James Alan HetfieldVocals, guitar1981-
Ron McGovneyBass1981-1983
Dave MustaineGuitar1981-1983
Lars UlrichDrums1981-
Kirk HammettGuitar1983-
Clifford Lee BurtonBass1983-1986
Jason NewstedBass1986-2000
Robert TrujilloBass2003-

Metallica Artistfacts

  • In 1999 they sued Victoria's Secret for selling lipstick called "Metallica." It was settled out of court.
  • Ulrich's father, Torben, was a professional tennis player.
  • Burton was killed in 1986 when their tour bus skidded off an icy road in Sweden. His funeral was held on October 7, 1986 at Chapel Of The Valley in his hometown of Castro Valley, California. He was cremated, and his ashes were spread at a place where he spent a lot of time - the Maxwell Ranch.

    The parents of Cliff Burton have been quietly donating his royalties to the music program of his former high school ever since his tragic death. >>
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    Matt - Monroeville, PA
  • Hetfield entered an Arizona rehab center in 2001 to treat his drug and alcohol addictions.
  • They win a lot of Grammy awards, mostly for Best Metal Performance. They have won eight awards, but somehow lost to Jethro Tull when the first Hard Rock/Metal Performance award was given out in 1988.
  • Newsted left the band because of "Private and personal reasons, and the physical damage I have done to myself over the years while playing the music that I love." He joined the group Echobrain in 2001.
  • In 2004 Metallica released the documentary Some Kind Of Monster. It documented the recording of their album St. Anger, and shows how personal differences can hinder the recording process. It was made by Joe Berlinger and Bruce Sinofsky. >>
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    Silje Marie Kristian - honefoss, Norway
  • Mustaine was kicked out the band and formed Megadeth, which is very successful but nowhere near as popular as Metallica. In Some Kind Of Monster, Ulrich and Hetfield (and their psychiatrist) meet with Mustaine in an effort to work out some unresolved issues. It becomes clear that despite the popularity of Megadeth, Mustaine found it very difficult living in the shadow of his former band.
  • Ulrich is from Denmark, his family moved to America when he was in his teens. His first concert was seeing Deep Purple when he was 10 and he still regards them as his favorite band. >>
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    Tom - Trowbridge, England
  • Hetfield was raised a Christian Scientist. It has been said that Hetfield felt repressed by this strict upbringing. This has a lot to do with the religious overtones in many of Metallica songs. >>
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    Nick - Denver, CO
  • Beatallica is a Milwaukee, Wisconsin group that blends Metallica with The Beatles, taking parts of Metallica songs and parts of Beatles songs and mashing them into a new song. The band drew attention on the Internet and had to deal with some legal issues, but in 2007 released the fully authorized album Sgt. Hetfield's Motorbreath Pub Band. Names of the group members: Jaymz Lennfield, Grg Hammettson, Kliff McBurtney and Ringo Larz.
  • They were inducted into the Rock And Roll Hall of Fame in 2009 along with Jeff Beck, Little Anthony & the Imperials, Run-D.M.C. and Bobby Womack. They performed at the ceremony with their former bass player Jason Newsted, and Ray Burton spoke in honor of his son Cliff. >>
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  • Metallica is one of the first groups to popularize what's known as "speed" or "thrash" metal. It's aggressive music dominated by fast, percussive guitar and lyrics that can be very angry. >>
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  • Joe Satriani was Kirk Hammett's guitar tutor at the time he joined Metallica.
  • The band got very pragmatic in their later years, as they learned from years of unfortunate incidents that it's best to account for unforeseen circumstances. In the rider for their 2004 US Arena Tour, they demanded an insurance policy for their performance with a coverage of no less than $5 million.
  • Hetfield told The Pulse of Radio that he still recalls the group's first gig, with original lead guitarist Dave Mustaine. "First Metallica show was at Radio City in Anaheim. I remember the first song we played, Dave broke a string, and I was stranded up there. I was just singing, I wasn't playing guitar back then, and I was so uncomfortable, I was like, 'So, how's it going...' There were about 200 people. You know, your first gig, everyone shows up. Second gig, there's about 20, you know. [laughs]"
  • Metallica performed a 10-song show under a dome at the Carlini Argentine Base in Antarctica on December 8, 2013. In doing so, they became the first band in history to perform concerts on all seven continents in under a year.
  • Robert Trujillo was the bass player of the Venice, California-based punk metal band Suicidal Tendencies from 1989 to their breakup in 1995. He was also a member of the Suicidal spin-off band Infectious Grooves.
  • Before joining Metallica in 1983, Kirk Hammett was the lead guitarist for the Bay Area thrash metal band Exodus. >>
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    Lucas - Los Angeles, CA, for above two
  • Kirk Hammett is a lacto-ovo vegetarian, but the reasons are nothing to do with killing animals. In an interview with KNAC-FM, he explained: "I am a vegetarian but not because I love animals. I am one because I think eating animals is not good for your health. James [Hetfield's] hunting doesn't affect me at all, as I have a lot of taxidermy in my house."
  • Asked by Q Magazine what his best and worst ever gig was, Lars Ulrich replied: "The best was the first time we played Moscow in 1991, and there was between a half a million and a million people there. Russian military helicopters were hovering over the audience, like something from a movie. The worst one was Wembley Arena, 1992. My drum kit was supposed to rise out of the stage, but decided not to. So I played for 10 minutes under the stage surrounded by crew members with crowbars."
  • Lars Ulrich is a big water drinker. He told Q Magazine: "The first thing I do in the morning is pound a liter of water. As the English say, get it down your neck. No matter where you are, what is situation, get that f--king water in you. I learnt the hard way. Nobody ever told me that growing up in the Denmark in the '70s. Drinking water was something you occasionally did if there was no soda."
  • The Swedish couple Michael and Karolina Tomaro ran into trouble in 2007 with their country's authorities after trying to name their baby daughter Metallica. Under Swedish law, both first names and surnames need to win the approval of officials before they can be used and "Metallica" was deemed inappropriate.
  • Beavis of Beavis and Butt-Head is a big Metallica fan, constantly wearing their TV T-shirt. Butt-Head goes with AC/DC.

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  • Harley from WvI love Metallica! I've been a fan since first hearing them in 85 I was 11
  • Diverdriver from Northern CaliforniaMetallica's 1991 release made their back catalog mainstream.
  • Tuna from Istanbul, TurkeyI'm a huge Metallica fan, they are my favourite band no doubt. I own every album of them and when composing I always get inspired by them, I try to write long songs with different parts (like Orion's part 1 and part 2 for instance) and try to reach their musical ability even though I can not play the guitar half as good as Kirk or James. I just want to share my experience of Metallica, from since I met them to today. The first song I listened to was Nothing Else Matters (shocker) when I was like 14 years old. It was very famous back then. After that I was introduced to Master of Puppets. Years passed and those two were the only songs of Metallica that I knew of, I didn't even know the band members. Then one day I played Guitar Hero Metallica, I was learning to play the drum back then. The first song I played was One, and it made such a huge impact on me that I started listening to Metallica. Lars was the main reason I continued playing the drums to the day because in my opinion he was like no other drummer; maybe he isn't the BEST drummer in the world but he has such a style that when he plays he enchances the song, rather than just adding rhythm to it. He "composes" the drum tracks. So thats how my journey started. As time passed I started buying each album and listening to every song in order. I listened to them day and night, memorizing their songs.I don't love every single song of them but I sure love every album of them, ESPECIALLY Load, Reload and St. Anger. I think Metallica has so much to offer if you really dive into it. There are so many underrated songs that only true Metallica fans know about.I think after the Black album I loved them even more. Theres nothing wrong with wanting to try out new styles, new song structures and so on. Personally Load is my favourite album of Metallica, followed by St. Anger and Reload, kind of strange, right? The reason I love all 3 albums is that they're not Metallica, but they are Metallica at the same time. I think Metallica is not all about thrash metal, in Load they managed to apply their thrash metal experience and talent into more "groovy" songs, you can really sense the "Metallica flavor" in Load, even if its not thrash metal. In Reload I think its the period of time that James Hetfield's voice is in its peak, he just sings so much from the heart and really gives the best vocal performance he has ever done, especially in Fixxxer and Unforgiven II, plus if you really listen and try to understand the meaning of the lyrics, each and every song is good and unique in its own way.I used to hate St. Anger (the whole album) because I only tried listening to the songs and right at the beginning I would get bored and change the song. Then one day I told myself "I will listen to St. Anger(the song) without stopping it" and I listened to it. I actually liked the riff and Lars's drum playing(I also play the drums so I try to listen to the drum tracks closely), but still I didn't like how the snares sounded, how there were no guitar solos and how everything sounded so "raw". But then I read about the background of the making of the album, how everything was falling apart and how James was so angry at the world. I started to love the album. You can really feel, even "live" the anger thats coming out of James' mouth. You get goosebumps as he shouts, even cries while he sings. I also found out that Lars one day forgot to adjust the springs on the snares so thats how the snares sounded so strange, but then he liked it and decided to keep it that way. And they purposefully wanted St. Anger to be raw, angry, un-edited, un-soloed, just raw and fresh ANGER. St. Anger has a really special place in my heart because I think it is the most sincere album Metallica has ever made, using music not to reach to the fans but instead just expressing their emotions, struggles and memories. Death Magnetic after that was I think a huge success considering their age and how James' vocal chords were starting to tear apart. They made such a great effort to record this album. Even though Kirk did not have his "melodic soloing" anymore he can still rip great solos. And Lars on the other hand has reached god level in double-pedalling, thats what I noticed in Death Magnetic, especially in That Was Just Your Life and Suicide&Redemption. The Beyond Magnetic EP is also just as good as Death Magnetic, more symphonic in my opinion.Long story short, Metallica is my favourite band and always will be. James and Lars are my heroes, when I watched them live in Istanbul this summer it was like a dream. Kirk made some errors playing solos but still, James and Lars kicked it off. It is just more than being a die-hard fan, it is really about understanding them, their experiences. Its about trying to figure out the meaning and back story of every song, why it was written, what were they feeling when writing it, its about experiencing their life through their songs.
  • Zhivko from BurgasI love how long all these comments are! Good stuff right here! Love reading anything related to Metallica!
  • Bridger from Bladenboro, NcOk, first off I am a big Metallica fan. I do think they are better than Megadeth (in my opinion the song structure and lyrics are better, although I do think Mustaine can shred better than Kirk.)
    I also don't think that they sold out. I believe they changed their style with each album they made. If you listen to Kill 'em All, basically the singing and lyrics are average (there are some good ones like The Four Horsemen, Seek and Destroy, etc.), but the guitar riffs and drumming by Lars really make the album.
    In Ride the Lightning, the lyrics were way better (Ride the Lightning, Creeping Death, Fade to Black) and the songs became longer as Metallica grew. The riffs were great (Call of Ktulu, For Whom the Bell Tolls) and the drumming (Creeping Death) and bass (For Whom the Bell Tolls intro) were awesome.
    Master of Puppets was where the length of the songs, lyrics, and guitar all came together. In my opinion, it is a truly great album and the best Metallica made. From Battery to Damage Inc., it is great the whole way through.
    In ...And Justice for All, I personally think the lyrics are better than in Master of Puppets, but I think that Metallica tried to stretch some of the songs out too much (think ...And Justice for All's middle section). But the band still is writing great riffs (Blackened, Harvester of Sorrow) and Lars is killing it (Dyers Eve, ...And Justice for All, One).
    Then the Black Album (Metallica) was produced. I am sure that Metallica felt they had reached the mainstream (After all, they made the One video) and this was meant to reach them, while keeping their old fans. I personally like the album, with songs like Wherever I May Roam, Enter Sandman's famous riff, and Sad But True (I also think that My Friend of Misery is underrated). But as far as being a complete album, songs like Don't Tread on Me, Of Wolf and Man, and The Struggle Within cannot compare to Disposable Heroes, Harvester of Sorrow, and Creeping Death from their previous albums (I personally don't think The Unforgiven measures up to their other ballads: Fade to Black, Sanitarium, and One). But I don't think they went completely mainstream yet.
    Load and ReLoad is where I think Metallica went completely mainstream. The Black Album at least resembled the old Metallica in a few areas. These two albums did not. Don't get me wrong, I think there are good songs on here (Fuel, King Nothing) and a lot of nice riffs (Slither, Until it Sleeps, The Memory Remains), but they aren't vintage Metallica riffs. They almost sound groovy, in a way where you bob your head instead of bang it. The drumming isn't metal sounding either (put in ...And Justice for All and then switch it with one of these two)
    St. Anger was in my opinion their worst album. Blame it on James for entering rehab, or Lars changing his drum sound, or there not being a bass player to help with song input, or the band not wanting to add solos. There are a lot of reasons this album was not received well by critics and older fans. The album has songs that are good, but not what fans were expecting (Think of it as Guns 'N Roses. Their first album, Appetite for Destruction was so much of a success that it completely overshadows everything the band has done since then. The same goes for Boston, but to a lesser degree.).
    Death Magnetic to me is like Metallica trying to recapture the pre-Black Album days. It has better riffs and lyrics than St. Anger. The drumming is better and not only are solos present but Kirk (and even James) do a great job on all of them (especially The Judas Kiss and Suicide & Redemption). I think that Metallica realized that what got them famous was not Load, ReLoad or St. Anger, or even the Black Album. Thrash metal made them famous and although Death Magnetic isn't exactly thrash, it is closer to it than St. Anger, and way closer to their roots than Load and ReLoad.
    Go Metallica!

  • Kemo from Oklahoma City, OkI never knew Metallica existed until one day in Sept. 1988 I was listening to the local rock station (Rock 100.5 The KATT), and low and behold, I heard 'One' for the first time. It was the just an absolute incredible song. It was ingenious mixture of melody and tempo combined with mind bending riffs that where unlike anything before, yet it had familiar underlining tones. It was that following Sunday that I heard '...And Justice For All' in it's entirety. Needless to say, the entire album was superb. There where only a handful of albums that I loved entirely from the first listen, and this was no doubt now counted among them. It was from there on that I had to find more, and eventually, listen to all of there music from their beginning until now. Metallica is the one and only artist that I have ever listened to that not only do I listen to every song, but in fact love every single one...All 127! That includes their 98 originals, the one cross-genre with Ja Rule and Swizz Beatz, and all of the 24 studio recorded covers and the 4 live Motorhead covers. I know every single one of them by heart! (Ohh! And FYI...the Ozzy Fudd/The Rabbit Slayer song is Not Them! The vocals sound very similar, but it's a comedian named Mark McCollum!)
    I could ramble on about everything I know and love about the band, but I will limit it to only to listing their musical originals and show my love of these musical titans.

    Song Title /Track#-Abbreviated Album Title

    1)...And Justice For All / 02 Justice
    2) (Anesthesia)Pulling Teeth / 05 Kill
    3) Ain't My Bitch / 01 Load
    4) All Nightmare Long / 05 Death
    5) All Within My Hands / 11 Anger
    6) Am I Evil? / 06 Garage Disc 2(cover)
    7) Astronomy / 08 Garage Disc 1(cover)
    8) Attitude / 12 Reload
    9) Bad Seed / 08 Reload
    10) Battery / 01 Puppets
    11) Better Than You / 05 Reload
    12) Blackened / 01 Justice
    13) Bleeding Me / 07 Load
    14) Blitzkrieg / 07 Garage Disc 2(cover)
    15) Breadfan / 08 Garage Disc 2(cover)
    16) Broken, Beat, and Scarred / 03 Death
    17) The Call of Ktulu / 08 Lightning
    18) Carpe Diem Baby / 07 Reload
    19) Crash Course in Brain Surgery / 04 Garage Disc 2(cover)
    20) Creeping Death / 07 Lightning
    21) Cure / 08 Load
    22) Cyanide / 06 Death
    23) Damage Case / 14 Garage Disc 2(cover)
    24) Damage, Inc. / 08 Puppets
    25) The Day that Never Comes / 04 Death
    26) Devil's Dance / 03 Reload
    27) Die, Die My Darling / 05 Garage Disc 1(cover)
    28) Dirty Window / 04 Anger
    29) Disposable Heroes / 05 Puppets
    30) Don't Tread on Me / 06 Black
    31) Dyer's Eve / 09 Justice
    32) The End of the Line / 02 Death
    33) Enter Sandman / 01 Black
    34) Escape / 06 Lightning
    35) Eye of the Beholder / 03 Justice
    36) Fade to Black / 04 Lightning
    37) Fight Fire With Fire / 01 Lightning
    38) Fixxxer / 13 Reload
    39) For Whom the Bell Tolls / 03 Lightning
    40) The Four Horseman / 02 Kill (The Mechanix originally)
    41) Frantic / 01 Anger
    42) The Frayed Ends of Sanity / 07 Justice
    43) Free Speech For the Dumb / 01 Garage Disc 1(cover)
    44) Fuel / 01 Reload
    45) The God That Failed / 10 Black
    46) Harvester of Sorrow / 06 Justice
    47) Helpless / 01 Garage Disc 2(cover)
    48) Hero of the Day / 06 Load
    49) Hit the Lights / 01 Kill
    50) Holier Than Thou / 03 Black
    51) The House Jack Built / 03 Load
    52) Human / 04 S&M Disc 2
    53) I Disappear / 02 MI:2 Soundtrack
    54) Invisible Kid / 05 Anger
    55) It's Electric / 02 Garage Disc 2(cover)
    56) The Judas Kiss / 08 Death
    57) Jump in the Fire / 04 Kill
    58) Killing Time / 12 Garage Disc 2(cover)
    59) King Nothing / 05 Load
    60) Last Caress/Green Hell / 05 Garage Disc 2(cover)
    61) Leper Messiah / 06 Puppets
    62) Loverman / 06 Garage Disc 1(cover)
    63) Low Man's Lyric / 11 Reload
    64) Mama Said / 11 Load
    65) Master of Puppets / 02 Puppets
    66) The Memory Remains / 02 Reload
    67) Mercyful Fate / 07 Garage Disc 1(cover)
    68) Metal Militia / 10 Kill
    69) The More I See / 11 Garage Disc 1(cover)
    70) Motorbreath / 03 Kill
    71) My Apocalypse / 10 Death
    72) My Friend of Misery / 11 Black
    73) My World / 06 Anger
    74) No Leaf Clover / 08 S&M Disc 1
    75) No Remorse / 08 Kill
    76) Nothing Else Matters / 08 Black
    77) Of Wolf and Man / 09 Black
    78) One / 04 Justice
    79) Orion / 07 Puppets
    80) The Outlaw Torn / 14 Load
    81) Overkill / 13 Garage Disc 2(cover)
    82) Phantom Lord / 07 Kill
    83) Poor Twisted Me / 09 Load
    84) The Prince / 09 Garage Disc 2(cover)
    85) Prince Charming / 10 Reload
    86) Purify / 10 Anger
    87) Remember Tomorrow / 02 Maiden Heaven(cover)
    88) Ride the Lightning / 02 Lightning
    89) Ronnie / 13 Load
    90) Sabbra Cadabra / 03 Garage Disc 2(cover)
    91) Sad but True / 02 Black
    92) Seek and Destroy / 09 Kill
    93) Shoot Me Again / 07 Anger
    94) The Shortest Straw / 05 Justice
    95) Slither / 06 Reload
    96) The Small Hours / 02 Garage Disc 2(cover)
    97) So What / 11 Garage Disc 2(cover)
    98) Some Kind of Monster / 03 Anger
    99) St. Anger / 02 Anger
    100) Stone Cold Crazy / 10 Garage Disc 2(cover)
    101) Stone Dead Forever / 15 Garage Disc 2(cover)
    102) The Struggle Within / 12 Black
    103) Suicide & Redemption / 09 Death
    104) Sweet Amber / 08 Anger
    105) That Was Just You Life / 01 Death
    106) The Thing That Should Not Be / 03 Puppets
    107) Thorn Within / 12 Load
    108) Through the Never / 07 Black
    109) To Live is to Die / 08 Justice
    110) Too Late Too Late / 16 Garage Disc 2(cover)
    111) Trapped Under Ice / 05 Lightning
    112) Tuesday's Gone / 10 Garage Disc 1(cover)
    113) Turn the Page / 04 Garage Disc 1(cover)
    114) 2x4 / 02 Load
    115) The Unforgiven / 04 Black
    116) The Unforgiven II / 04 Reload
    117) The Unforgiven III / 07 Death
    118) The Unnamed Feeling / 09 Anger
    119) Until It Sleeps / 04 Load
    120) The Wait / 03 Garage Disc 2(cover)
    121) Wasting My Hate / 10 Load
    122) We Did It Again / Biker Boyz soundtrack
    123) Welcome Home(Sanitarium) / 03 Puppets
    124) Where the Wild Things Are / 09 Reload
    125) Wherever I May Roam / 05 Black
    126) Whiplash / 06 Kill
    127) Whiskey in the Jar / 09 Garage Disc 1(cover)

    As I said before, there are other bands that I listen to and enjoy enough that have at least one entire album I love...but no other band do I love absolutely every song ever recorded. If there was ever a competition to determine the world's biggest fan of Metallica, I would be sure to finish in the Top 10...and that's Worldwide, too!
  • Josh from Moora, Australiathe Black Album was good, but the main problem was that with all their previous albums, the loyal fans are the ones who bought them, but with the Black Album, everyone bought it, people who weren't fans and hadn't listened to a single metallica song had bought it and thats kinda alluding ppl to think they "sold out". the fact is that the public caught on, but to much of the public caught onto it, and the public that caught onto it hailed it as amazing. so metallica played for these new fans, not trying to gain a new audience but to perform for this newly gained one, an audience that did change there style. I like ALL of metallicas albums, tho some songs i don't like, but same can be said for every band on earth. If you accuse them of selling out, i acuse you of selling out as a fan, metallica is the greatest band to exist, and if you think otherwise, why are you here?

  • Orion from Kissimmee, Fltheir style did change after a certain point in their career but you can look at any band and notice differences. its different but it's still metallica. they put their souls into their work and as long as they are doing what they are, i'm listening with the millions of other fans. live long and rock hard metallica!
  • Luke from Dayton, OhMetallica didnt have the Thrash after the black album like they use to, they basically changed their style of metal.
  • Rickey from Lansing, MiI don't think that it is possible for metallica to suck. Metallica could play random notes with no unity and i would still love them just because of the amazing songs that they have made. The Black Album is way better then alot of people give it credit. Enter Sandman, Sad But True, The Unforgiven, and all the rest of the songs are great and worth every second spent listening to them and more.
  • Austin from Bristow, Vawith all due respect, to say Metallica lost it with The Black album is bs. Sure it's nowhere as good as Kill em all, ride The Lightning, Master Of Puppets, And Justice For All, or their newest album Death Magnetic. But I still like that album. Metallica lost their charm with Load and Reload. St. Anger was awful. Nothing more than a flaming bag of dog turd. also, to rank Metallica below Slayer or Megadeth is not right. Slayer never evolved or tried anything new and after Seasons In The Abyss, they lost it. They also use the same lyrical content, not good. Megadeth was also formed by Dave Mustaine to get back at Lars and James for kicking him out, even though he had nobody to blame but himself. In conclusion, I like all three thrash giants equally. Metallica forever.
  • Luke from Dayton, OhI think there freakin awsome only with there first 5 albums, i dont like new metallica
  • Mark from Londonderry, NhHey Ryan, Metallica didn't sell out. I bet they did that to make a point that downloading music for free is illegal. They didn't do it for the money. And for anyone who thinks James should be a drunken bastard again, think again. Alcohalism is a serious thing, and its great that James got help for it. Go Metallica!
  • Peter from Los Angeles, CaI'm a 14 year old die-hard fan who's been rocking out since i was 7. For those who say "Enter Sandman" is their favorite song, give a listen to the best songs in the world "Whiplash" and "For Whom The Bell Tolls".
  • Nick from Cairns, AustraliaBy the way, i'm definitely not saying that st.anger sucked, all i'm saying is that its just not one of "the best" stuff i've heard, when you take into consideration, the albums that came before it. If anything, it was mostly a riff-like album. You'd had to admit, there was some great guitars riffs in there, like sweet amber, purify, my world, frantic, etc. And i don't care about the dave mustaine/metallica controversy, seriously just get over with it..and listen it the music. I'm pretty sure dave's gotten over, after about 30 years of his musical career hes getting older and wiser i guess. Both megadeth and metallica are great bands, i like both of them. I'm just waiting for a day where dave, lars and james proves they got their problems sorted, for real. Maybe megadeth should cover a metallica song and metallica should cover a megadeth song, lol :). The only thing i dislike about megadeth is dave's singing. Those 80's vocals he had back then just didn't work for me although i'd had to say his singing's evolved and gotten better over the years.
  • Nick from Cairns, AustraliaThose of you who have posted positive comments on the band and their music are the true fans, along with all the other 'real' fans that would most likely agree with me here. I mean the fans who have cheered the band on whenever they embraced a new album or sound, likes every one of their album, and doesn't accuse them of
    'sellout's'. And about st. anger, its a good album, but i have to admit its not as good as their masterpiece albums (I'm not saying the cd is terrible, i think i just speak for all the fans out there when i say this). Heck even james hetfield admitted that most songs on the album should have been shorter and only 2 or 3 songs from st. anger would be played on their upcoming touring .Yes they started going downward from their main roots after the black album. Yes they cut their hair but doesn't everyone change once in a while? I'm just amazed by how much reaction people got when they cut their hair and how much a band's hair contributes to heavy metal. Once again, i'm not saying the "long hair" is bad but just saying that for some people, they think that metallica's long hair is what kept them alive. I don't mind it, i always considered the long hair factor in metal to be there only for a better headbanging feel but i believe its all about the music. Anyway, magnificient band, one that i could actually listen to all their songs in a day or two at least once. My fav. albums are... all of them! except st. anger would be the lesser favourite. Kirk Hammett's my favourite lead guitarist and proprably the only guitarist i would want to meet and talk to. Then again every bandmember (James Hetfield, Lars Ulrich, and new bassist, Robert Trujillo. Sorry, i had to do this.) is great and all play their part well. I'm glad their new album, Death Magnetic, has an older, and justice for all sound to it. Besides, if you're going to make a negative comment about the band, how about not making a comment at all? We'll be fine..
  • Orion from Orlando, FlI own the album now. all i can say is holy crap, they're back!
  • Orion from Orlando, Flthanks for correcting me , mike. The earlier comment i made about not holding your breath, I take back. i've heard a little bit of the new album and the music was classic metallica! they bounced back as good as ever. i'm sure anyone who questioned metallica's greatness will bite their tounge after this one.
  • Willam from Boulder, CoTop 10 songs:
    10. One
    9. Creeping Death
    8. Disposable Heroes
    7. The Unforgiven
    6. No Leaf Clover
    5. Battery
    4. For Whom the Bell Tolls
    3. Master of Puppets
    2. Fade to Black
    1. Sanitarium

    Metallica is the 2nd greatest band ever behind Alice in Chains.
  • Mike from Lafayette, CoTo orion - Bob Rock played bass for St. Anger not Rob. He came after most of the song was done. Rob is an awesome Bass player, sure he no Steve Harris but who is?
  • Roxanne from Somewhere Strange, NyMetallica is the best metal band EVER.......
    they should create new music!!!!! =0
  • Orion from Orlando, FlI think that their St. Anger suckfest was just a coincidence. it was a new guy who they got from ozzy (which is a completely different style) I think they just needed a moment to re-adjusted and back into eachother's flow while "training" rob
  • Justin from Ft. Luaderdale, FlI am SO PSYCHED for their new album. If its really like "Ride the Lightning" like its rumored to be, that'll just make my year. '08 is gonna ROCK!!!
  • Chinchu from Guayaquil, South AmericaMetallica started sucking when Jason Newsted left the band...
  • Orion from Orlando, FlI have to be honest, metallica is one of the ultimate metal bands but st. anger did suck except for a few songs. but a lot of that album was forced upon them. if you watch "some kind of monster" you will see that there is a lot of bullcrap going on behind the scenes. how they even got anything done under all that pressure escapes me. I'm not making excuses for them, they could have done better and they have been in a slow downward spiral since cliff died but you have to cut them a little slack. they are an amazing band and deserve our respect for staying together(excluding the constant replacement of bassists, no disrespect to cliff) for so long. it eventually comes down to if you don't like it, don't buy it. i have high hopes for the future but i wont hold my breath. LONG LIVE METALLICA.
  • Carson from New Orleans, LaMetallica is a great band but they sold out after the black album. Megadeth is definitely the most musically talented band out of megadeth, metallica, and slayer. Metallica's old stuff is the greatest but their new stuff sucks. i mean come on, nobody liked saint anger it sucked. Megadeth has way better guitarists in mustaine and marty friedman. James Hetfield is better than kirk at guitar.. Lars is a better drummer than nick menza and cliff shreds it up on the bass. I think Megadeth is the best though. I really love how people think Kirk Hammett is so awesome at guitar. He uses the same licks in all of his solos. He's good, but not as good as everyone thinks. His best solos are on Master Of Puppets (album). James in my opinion is the better player. So each band has its weapons. I will have to give it to megadeth though.
  • Jose from Guanacaste, South Americametallica are great (i personaly prefer thier early days and hate saint anger), but they couldnever be compared to the GODS of LED ZEPPELIN
  • Lazy Blaze from Slovenia, EuropeMetallica is the most influental hard rock/metal band in the world. I play drums in the garage band and we started with playing Metallica's covers. First songs that we learned were "Enter Sandman", "The Unforgiven" and "Nothing Else Matters". Then we started playing more and more of their old stuff ("No Remorse", "Seek & Destroy", "The Four Horsemen", "For Whom The Bell Tolls", "Creeping Death", "Fade To Black", "Master Of Puppets",...of course we played and still are playing covers from other bands too, like Megadeth and Slayer, but that's another story) and we started being absolutely obsessed when we were (and still are) playing their songs. We tried to jam a little bit of Load, Re-Load and St. Anger, but we realized that the songs on those albums weren't as fun to play as the older (in my opinion, and also in everybody else's i think, Metallica lost too much of their pure energy and respect from fans and other bands which adored them, when they released Load and Re-Load...I know that Metallica is the band who is very challenging...They always make something new, but I don't know why they sarted making albums with less and less energy...don't get me wrong, St. Anger is pretty heavy, but they are too far away from their roots). So the older songs will always be listen and also to play...I know that Metallica's new album will be much better than Load, Re-Load and St. Anger (S &M and Garage Inc. are a different story), but they will never be the same again...anyway whatever they done (good or worse) I will never turn my back on them...They are the reason that we sarted our band, so thanks to Metallica and also to Megadeth and Slayer...but for me, Metallica will be on top forever.
  • Zuni from Slovenija, EuropeI think metallica should stop making new albums and just hit the road from time to time to satisfie fans. St. Anger is heavy and hard but they aren't. They are living in the luxury. They are married, having children and that's ok. they aren't the same mean, drunk bastards they were 15-20 years ago therefore they can't write the same insane stuff as they used to it. Their peak was black album althought there are few good songs after that and i really like S&M. They should go into the direction of No leaf clover and I disapear but they didn't. Sux for us and for them. Did they sell out? Definetly not with the one video but songs like Carpe diem baby makes me sick and they should deal different with Napster ˝problem˝. Metallica vs. Megadeth? I shouldn't stick my nose in it cuz it's suicidal. I'm saying this ignoring all the guitar technicks, vokals, mainstream succes and whose lyric are more poetic or direct. This is my subjective opinion: Metallica is better. Lori from Ohio and Tom from England: great quote I agree with you. Jared, Ohio: True fans don't have to like all the band's music. It's our duty to critisize them and make them better. Yeah and holy trinity of metal is Slayer, Megadeth and Metallica.
  • Nick from Marshall, VaIm with John. Metallica is an amazing band but a lot of other bands are good too. Led Zepplin has been around since late 60's,early 70's and so hes made a lot of progress through the years. Metallica has the most amazing guitar solos ever. Them and Avenged Sevenfold have the most amazing guitarists ever,Synyster Gates and Kirk Hammett. But again neither of them are the best. Led Zepplins songs have more meaning than Metallicas. Its all opinion though. Metallica is an amazing band though.
  • John from Waldorf, MdDiego, I think you need to listen to a little band called Led Zeppelin.
  • Diego from Los Angeles, CaMetallica is the greatest band of all time. No one even compares. They basically are the creators of thrash which, by far is the best type of metal. OK for everyone who thinks that Megadeth is a better band...your full of crap!!! Don;t get me wrong, Dave is a great artist and did find a great band, but they're nothing to Metallica. Just compare their two songs that are alike: The Four Horsemen and Mechanix. The Four Horsemen is about how they feel. That they are coming for the posers in LA and wont stop until they die. And thats just what Metallica did, they killed of the Glam scene, and any true metal lover should be thankful for that. The Mechanix is just about doin' it in their garage. It's kind of a stupid idea for a song. They're new stuff i know isn't good but im a real fan and i don't turn on my band when they make a few stupid decisions. The Mighty Metallica is the greatest band and will forever be the greatest band of all time!!!!!!
  • Ryan from Costa Mesa, CaEveryone needs to face it: They've sold out. They care more a about money then music. Case and point: Napster. Most musicians didn't give a crap, but Metallica, among others, when insane on them. They've sold out. Get over it.
  • Josh from Plainview, NyI agree with Frank I started to check out Megadeth after finding out Mustaine was in Metallica. My logic was since Mustaine has a song-writing credit to a lot of great early Metallica songs (Ride the Lightning, The Four Horsemen, etc.) then why not check out what he did with his own band.
  • Frank from Hell, MiMegadeth is a good band, but lots of good bands never get noticed. I think they biggest reason Megadeth got noticed is because Dave was in Metallica. Megadeth probably never would have gotten as big as they did if Dave hadn't been in Metallica. When I first heard "Master of Puppets", I was as instant Metallica fan. Then a few months later, I heard that there was this band called Megadeth whose singer used to be in Metallica, so I thought I'd buy "Peace Sells...."
    My point is, I'm sure I'm not the only person to buy a Megadeth album just because Dave USED to be in Metallica. Dave should quit b****ing about Metallica, and should be thankful that he had a chance to be in one of the best bands of all-time..... and try to forget that fact that he f****** up.
  • Rory from Columbus, OhActually, having seen Van Halen with both David Lee Roth and Sammy Hagar, i'm quite convinced that Van Halen DID need Hagar. That's Right. I said it. Who Wants Some?
  • Matt from Cherry Hill, NjMeallica is going back on tour and releasing a new album this summer (2007). Cross you fingers that they go back to their roots, i need another black album like Van Halen needed Sammy Hagar.
  • Bryan from Kasabonika, United StatesI been playing guitar for a year and I know how to play all their songs and solos took some time and practise well wise you all to do better
  • Dakota from Ada, Okhmmmmm..... i kinda like ride the lightning and for whom the bell tolls
  • Jt from Tullahoma, TnI love Beatallica. That is a great band, they've got talent. I have both of their albums on my PC. Great band...
  • Derrick from Raleigh, NcWhats everyones feelings on the band Beatallica?
  • Trish from Toronto, CanadaTo Rick, Austin, TX
    I find it AMAZING that you saw Cliff in '87 considering he DIED in 1986. I saw the Puppets tour in Toronto in '86 and it was with Jason, not Cliff.
  • Bob from Masssaaasa, EgyptIt was the other way round. James kicked a dog of Daves so Dave punched him in the face. Then James had a cry due to him being such a girl and Dave Mustaine left.
  • Jesse from K@!#$&, MoDave mustaine was kicked out of the band because he got into more trouble than he was worth the last thing he did that got him kicked out was when therre bus had broken down he used a stolen u-haul to get them to the show not because of drugs and alchol the band use to be known as alcoholica thay all drank
  • Xavier from Pune, IndiaIts sort of funny & sad, On the Beatles page, the band is lauded for selling as many records as they did. Whereas here its the opposite! Cmon people! As for the 'Selling out' theories.. its known as band evolution! Get a brain! Who would want them to play the same kind of songs over and over again! However I blame Bob Rock for their direcion in the mid 90s (Short haircuts and all). Also the lack of guitar solos in St. Anger,because solos are no longer relevant, is a bit too far stretched. And by the way, Metallica has sold over 200 million albums worldwide and not 85 million, as someone incorrectly stated.
  • Dan from New York, NyDoes anyone check the facts submitted up top there?
    It says that Lars and Mustaine are still good friends. In interviews as recent as last month they've been at each others throats. The only time the two of them exchange words, its through the media, and its responce to one deciding to start bashing the other. 9 tiems out of 10, its Dave rousing publicity for a Megadeath release.
    Whatever, that fact there is dead wrong.
  • Lindsay from Mb, CanadaI agree with everyone who has said Metallica is NOT a sell out. Yes they are different now, yes they have changed, doesn't everyone? I now bring up the subject of "The Black Album" this would not have sounded the same without Bob Rock, hopefully everyone knows who he is. He has helped them become who they are today, some people may hate that, and people like me are thankful that he came along. All of the albums before "Metallica" (black album) were really awesome, and mostly mixed and produced by James and Lars, who, if you have watched "Some kind of Monster", weren't getting along, they didn't hate eachother, but I think that if they didn't change... then there music wouldn't have changed, and you wouldn't have anything to look forward to. If they didn't change, and if they didn't look deep inside themselves like you see them doing on some kind of monster, than they would have been fighting all the time, or they would have not said anything and eventually blown up. Who knows, Metallica may not even exist anymore. Now I'm not saying that this would have happened, but i know how the music they write is based on there feelings and thoughts. if they decided to write what they were writing when they were still 20 years old, they would have been writing about all the built up feelings inside of them, which may be confusing and the music would no longer have a meaning to such huge fans as myself :) Haha! You know how you know how your true friends are true friends?? They friggin stick with you through the good and the bad times, and they listen to you when you need them to. Now, change one word. True Fans, they do the same thing! Some people say that Metallica's true fans are the ones that listen to the old music, now what if your "true" friend said, "No, I'm only your true friend because I liked what you did 20 years ago, I don't like anything you do now" That would kind of suck. True fans will stick with Metallica through everything. Good, and not so good albums, songs etc. Love them all. Miss Cliff, all that he has done will be remembered, and I will stick with Metallica because I am a TRUE FAN!
  • Jeremy from Mariposa, CaMetallica was great. Their first four albums were awesome, great guitar riffs and solos, and James'vocals are outstanding, but after ...And Justice For All they lost their touch. The Black album had only a select few songs that were good on there, but nothing that could compare to their previous albums. I also want to say to the person who said that Lars is the best drummer ever, I'm sorry but you need to listen to some more music man. Dave Lombardo and Paul Bostaph of Slayer would tear Lars apart. Sick drum licks...I would recommend you listen to some Slayer, Vader, Cryptopsy and some sure you would change your perspective. And the person who said that Metallica is better than Slayer and Megadeth...i agree that Metallica is better than Megadeth, but you cannot compare Metallica with Slayer. Everyone of Slayer's albums are good. The never put out an album that sounded like crap. They kept to their thrash roots and put out good music for over 20 years now. Metallica lost their touch on the Black album...I love Metallica, but Slayer is better. I hope Metallica puts out something good on their next album, but thats a high hope.
  • Lorenzo Romei from Victoria, CanadaK why do people consider Led Zeppelin to be Heavy Metal? Hasn't anyone listened to Led Zeppelin III?????? They are definately one of the bands responsible for spawning heavy metal, but seriously guys, they aren't a metal band. They are a rock band, and they are also the greatest band of all time, and Jimmy Page is hands down the greatest guitarist of all time. To put it like Dave Grohl, "Jimi Hendrix was a genious on fire, Jimmy Page was a genious Possesed."
  • Lorenzo Romei from Victoria, CanadaJust to clarify, i know The Number of The Beast is a Maiden album, the way i wrote it kinda sounds funny.
  • Lorenzo Romei from Victoria, CanadaMan, I hate all the fans that have beef with the GREATEST METAL BAND OF ALL TIME. Who gives who they sued, did it actually affect you personally? They are trying to protect what they've worked hard to create. Sure the new album sucks but is there a better Heavy Metal album than Master of Puppets? I think not. The only one that I can think of that may come close is The Number Of The Beast, but still, you can't really compare them. I know Sabbath played some seriously bad ass tunes, but I still think Master takes the cake.
  • Fred from Myrtle Beach, ScI liked all there albums but yes even I the hard core of a fan that I am had trouble liking ST.Anger I mean I really tried to like ot to ha. But come on Not ONE solo! I still own it but I got it for 5 bucks cause it was on sale when it first came out then I had a gift certifacate so I think it was worth at least $5.00 but it is my least fav out of the 9 studio albums, now live oh deat God metallica live is just uncanny nothing gets my blood uh pumpin like hearing battery live! Binge and Purge!
  • Alex from Glendale, Azto ben: buy their older stuff. I suggest you start with Master of puppets. get their first 5 albums. You can give ST. anger i try, but it sucks to many people. Try listening it somewhere. St. anger may be the worst 16 dollars you ever spent.
  • Danny from Sydney, AustraliaMegadeth absolutley CANE 'tallica. Sure Megadeth have some questionable music i.e. "Risk", but Metallica have'nt released a good album sice the black album. Honeslty, can anyone hear say that they actually liked st Anger? and I mean anyone who has actually heard their old music, not 11 year old skaties who like them because liking them makes them feel 'mysterious'
  • Andy from Maidstone, EnglandMetallica are the kings of heavy metal! I haven't been into them for that long, but I've already got 5 of their CDs and they're all excellent. I've listened to a lot of other metal bands before, like Sabbath, Zeppelin, Van Halen and Roses, but Metallica stand out (probably due to the guitars and Hetfield's vocals) because they're one of the heaviest.
  • Michael from Knoxville , TnMetallica is one of the best bands of all time. They are up there with Zeplin in my book. The Song "One" has more feeling and soul in it than any other song I can think of off the top of my head I love Metallica. Whether or not they sold out is up for debate but so is just about anything else those who love them for thier music will always do so and those who love them for their image may love them today and hate them tommorow. But to each his own. I love thier music that is all I have to say.
  • Zack from Campbell River, Canadaeye of the beholder
  • Fred from A Place Far Away, ScAnd yes they never were about the money and They never sold out if thats the case Every band that is mainstream sold out! If you play for a record company you sold out so let it go Loser morons.
  • Eric Hoffer from Portland, OrMetallica are the Beatles of thier Time much like HYDROZEEN are the Blue Cheer of Thier Time.
  • John Dylan from Blah, Ms100,000,000 seems small beside the Beatles 1,000,000,000 estimated sales. 13 diamond albums. The next closest is Led Zep with 5.
  • John Dylan from Blah, MsAlso look at how many changes the line up has had. Once one member dies it is no longer the same band. Led Zeppelin never got a new Drummer and toured. The Beatles never replaced John Lennon. Mettalica sucks on so many levels I don't know where to start.
  • John Dylan from Blah, MsIsn't Some Kind of Monster a rip-off of The Beatles Let It Be. Only it's worse because they only have one new song and Let It Be was a whole live album of new songs.
  • Emanuel from Belize, OtherTo all who Love Metallica...Keep loving them as they love you. Whatever everyone says it is just their need for attention or gossip. However, when they are up on stage they always rock like never before. I am sure Metallica has helped everyone, even if they dont know it. So rock on!!! Love Music Love the Monster of Rock METALLICA>.....Metal up your A*S...
  • Billy Storey from Boston , MaMtellica is better than Slayer and Megadeath. there's no competition, ther. For Whome the Bell Tolls, Fade To Black and Master Of Puppets rock. I have both Master and Puppets and Ride the Lightning. I want to get theBlack Album With Enter Sandman on it. Metallica changed their image so much. I commemerate Motley Crue for not changing their image over time. why did Metallica have to cut off the hair and create horrible new music!!! as far as Rtings go here are mine.

    1.LED ZEPPELIN: Classic band. Some say creators of metal. I like their trademark Robert Plant wails and Jimmy Page guitar riffs. Big fan of Misty Mountian Hop, The Immigrant Song, Communication Breakdown and Whole Lotta Love.

    2.GUNS N ROSES:Best Guitar riffs aside from Zeppelin. I like the combo of Axl's high pitched wails and his dance along with Slash's mean guitar riffs. In their breif Hendrix- style stint the produced some of my favorite songs like Sweet Child O' Mine (my favorite song), Nightrain, Welcome To The Jungle, Paradise City, Out Ta Get Me, November Rain and Mr. Brownstone. I have their albums Appitite For Destruction and Greatest Hits.

    3.AC/DC: Superior stage performance With Angus Young re-inventing Chuck Barry's duck walk and rolling around on the floors of stages. Bon Scotts raspy voice and Angus Youngs riffs. I like Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap, Big Balls, Broblem Child and Back in Black. I own albums Live Wire, Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap, and Back in Black.

    4.Van Halen: Entertaining music with jumps and flips in their music videos. famous for Eddie Van Halen's wailing riffs an d David Lee R
  • Carley from Grande Prarie, CanadaI love Metallica, There songs have meanings even if we dont see eye to eye with them, but who dousnt love a guessing game?
  • Hassan from Nyc, Nymetallica never sold out, and never will
  • Navin from Singapore, SingaporePunk is seriously cheapskate music.Too simple and not really catchy!Metallica is one of the best ever
  • John from Cape Coral, FlLove him or hate him Lars is probably the best drummer ever
  • Tom from Trowbridge, EnglandWanna hear something funny? A guy in my year at school tried to have a go at me for putting Metallica on in the common room at my school but his favourite bands are Blink 182 and New Found Glory! F***ing narrow-minded punk fans!
  • Tony from Okc, Okany one can say what the will about metallica, but come one, the black album, the cd stayed on the billbourd top 100 for like 10 yrs has gone platnium too many times to tell, and kids this generation are still buying it.and ifthats not enough i bought a cd of them when i was young and it was new in the 80's and my kids are still buying there new stuff now, if thats not sucess then what is
  • C.j. from Fortwayne, InI think it's crap to say Metallica sold out, I have been listening to them ever since I was born and I must say they never sell out. 24 years of great music and who knows what they'll do next. My family grew up listening to them and we know they will never die!
    Kill 'Em All
    Ride The Lightning,
    Master Of Puppets,
    Garage Day's Revisated,
    ...And Justice For All,
    The Black Album,
    Garage Inc.,
    S&M Album,
    And St. Anger. 11 great albums here to stay and who knows what the Future holds for them.
  • Matt from Phillipsburg, NjMetallica is the best band in the world. I hate when people say they sold out. they were never about the money. People get the wrong opinion about them because of the napster thing. They only had a problem because of the fact that a song of their's (i think it was i disappear) was being downloaded before it was ever finished or released. this is the reason they had a problem with it. they did not care about money. they have enough to begin with. they have said this themselves. also, if you watch some kind of monster (a great movie, one of my favorites) you will see that they paid for the movie themselves. it came right out of their pockets. James, Kirk, and Lars paid over 4 million dollars to make it. they had no idea how this movie would do and if they would make anything from it. they did not care though. ALso, Metallica has always encouraged their fans to bring devices to record their live shows and they still do. they do have a section on their website where you can pay $10 to download a great recording of the shows from the madly in anger witht he world tour, but that is so that their fans who they love and respect very much can get a great recording of it and don't have to sit inthe stands holding a tape recorder. I am a member of their fan club adn they do alot for that too. they are very hands on with it. how many other bands can you say that about. None really. they do many meet and greets and take time out of their lives to chat with clubbers. The truth is that metallica is the best band ever and this can not be denied. people may not like their music and that is fine, but they are definalty not sell outs. they are all about the fans and not money i don't care what peopel think. the people who say they sold out are not real fans and know nothing about the band. They are a very creative band and are not afraid to try new things, as they showed with the black album and st. anger. these were great albums and are totally different than other albums by them or other bands. Metal music is supposed to be about no rules or restriction, yet "fans" want their bands to remain on a predetermined path. if a band changes their sound a bit, people freak and think they sold out because its different. every album by metallica has been great and they are my favorite albums of all time. and i can't wait for the next album to come out. I will say this one more time: Metallica is not and never has been about the money, they are about the music and their fans.
  • William from Ocean Springs, MsMetallica is definitly not the best band ever. They have had quite a few good songs but nothing that they have come up with is worthy of being called the best. Their two best songs in my opinion are Fade to Black and Enter sandman my third favorite is Nothing else matters.
  • Gustavo from London, EnglandThere is not another band best than metallica in the hole world.metallica rock and Roll dudes..
  • Thomas from Hartford, DcI have been a huge Metallica fan since Master of Puppets was released and like some over their later stuff but to say they did not sell out is just silly. Selling out is to change your sound and image to gain more commercial success which is what they clearly did on the Black album and after. How else can you explain the anti-motley crue of the 80's using motley crues producer to sound "more accessible" and "cleaner". Not that I blame them we all need to make some dough and they have remained good songwriters through it all.
  • Dan from Austin, Txnot many people know the history about metallica: or wait..many people does! sorry..well here it is anyway..=)

    It's the sort of story that scriptwriters would get laughed out of conference rooms for entering. The sort of story that illustrates perfect synchronicity between hunger, passion and time. The sort of story that only happens every 30-odd years. And the sort of story that would approximately 500 pages to do it true justice.

    Metallica. A household name. The 7th biggest selling act in American history.

    Who'd have thought it when, on October 28th, 1981, drummer Lars Ulrich made guitar player/singer James Hetfield an offer he couldn't refuse: "I've got a track saved for my band on Brian Slagel's new Metal Blade label."

    The truth is, Lars didn't have a band at that time, but he did that day when James joined him. The two recorded their first track on a cheap recorder with James performing singing duties, rhythm guitar duties and bass guitar duties. Lars dutifully pounded the drums, helped with musical arrangements and acted as manager. Hetfield's friend and housemate Ron McGovney was eventually talked into taking up bass and Dave Mustaine took lead guitar duties.

    The band adopted the moniker Metallica after a suggestion from Bay Area friend Ron Quintana, and they quickly began gigging in the Los Angeles area opening for bands like Saxon. Eventually recording a fully-fledged demo called No Life Til Leather, Metallica quickly saw the tape whistle around the metal tape-trading underground and become a hot commodity, with San Francisco and New York particularly receptive.

    Metallica performed 2 shows in San Francisco and found the crowds friendlier and more honest than LA's "there to be seen" mob. They also caught up-and-coming band Trauma, and most importantly their bass player, Cliff Burton. Cliff refused to move to Southern California: it was enough to convince Metallica to relocate to the Bay Area, and Cliff subsequently joined Metallica.

    In New York, a copy of No Life Til Leather made its way to Jon Zazula's record shop, the aptly named Metal Heaven. Zazula quickly recruited Metallica to come out east to play some shows and record an album. The band made it to New York in a stolen U-Haul. Dave Mustaine, at that point the band's guitarist, was proving to be more problematic than even these loose young chaps could handle. Thus a few weeks after arrival, Mustaine was sent packing, roadie Mark Whitakker suggesting Kirk Hammett from Bay Area thrashers Exodus. Two phone calls and one flight later, on April 1, 1983 Kirk Hammett joined Metallica.

    Metallica's first album, Kill 'Em All, was released in late 1983 and some ferocious touring which saw the band's reputation soar both in the US and Europe. In 1984 they went to work with producer Flemming Rassmussen in Copenhagen at Sweet Silence Studios on their second album. 'Ride The Lightning' proved that Metallica were not some thrash-in-the-pan one trick pony, the writing and sound illustrating a growth, maturity and intensity which saw them immediately targeted by major management in QPrime, and a major label in Elektra. Both deals were done by the fall of '84 and their reputation continued to grow worldwide.

    Returning to the same studios in 1985, the group recorded 'Master Of Puppets', mixing in LA with Michael Wagner and releasing in early 1986. They quickly secured a tour with Ozzy Osbourne, and that stint (plus a top 30 album chart position) saw their fan base and name take a quantum leap. What had seemed so unlikely was nearer than ever to coming true; world domination.
  • Dan from Austin, Txhey everybody, i love metallica

    i must say i agree!

    metallica is the best=)

    i think thats crap to say that metallica sold out. metallica was going through hard times while making the "St. Anger album." especially james. i dont know that this is the way the band feels but my opinion is that the music you write has alot to do with the way you feel. so of course their music will be a little different with each album they make. you cant say they sold out cause you dont know the way they were feeling. and you cant expect all their stuff to b just like "Ride The Lightning," "Master Of Puppets," and "Justis For All." although i do agree that those 3 albums are the best. i think metallica is even more creative then i did before. for exploring new things with their music. and for all the ppl of associate metallica with the black album, then you need to listen to some of their other stuff besides just their popular stuff, the stuff that every one knows. this is the band thats been around since 1981. i still love all their songs on the black album but i dont think your a true fan to say that the black album is their best ever. its only the people that dont really know the band that would say that. AND I THINK KIRK IS BY FAR THE BEST IN THE BAND. rock on metallica!!!
  • Silje Marie Kristian from HÃ?nefoss, Norwayi could never live without metallica, when i saw the dvd; some kind of monster I cried, I laughed and I feel metallica is a part of my family, ..they are my family. they mean so much to me. i love fade to black, which I think is the best song ever made!
  • Selene from Albany, Nyi think thats crap to say that metallica sold out. metallica was going through hard times while making the "St. Anger album." especially james. i dont know that this is the way the band feels but my opinion is that the music you write has alot to do with the way you feel. so of course their music will be a little different with each album they make. you cant say they sold out cause you dont know the way they were feeling. and you cant expect all their stuff to b just like "Ride The Lightning," "Master Of Puppets," and "Justis For All." although i do agree that those 3 albums are the best. i think metallica is even more creative then i did before. for exploring new things with their music.
    and for all the ppl of associate metallica with the black album, then you need to listen to some of their other stuff besides just their popular stuff, the stuff that every one knows. this is the band thats been around since 1981. i still love all their songs on the black album but i dont think your a true fan to say that the black album is their best ever. its only the people that dont really know the band that would say that.
    rock on metallica!!!

  • Cobretti from Oklahoma City, OkMegadeth is a much harder metal band than Metallica,.I like them both-they each have their own styles,but megadeth is the overall winner in the "who's metal is better dilemma"...but just like Samson, it seems like Metallica lost their strength when they cut their hair. why is it that James Hetfield bears an uncanny resemblance to the cowardly lion from the Wizard of Oz????
  • Marc from Ottawa, Canadaok guys stay with me on this megadeth is not better then metallica don't belive me? go see some kind of monster the dvd of metallica dave mustain agrees that his band is just a number two and it's true.
    megadeth was not made for the fans or for the money it was made to piss off metallica and it din't work very well.
    I like everything from metallica from st anger to kill em all.
    napster is illigual I agrree lars was right go him!.
    now go listen to metallica best band ever:)
    yeah metallica rocks
  • Ian from New York, NyI'm one of the few people who actually liked St. Anger. It may not be Justice or Master but it had a really emotional feel that Metallica didn't have before. I'm not really sure about this whole sellout thing. Sure, they changed their sound to get more attention. But i still feel that they care more about music then money. I mean what sell out band plays with a symphony? And James is not god, Cliff=God (the second coming of Cliff)
  • King from Denver, United StatesIf you are a true fan of music, then you are an Idiot if you think Metallica would ever sell out, its crazy, James Het will forever be my favorite rhythm guitar/singer/songwriter ever. Ps. Kirk best lead guitarist ever.
  • Tom from Brisbane, AustraliaJames Hetfield = God
  • Tom from Brisbane, AustraliaMetallica will always be regarded as one of the greatest bands ever in my books. They never sold out, they simply grew, it would be a bit strange hearing about 30-40 year olds singing about seeking and destroying their whole life. Ride the Lightning through till Re-Load will always be my favourite Metallica years. One is one of the greatest songs ever written and I agree Enter Sandman is overplayed. James even said himself that he likes to get it out of the way every show.
  • Zyran from Shah, MalaysiaI just became a met fan around 3 years ago and just recently I've realised how big of an impact Cliff was. Cliff was a crucial element in the early days of metallica. I envy people who were around to see him play live.

    If he was still around met's musical direction would definitely be different. It's obvious after cliff's death metallica started making simple and radio friendly songs. But with the black album around it has also became sort of a metal anthem and also the black album was sort of a controversy which was what probably skyrocketed them to fame.
  • Eric from Houston, TxWell, I also quit listening to Metallica after the black album. Don't get me wrong, more power to Metallica for wanting to make more cash. Who doesn't want more money. However, they did lose me along with a lot of others. Metallica was "ours," for the outcasts, the hippies, the stoners, the have nots. They were a band from the streets, and I knew they had crossed over when all of the rich preppy kids at school started wearing the t-shirts we had worn for years. I don't blame them for wanting to make more cash, but unfortunately, they did in fact, were seen as sellouts, and rightfully so. I guess it was just a high school thing, but now, a lot of their new stuff just sounds the same to me. Ride the Lightning and Master of Puppets are still the best ever made.
  • Rick from Austin, TxYou people are young I can tell by your 1990+ references. I saw Metallica with Cliff Burton in 1987. I was 14 and had heard the greatest COMPOSERS of our time. You must remember, to create what Metallica created up through Justice, where in fact a succession of Music Theory much like Classical Music(Bach, Vivaldi, etc.). It is very difficult to perform and create when the music is so dynamic, and they realized the "Billboard Music Award" Crowd (most of the music listening public and also Morons) had more money to buy cookie cutter albums. With the exception of the hard driven riffs and lyrical stylings on the "Black Album" (ca. 1991) Kirk Hammett does not create the Musical Wonders that he did in the 4 real Metallica albums. In 1992 Metallica should have changed their name, because they no longer create Masterpiece after Masterpiece. You people who like post-1992 Metallica obviously listen to radio stations say are popular and really don't appreciate and understand music like TRUE Metallica fans. We miss you Cliff!!
  • Josh from Idontknow, FlIm 14 and this band is really the best band ever, hopefully if they make a new album, it will be like the older ones also
  • Frederico from Myrtle Beach, ScROCK ON GABRIAL, u rock. I highly agree Metallica never sold out they grew up, I mean if every song was Kill 'em all or metal militia I would still like them but not half as much, and I like them a good bit I used to be super hard core into them, I mellowed out some....wait why am I tell u this, anyways KILL ON METALLICA!
  • Sam from Sydney, Australiametallica didnt sell out with the black album, they sold out with damn st anger (although ride the lightning and and justice for all are better then the black album)
  • Sam from Sydney, Australiafrom what ive heard and read mustang isnt on wonderful terms with lars
  • Kirk from Edinburgh, ScotlandStrangely, Dave Mustaine was 'kicked out' after the final straw: Kicking James' dog !
  • Charlie from Thomaston, Ctyour absolutly right evan.
  • Evan from Freehold, Njanyone who says that their favorite song is sandman or their favorite album is black should listen to Master of Puppets, ride the lightning and justice. You can then say you are true metallica fans.
  • Luke from Martin, TnA few thoughts...

    Enter Sandman is one of the most overplayed songs of all time. It is still a good song, especially if you don't listen to it for a while.

    Metallica didn't sell out. They changed. If you think a band changing equates to selling out, you had better make a bigger list: TOOL has changed with every album they have made. So have A Perfect Circle. So did Filter (sadly). So did countless other bands.

    Metallica isn't metal? Most of today's "metal," hardcore, or whatever you want to call it wouldn't even EXIST without Metallica. Hell, Megadeth wouldn't exist without Metallica.
  • Beau from Oxford, EnglandMetallica are F***ing Awseme im only 15 and they apeal to me, big time. They are my favourite band i just wanna say how cool their old songs are (Black album especially) and my favourite songs they have done are Sad But True, Fade to Black and One. Rock on Metallica!!
  • Isaac from Industry, PaMetal? Rock? What's the difference. Good music is good music. Just because Metallica has the balls to evolve and try different things means they're sellouts? Right...

    Changing and evolving are a part of life. And if a band does the same thing for thirty years, I wouldn't listen to them. Why not just buy one album and listen to it if the rest are gonna sound the same?

    Metallica is the best band on earth. They are beautiful lyricists, wonderfull composers and play their instruments incredibly well. There songs are differing and interesting, who else could play such different songs as "Master of Puppets" and "Mama Said".
  • Damon from Queenstown, New ZealandMetallica has to be one of the greatest bands. Hammett has to be one of the greatest guitarists of all time, listen to "One." I don't like the new style of Metallica (St Anger) the slower songs will always be great.
  • Alex from Toronto, CanadaI agree that Metallica is a great band, and it is understandable that their music has changed over the past few years. However, it is not inevitable to change your sound. If you don't believe me, pick up some old and new AC/DC albums, the sound has not changed after over 30 years. I won't call Metallica sellouts but I will say that ever since the black album, they have changed their style and they are no longer metal. They are rock/hard rock. I still like many of the songs on Load and Reload, but they are not metal songs. Ever since the black album, we've had Rockallica. It's a change, I'm not gonna say good or bad. I just say I miss Metallica. Oh, and the hair, haha.
  • Robert from Bloomington, Cametallica is a sell out band there not even metal anymore
  • Tom from Trowbridge, EnglandI agree Ian; Slayer are much more 'metal' than either Metallica or Megadeth but Metallica is still the best "rock" band of the three; they are much more than just "metal".
  • Ian from New York, NyEven though I'm a huge Metallica fan and even though I have respect for Megadeath I've got to say that Slaer is a much better "metal" then either of them. Sure Kirk is a better guitarist then both of Slayer's but Slayer never tried to be a popular band and never forgot there older fans. (I am so getting flamed for this.)
  • Tom from Trowbridge, EnglandEric, you are one of the few people on this page who is actually talking sense! Why on earth would selling 85 million records be a bad thing? Metallica were an underground band who relied on word of mouth but they crossed into the mainstream, and why not? It's not as if they weren't good enough! Besides, can you imagine what would've happened if Metallica didn't become mainstream! The general public would've been deprived of one of the greatest rock bands of all time. And why must we assume that underground bands cross over into the mainstream for the money? Maybe, and this is one hell of a crazy idea(!), Metallica felt they had a gift to share with the whole world, not just with a small army of loyal fans! They felt they could write and perform songs that every man, woman and child could enjoy, whilst still remaining at the forefront of the metal scene. In short, Metallica are special in that they can appeal to both their fans and everyone else at the same time, but in different ways. Not many other bands can say that. Not many other bands can say that they're both underground and mainstream successes. AND not many other bands can say that they've sold 85 million records!!!!!!!!!! So, Metallica are not sellouts, they're just ****ing amazing!!!!!!!!! Case closed! (Sorry that was such a long comment!)
  • Tom from Trowbridge, EnglandRight on Xach, you wouldn't criticise Metallica if you really loved them would you? I'm quite a big fan but it's a bit of an exaggeration to call them the best band ever. What about The Beatles, Led Zeppelin, AC/DC, Black Sabbath, The Rolling Stones, The Who, Queen?
  • Eric from Franklin, MaMetallica buys its own reputation has not been completely known for drug induced stupors, alcohol yes but not hard drugs. After he left the band Jason backed up James by saying that James had never taken cocaine, ecstacy or heroin in his life and that alcohol was the only thing that James had ever been associated with. The press statement "for alcohol and other addictions" was meant to represent his anger addiction not any chemical addictions.
  • Eric from Franklin, MaI will however say that Lars' public relations skills really caused Metallica a lot of trouble.
  • Eric from Franklin, MaIf you don't want your music to be heard why write it? Nobody hears something knocking on deaf ears. Metallica is one of the few bands to come out in recent years to have sold 85 Million records. Most bands can't claim that kind of success. Who cares if the newer stuff isn't the same as the old stuff. Repeating yourself over and over again isn't a trademark for creativity (not necessarilly bad but not as interesting). Nobody complained about Lynyrd Skynyrd combining rock and country. Guns N'Roses wrote "soft" songs. "Patience, Don't Cry etc". St. Anger was sort of the equivalent to the Beatles "Let it Be". It was written during a fractured period in the bands history when James was going through rehab and they didn't even have a bass player. In the new albums defense "All Within My Hands" spits of the rage that "Harvester of Sorrow" does. Metallica will get back on track hopefully and smash us again. Their live show has never disappointed. James threw out his back in 2000 and went through three weeks of physical therapy in four days to get back on tour. Dedication to the fans IS a trademark of Metallica. Napster didn't ask permission from Metallica, Metallica was perfectly within their rights to sue them for it. Metallica even allows downloads off their website, there are full music videos and the free Metallica vault has free downloads on it. You'll hear bad things from people who know nothing.
  • Tom from Trowbridge, EnglandWhen you think about it, would hard rock exist today if it wasn't for Metallica? Would we have Kerrang! magazine? I don't think so! They paved the way for a whole generation of bands which isn't something that a lot of bands have done. Metallica didn't invent hard rock of course, that was Led Zeppelin, Black Sabbath et al, but they definitely made it what it is today and we would all be incredibly impoverished if it were not for them. They must easily be one of the top 10 bands of all time when you condider their popularity, influence, songwriting skills and musical ability.
  • Lucian from Sv, RomaniaMetallica will allways be my soul's band. I just love their stuff. Nothing else matters from the S&M is just incredible. It's different from all the other blues and slows and stuff like that. Not only is it great, it has simphonic music in it. Most of Metallica's songs are jsut "different" and that's why I like it. The lyrics, the music. I don't say they are perfect or anything, i just say they're great. I listen to until it sleeps every time i'm in a certain mood, the unforgiven 2 other times etc. They also cover a lot of stuff... St. Anger is a different from the rest but it still has the same soul. You can almost feel it. It's the same soul, just another face. I hope the next album will be better than this.
    What I hate about 'tallica is the manager's(or whomever's) thurst for money... I mean selling a 4-minute video of a german doctor describing Lars's problem (i donnow exactly what's wrong with him) for 3$? Now that is just a little off.
  • Josh from El Paso, TxResponding to Rickey from New Orleans.
    James' mother died of cancer when he was 14. His father died while Metallica was on the "Poor RE-TOURING Me" Tour in 1998. BOTH of James' parents died seperately.
  • Lily from New York City, Pametallica is awsome! yes i do agree that ST. Anger does somewhat suck but don't go off saying that they sold out. if you knew anything about them it would be that metallica is one to change. i mean i don't see how people can sit there and say "they sold out but don't get me wrong there my favorite band." Their new stuff may not be as good as some of their old, but come on if you really know metallica you never know what's next, so until you do you really need to shut-up because you may like what the have to offer next. Plus most of you people live in the past. you need to come to reality and relize that a band that's been around for 20 years IS GOING TO CHANGE. so just get it through your dam thick skulls. peace out people. P.S. I messed up when i sighned in so it says PA but it is really NY
  • Travis from Lawrence, KsJust to put this to rest, all this talk about selling out is ridiculous. Their music changes coincided with various personality changes throughout the years. After being together for more than 20 years, any band is bound to redefine their sound along the way. And popularity doesn't define "selling out." Metallica didn't change anything to make more money and to be on MTV. They can't help it if they became more popular, that's to be expected from a band like them. Videos are just another form of artistic expression, and the point of having a band is to reach the largest audience possible.
  • Jared from Columbus, OhMetallica is the greatest band ever no matter what anyone says.I stick with no matter what I have all there cds my favorite is either ride the lightning or and justice for all but I like them all yes including st.anger because I am a true fan and I like all there music.My favroite song is fade to black because I really feel that song.My favorite person in the band is James Hetfield he's like my idol I like his style. I'm in a band my self I play guitar and sing and its all because of metallica they inspired me to want to be a rock star. Keep kicking ass!
  • Jeremy from Cincinnati, OhMetallica (rather Sellouttica) used to be good. Hit the Lights through Justice were fantastic! The Black album was good, Load and Reload might have made a decent single album. St Anger, well, I refuse to listen to that album after hearing the (horrible)title track. Frankly, those three albums should be referred to as "The Thing(s)That Should Not Be". And yes you diehard fans....they did sell out!! The One video was a great then came Sandman, and unforgiven, wherever/roam...and of course, the balled. A band that relied on word of mouth, the underground music scene, live performances & modest radio play turned themselves over to mtv...if that isn't selling out, I would love to know what selling out is (and of course the radio conglomorate Clear Channel needs to get off the obsession with them). Yes Megadeth is a better metal band. Better music, often times better lyrics. Godsmack, & Disturbed are now better present-day metal bands. But go ahead and follow "The Band That Failed", these are just my opinions. After all, I have grown up a bit. I still enjoy rocking out to Pantera, Maiden, Metallica, Megadeth, Godsmack, etc., however, real musical genious is found in people and bands such as Pink Floyd, Petty, Clapton, Beatles, and of course RUSH. These are musicians. They truly know the formula(s) for continuing success.
  • Tom from Trowbridge, EnglandIn response to Lori in Ironton, Ohio (I hope that's right; I'm English, I don't know your state abbreviations) you say that music would suck if it wasn't for Metallica. Surely this can be said for loads of bands e.g Led Zeppelin, Nirvana, AC/DC, The Ramones, Cream, Black Sabbath, Deep Purple, the list goes on! You must realise that there are many great bands today who obviously aren't directly influenced by Metallica, Coldplay would be a prime example. But I do agree that Metallica are probably the most influential metal (not rock) band ever. I mean it is something to be as popular with teenagers nowadays as in the 80s. It also seems a bit weird that parents still hate Metallica even though they are now old enough to be our parents! (By the way, that was not an ageist comment!)
  • Luke from Memphis, Tni know im goin to sound like an idiot, but WHO THE **** IS RON MCGOVNEY!?!?! Im a big metallica fan but ive never heard of this guy. my emails on there send me some info.
  • Christina from Redding, Cai love metallica they are the ultimate all time best rock band there is i can relate to thier music in so many difffernt ways and they can change my mood real favorite song is fade to black but my favorite album is justice for all...
  • Jay from Potomac, MdI can honestly say i love the song "Unforgiven II" it just symbolizes alot for me you know
  • Charlie from Greenville, TxMetallica got into the deal with Napster because they were allowing free downloads of NON-RELEASED music. It wasn't the fact that they were letting people listen to the music... they were allowing people to make copys of not only thier released material...but also the materials they had written and recorded that was not yet released to the public. When Metallica releases thier material to the public...There are copys of things called a "Release" that Metallica ( or any other band for that matter) has to sign so that it becomes a legal transaction between the media and the band allowing the sale and distribution of the music. The record companies get a slice of that pie, so thats where the nasty side of this business started to come out. If the media or any other outlet, be it public or private distributes the material without the permission of the band AND the Recording Company, then it is called "Piracy" "Theft" "Stealing".. Whatever you choose to call taking something that belongs to someone else without asking permission first.Oh and just so you Know...ANY BAND... that tries to copy another bands music without asking permission will get pretty much the same treatment in court that Napster got for doing the same thing.
  • Brett from Edmonton, CanadaYes, Megadeth is better than Metallica. (I'm perpetually sober, trust me.) Their lyrics are better and the music more "metal".
  • Brian from Vacaville, CaMegadeth better than metallica? dude you are smoking dope. Metallica didnt "sell Out" just because they are successfull doesnt mean that
  • Charlie from Greenville, TxThe story I got from magazines and from VH1...and MTV... was Dave Mustaine admitted to the fact that he was an Angry Drunk. They had all been partying pretty hard and he started a fight with Lars Ulrich. It was at that point that the band had decided that three Happy Drunks and one Angry Drunk don't mix. They had , had enough of the trouble between Dave, Lars and James, and decided that he was voted out of the band, and told him of it before he had woke up from a particularly hard night. I often wonder how long this had been brewing, because the very same afternoon that Dave left for California. Kirk was flying in to audition for the band. Metallica to me is the bedrock of all Heavy Metal. Love 'Em or Hate 'Em , thier is no denying that they are by far the best Metal band to date. They Have been Kickin Ass since they hit the charts, and show no signs of slowin down. Go for it boys!!!
  • Edgar from Laredo, TxI think Metallica is the greatest band in the world. Even though they may like to sue people a lot (which can get really annoying)it is irrelevant to how much ass they can kick with their songs. I personally like Master of Puppepts, No Remorse, and Orion.
  • Anthoyn from Norwood, MaDave Mustaine wasnt kicked out for abusing drugs and alcohol, because they all did it anyway. If you've ever seen VH1's behind the music on metallica, they were all drunk and high and got into a fight, so dave left and created a BETTER band than metallica, megadeth. The only reason i say better is because, in 1991, Metallica did more than seell the black album, they sold out
  • Janet from Perth, AustraliaI think "Enter Sandman" is one of the best songs of all time.
  • Chase from Pittsburgh, PaActually Rickey, Hetfield's father didn't die when James was a child. His father is shown on the documentary "A Year And A Half In The Life Of...".
  • Rickey from New Orleans, LaIn Responce To Derek: Actually if you listen to songs like "The God That Failed" you might come to realize Jaymz has a strong grudge with Christian Science. The reason is because both of his parents died when he was very young. Both followed Christian Science and died as a result of not seaking a professional doctor's help for their illnesses. This is the main reason why Metallica's lyrics are so angry and destructive. Jaymz nickname at 19 yrs. old was "the angriest kid in the world." "Man I love evil" - Jaymz
  • Lori from Ironton, OhI think Metallica is great band that has inspired millions of people to listen to heavy metal. Metallica isn't just a band - they're the creators of rock music as it is today. If it wasn't for them - music would suck!
  • Jeff from Haltom City, TxHere's a thought that has occurred to me. Metallica once brought legal action against the online Napster service, putting them out of business because Napster gave out samples of Metallica's music, and made money from advertising. Since the courts decided in favor of the band, doesn't this mean that broadcast radio stations are forbidden from playing their music? Or technically, any copyrighted music at all? If you are the manager of a radio station, please don't take the chance. Cease playing the music of Metallica right away, before they sue you, too.
  • Derek from North Buderim, AustraliaThe Metallica that I listened to in my teen years is nothing like the Metallica I listen today. Though the songs are the same, I see a different meaning in them. For instance Creeping Death, is not about blind death and destruction but about the life of Moses. Their songs include everything from Adam and Eve to Spiritual Masters. Metallica is a Spiritual band singing and yes actually praising God. This can be from Jaymz's Christian Science Philosophy.
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