Album: Youthanasia (1994)
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  • This song is about how kids get the short end of the stick because of the actions of the older generation.

    Dave Mustaine sees the song as a call to arms, asking young people to take action, with the alternative being death by apathy. Many Megadeth fans, who tend to be young and working class, are particularly vulnerable to political manipulation - they're the ones most likely to get sent off to war by a government that doesn't care about their well being. >>
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    Cory - Calgary, Canada
  • The title is a play on the word "Euthanasia," which means mercy killing.

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  • Dick from Telford, PaThis album cover, and the video for Train Of Consequences earned Megadeth a whole lot of angry letters when they first came out. It was one of the first to use computer graphics that actually could pass as real. Some people actually believed that those were actual babies used in the shots and complained about child abuse.
  • Jello from Sarnia, CanadaYouthansias album cover is really original, and the main riff is really crushing, this was the first album I got along with hidden treasures...
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