abandoned residential development of Burj Al Babas, near the town of Murdurnu. The planned 732 homes in the development are designed to resemble miniature castles. Construction began in 2014, but falling oil prices and instability in Turkey contributed to the lack of sales. Eventually, the developer was forced to enter bankruptcy.

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