Hit The Lights

Album: Kill 'Em All (1983)


  • The first song Metallica wrote and recorded. It is about the thrill of playing rock music and how they love to see their fans go wild.
  • Written by James Hetfield and Lars Ulrich.
  • Metallica opened their gigs with this song at their early shows. >>
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    Nick - Paramus, NJ, for above 3

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  • Jeronimocen from MexicoZero from Nowhere, Nj
    I believe Dave Mustaine wrote the solos from No life 'til leather, but Kirk Hammett adjusted and made some of them from Seek and destroy in No life 'til leather to Metal Militia in Kill 'em all.
    P. S.
    I'm not COMPLETELY sure if I'm correct, but that's how I believe it is. If i'm wrong please forget you ever read this comment...
  • Zero from Nowhere, NjNot to take anything away from Kirk, but I think 90% of the solos on Kill 'em all were composed by Dave Mustaine. The last solo might have been written by Lloyd Grant (who played on the demo) and Kirk wrote the interlude solo on the Four Horsemen and maybe a few mini-solos toward the end of the album. (since Dave played all the solos on the demo which got them signed and if it ain't broke, don't fix it, right?)
  • Bret from Charlottetown, PeAwesome Song
  • Craig from Oak Grove, AlThis was the first song ever released by Metallica. It debuted in 1982 on a compilation album called Metal Massacre.
  • Nick from Cairns, AustraliaSounds good with the amount of solos in it. I found it surprising myself that it took 2 weeks for Kirk Hammet to finish working with the solos on the album. One of my favourites, its go a nice feel to it :)
  • Shawn from Frostburg, MdNow this is real hardcore, old school Metallica. won't hear Avril Lavigne cover this joker. this was when music meant something to them, not just butts in the seats for $$$$
  • Zach from Carlsbad, CaSound pretty good live on CD Some Kind Of Monster
  • Ian from Hamilton, Canadagot the song title from "shoot the lights" by Diamond head
  • Tim from Leuven, Belgiumgreat song from a great album
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