Angry Again

Album: Last Action Hero Soundtrack (1993)
  • This song was recorded during the Countdown To Extinction tour. When Dave Mustaine wrote the song, he was angry with his band, promoters, and a lot of different parts of the organization. He was also having some problems with drugs again. His anger is evident in the song. >>
    Suggestion credit:
    Jon - Sweden

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  • Bob from Yourmom, AfghanistanThis was made for the movie ,"last action hero," (great movie by the way)
  • Andrew from Mackinaw, Ili always though this song was about viewing life through the eyes of a cop or detective and how sickening corruption can be to them and the anxities that come with being on duty
  • The Metallican from Gunturyeah... the riff is great
    but it seemsto me like controlling the anger,
    hence the title is "angry again"
  • Tom from Chicago, Ilawesome tune
  • Omar from Sylmar, Cawhen I get mad I am always listening to this song.all you have to do is just listen to the messages to this song.
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