Dread And The Fugitive Mind

Album: The World Needs A Hero (2001)


  • This song is about a crook who questions his lifestyle. He struggles with the dread of being caught and the urge to steal things. >>
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    Cory - Calgary, Canada

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  • Chad M from Whitecourt, Alberta, CanadaSorry @Russ,

    The song is about former band member Chris Poland (played guitar from 1984-1988) who, to fund his heroin and crack addiction would sell the bands personal equipment and gear. In VH1's Story Behind the Music, Dave Mustaine talks about coming into the studios an finding a couple cymbals or a guitar or pedal missing sometimes. Being that the band was broke at this time, they would have to find out which pawn shop Poland had taken the gear to try and get it back with their manager.
  • Jared from Sikeston, MoI love the line, "If you shake my hand, better count your fingers"
  • Peter from Los Angeles, CaI always thought it was like a diss to MetallicA.
    "what's yours is mine, what's mine is mine too"
  • Tyler from Aberdeen , MdI Love This Song its Very Similar To my Favorite Megadeth Song Sweating Bullets But its Not Better :P Mustaine Rocks
  • Amber from Toledo, Ohthis is a great song.
    amazing lyrics.

    dave is such a cool guy.

    "whats yours is mine, and whats mine is mine too"

    that clever bastard :]
  • Russ from Davis, CaSorry Songfacts.com

    But the song is about a man who is struggling with the debate of religion, if there is a heaven and hell "If im right I lose nothing, if your right I lose it all" Mustane is saying if he is right, no heaven or hell, nothing happens when he dies, if he is wrong however, he loses it all by going to hell.
    Read that in a magazine that quoted him on that, dont remember wich one, might have been either Guitar One, or Rolling Stone
  • Jello from Sarnia, CanadaYeah, not a big Risk fan...have you heard their newest album? United Abominations...it's one of my new favourites...
  • Devon from Westerville, Ohthis song is one of my favorites from megadeth. the world needs a hero album is way better than the previous risk.
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