Album: ReLoad (1997)
Charted: 31
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  • This is about how people sometimes like to drive their cars, or even their lives, too fast. It was written by James Hetfield, Lars Ulrich, and Kirk Hammett.
  • Metallica played this on their S&M album with the San Francisco Symphony Orchestra. It's a fixture at their live shows.
  • Avril Lavigne performed this on Metallica's MTV Icon special in May 2003. >>
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    Nick - Paramus, NJ, for all above
  • This track was used as the official theme song for NASCAR on NBC and TNT from the mid-2001 to the 2003 seasons.
  • The song featured in a 2016 commercial for Dodge's powerful performance cars. The Miami-set ad shows the Dodge Charger SRT Hellcat, Challenger SRT Hellcat and Viper GTS racing through the empty city at night, while everyone else is sleeping.

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  • Dukduk006I always thought this song was literally about a deadly crash caused by road rage.
  • Lydia Mcgowan from Monkstown Co. Dublin IrelandThis is the first song I ever heard from Metallica and Load was my very first Metallica album since I was 13!
  • Zero from Nowhere, NjOh, by the way, I just realized you might be wondering what songs from the first 4 albums they actually played.

    Creeping Death (opened with this)
    For Whom the Bell Tolls
    Ride the Lightning
    Welcome Home (Sanitarium)

    Fade to Black
    Master of Puppets
    Overkill (Motorhead Cover)
    Seek and Destroy (Closed the Set)

    along with the other songs I mentioned before.
    Thank you.
  • Zero from Nowhere, NjWell, to the guy below me, I saw them last year (2011) at the Big 4 concert at Yankee Stadium. They played mostly stuff from the black album backward (with just Sandman Sad But True and Nothing else Matters actually being from Black) 1 song from the late 90's Bob Rock days (Fuel), 2 from Death Magnetic (All Nightmare Long and Cyanide) and NONE from St. Anger. All the rest were from their 1st 4 albums that everyone so rightly worshipps. And they sounded GREAT. Kirk was on fire and along with Slayer they were the best performance of the night. (Megadeth and Anthrax kicked too but it was early and the crowd weren't really getting into them). My point is, they know what the fans like and arrange their setlist around that. (And the songs off Death Magnetic were MEANT to be played live and kick as well). Well, that's just my 2 cents.

    zero, nowhere NJ

    by the way Shawn, when you saw them in 89 and 91 who were they touring with, just curious?
  • Shawn from Frostburg, MdAdam -- You can say what you want but it can almost be pin pointed down to the release of Load as to exactly when they sold out.
    I seen them in 89' and 91' and they were awesome. I wouldn't walk acrossed the street to hear them play there new stuff today. C'mon, covering Bob Seger? What's next a world wide tour with the Jonas Brothers? I wouldn't be surprised.
  • Jordan from Liberty City, Txim tired of bands coverin metallica.......FACE IT metallica rocks and no band can replicate their style
  • James Wilson from Trenton, NjI don't really know that much about this song or the group Metallica but I heard a clip during an episode of "House, M.D." so in retrospect it can't be all that bad. At nearly 40 I may be considered an old fogie by the teens and twentysomethings (lol)but in most cases I don't think that age has much to do with the enjoyment of music. What I don't get is why people feel the need to snipe at eachother on these sites. But then again I do realize that sometimes people need to vent.
  • Adam from Clinton Township, MiNo one's mad at Canada, you limey idiots, just LaVigne. That said...

    They open concerts with Fuel; James says, "We gotta play Fuel, 'cause it gets me pumped up."

    Fuel For Fire was this track's demo version.

    One last thing, to every stupid f--k who has their head far enough up their ass to think MetallicA sold out... you can go die in a hole. They didn't sell out, the producer was (drumroll plz) Bob "f--ks with the band's head" Rock. The change in sound between Load and St. Anger was caused by him. And then he had the audacity to play bass on St. Anger. Bob Rock can join you in that hole. I leave The Black Album out because they consciously made the decision to change to a more melodic, less frenzied style... James was still an addict at this point and rhythm guitar gets tough to play. They weren't selling out, just moving in what they believed to be the band's best direction.
  • Devin from AustriaAvril Lavigne is a horrible horrible person for ruining this song.
  • Austin from Bristow, VaThis song would have been perfect for the sountrack to the Disney/Pixar movie Cars had James not dropped the F bomb during the song.
  • Matt from Houston, Txyeah, choplicated was worse her cover of this, but that really has more to do with the fact that avril likes to butcher good songs to make them derogatory
  • Austin from Bristow, VaAs much as I dislike the Load/Reload era of Metallica, this is a good song.
  • Adam from Boston, MaI agree with Julia, there covers just suck
  • Nicole from Chicago, IlThe only thing worse than Avril's Fuel cover is her Chop Suey cover!!
  • Jim from San Jose, CaThey didn't sell out. After a 7-8 year hiatus do you think they would alter their sound? Also, this is about what they wanna play. So really they aren't selling out, but they are playing what they wanted to.
  • Kyrylo from Rivne, OnI'm honestly asking. Is this a joke....Avril Lavinge covering Fuel.. what...the... fu*k
  • Julie from Beatrice, NeOKAY OKAY OKAY. We all know that avril Lavinge toataly butchered this song on mtv. First off do you really think that James hetfield really agreed to her to sing this song. I can honestly see James going " Avril Lavinge, would you please butcher Fuel for me PLEASE AVRIL PRETTY PLEASE KILL MY SONG DO IT DO IT! " I highly doubt that considering the fact on that same show Snoop Dogg sang sad but true and I am sure James Hetfield didnt have much of a choice on who was going to sing the bands songs. If I were him I would be extreamly offended that they let Avril and Snoop Dogg kill there songs. Only band that did any justice was Korn covering One.
  • Shawn from Frostburg, MdO.K. This is about when Matallica COMPLETLEY sold out. I mean when Avril Lavigne is covering your song, Youare now no longer edgy but more top "40" Why do you think Jason Newstead left the band anyway? it wasn't because they were too hardcore... What would be next a Bob Segar cover song??? Oh wait....
  • Dave from Coal Valley, IlAwesome song.....energetic
  • Jose from San Salvador, Othersuch a great song, Avril really ruinned it, I think lars wanted to kill the drummer since when you pay attention to cover it sound out of tempo and besides they couldn't cover kirk's guitar solo perfectly ( Obvious ), to be honest I didn't really like the Icon show 'till the kings started to play, Korn version of one was cool but not good enough, limp well I didn't like that cover , but Fuel is not a good song while driving , it happens to me.
  • Ronit from Delhi, IndiaOne of the best songs ever...yeah most of you are right, Avril really ruined the song.
  • Damien from Edmonton, CanadaI agree with whoever said this song is great to play fighting games to... I played MATRIX: PATH OF NEO whilst listening to this once, and it so fit. Also, we were listening to Reload in foods class, and in that class, we aren't supposed to play CD's with swearing, but when the F-bomb in this song came, the teacher didn't notice! How strange... anyways, I love this song, and I wanted to KILL Avril for butchering the shiit out of this song!!!!!
  • Mohammad from Bandarabbassa very great metaphorical metallicas song.long live metallica.
  • Chris from Philly, PaThis is one of the songs that just gets me going.
  • Jeff from La Pine, OrI absolutely LOVE this song it's one of Metallica's last good songs, and it's great play fighting games to.
  • Laura from Perth, West Australiai wasnt a fan of avrils version. this song is absolutely killer! 'gimme fuel, gimme fire, gimme that which i desire!' saw metallica live and this song went off!! metallica are one of the best bands of my time.. great driving song!!
  • Luke from Manchester, EnglandThe song is about any addiction - "give me fuel give me fire give me THAT WHICH I DESIRE" - The video had cars on it to make it a bit more exciting cos noone wants to watch some dickhead shooting up on MTV
  • Devon from Westerville, Ohthe Reload album got me into Metallica. I love this song. this song is awesome live.
  • Jessie from Brisbane, Australiaok the cover with avril it jus doesnt make sense. first of all no one can top James' voice and it's such a fast song that is meant to be screamed and it jus doesnt seen right for a chick with such a chicky voice to sing it. Metallica = Best Band Ever
  • James from Hazlet , NmIf you ever see the video you will know its about raceing and stuff
  • Neil from London, EnglandI liked the Avril Lavigne version...it was cute, seeing that little girl be sooooo brave as to go up in front of all those people as sing such a big boy's song. (It's surprisingly easy to type sarcastically!)
  • Bridgett from Fort Worth, TxThis song has one effect on me. I should never be driving when this song is playing. I am driven to turn up my radio and drive VERY fast.
  • Marcus from Nykoping, SwedenPaulo, Motorbreath is a totally different song! But I agree that it's better than Fuel.
  • Justin from Chicago, IlNo better song to listen to before a game or put in a pre-game mix...always gets me pumped
  • Mike from Anaheim, CaThis is the best song theyve made in the past 10 years, easily, a great. it stays good to old metallica, and opens it up for new metallica
  • Iggyb387 from Staten, Nya COVER of FUEL by AVRIL LAVIGNE. i see three things wrong with that. anyone else?
  • Eric from Grande Prairie, Alberta, CanadaThis song is on the video "Crusty Demons III". The video series is a montage of clips of dirt bikes and quads driven by professional riders set to music.
  • Sam from Sydney, Australiadamn all you americans who are annoyed at canada for avril ruining this. plenty more americans have murdered better songs
  • Paulo from India, United StatesI liked this song better when it was called "Motorbreath" (off KILL 'EM ALL).
  • Andrew from Bowmanville, CanadaHey don't blame Canada for Avril Lavigne ruining this song. There are alot more american artists that have messed up even better songs.
  • Tim from Leuven, Belgiumbest song of (again) a bit disappointing Reload
  • Philip from Colorado Springs, CoRAHHH! I saw the icon show and i wanted to murder Avril Lavinge. She totally slaughtered this song, stupid canadians....
  • Nate from Amherst, Nythis song was originaly written for NASCAR full throttle. the song on the game has different lyrics though. the name of the song on the game is not "fuel", it is "fuel for fire."
  • Joe from Dublin, OhI like this song and the album reload. I think this was one of their last good albums besides, S&M or Garage Inc.
  • Mike from Drayton Valley, Canadai think he this song refers to james life... its about living life really fast and intensly... and experiment with things to let yourself know that your really alive... and james lived his life very intensly until he went to rehab... then he decided to slow his life down and take another look at life.
  • Brian from Mayfield Heights, Ohit's about living life fast.. too fast. the song is sweet musically. Bottled insanity
  • Jon from Grand Forks, NdYeah, it has be about drugs if it's Metal, right? It's about adrenaline, living for a moment that could give you a memory, or a headstone. Live fast!
  • Fred from Myrtle Beach, SdHey its about their drug addictions and and ya how people do like to push things to the limit
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