Countdown to Extinction

Album: Countdown to Extinction (1992)


  • Written by all four band members, Megadeth were encouraged to write this song when they read an article about animals being poached. They felt it was the perfect example of a society going mad and becoming extinct. The song is mainly about animals being hunted until gradually there remains only one of their kind left. >>
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    Alex Yeo - Hobart, Australia
  • The idea for this song came from a Time magazine story that drummer Nick Menza had read. Dave Mustaine was particularly interested in coverage of hunts held in captive areas where hunters could pay lots of money to kill exotic animals.
  • The spoken part around the 3-minute mark was done by a friend of Dave Mustaine's who worked at a sushi bar near Enterprise Studios in Burbank, California, where the band was recording the album.
  • At the 1993 Genesis Awards, which are presented by the Humane Society to honor those supporting animal rights, Megadeth was presented with The Doris Day Music Award for their work on this song.

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  • Rusk From Oslo from NorwayA fantastic song even acoustic.
  • Attila from Dunavarsány, HungaryAmazing song, just amazing, I love it! But that "All are gone, all but one" and "No more left, only one" doesn't mean that there is only one animal from the species remains, it means that only one species is left, and that is humanity. (Ya know, hunting and killing all the animals? Get it?)
  • Sarah from New Castle, PaNick Menza is amazing! I love the bass riff at the begining of the song. Megadeth is so amazing and intense i love them!!!!!!!!
  • Phil from Melbourne, AustraliaI think a big commercial band should cover this song and sell it as a single donate the procedes to the WWF or another wildlife charity. if Metallica had made this song it would have been a number one hit but james is a Hunter so fat chance
  • Dylan from Olmsted Falls, United StatesGreat song!!
  • Cory from Calgary, Canadayeah that was Nick Menza. Great song.
  • Zac from Sydney, Australia"Why do i wanna play in megadeth? i wanna play in megadeth because it's the most intense music i wanna play... i don't wanna play anything heavier than that... coz i wanna live to be 60"

    i think that woz the drummer
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