Seek and Destroy

Album: Kill 'Em All (1983)


  • James Hetfield based the theme of this song on a Diamond Head song called "Dead Reckoning." He explained to Guitar World: "I used to work in a sticker factory in L.A., and I wrote that riff in my truck outside work. This was our first experience in a real studio. I used a white Flying V, which was the only guitar I had back then. I still have the guitar in storage. The song is based around a one-note riff that was up a little higher. Though most of my riffs are in E, that one worked off an A."
  • An early Metallica track, this is an angry track where the band gets out some of the aggression that years later would lead them into band therapy, as shown in the documentary Some Kind of Monster. Much of the battlefield imagery in the song related to the Los Angeles music scene, where the band played before moving to San Francisco. The L.A. club crowd didn't seem to get Metallica, and the band didn't understand them either.

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  • Jason from Their Housevery good song
    one of my favorites
    good work, metallica
  • Zero from Nowhere, NjBy the way, this was the song that Kirk passed the audition with to join Metallica.
  • Zero from Nowhere, NjThis song is really easy to play on guitar (well the rhythm parts anyway). If anyone is ever at a Metallica concert in the future - DON'T LEAVE BEFORE THEY PLAY THIS SONG! even if they all put their instruments down and went backstage - the show isn't over until they play this.
  • Guy from New York, NyBack in WCW, wrestler Sting (Steve Borden, not Gordon Sumner) used this as a theme
  • Monaghan from Kallispell, MtI'm pretty sure the song is about Vietnam and the soldiers mission. The name for the missions were soldiers would hunt down and kill the viet cong was code named "search and destroy"
  • Syton from Colorado Springs, CoHey, Adam; I, too, own every Metallica album. Might I suggest looking up the live album Binge & Purge, and the E.P. Some Kind of Monster (or The Unnamed Feeling)? Both great additions, if you left them out. And to second countless others: Metallica is THE greatest band ever!
  • Adam from Clinton Township, MiThis song is one of the three that got me into Metallica... the other two were For Whom The Bell Tolls and Trapped Under Ice... I now own every album, even S&M. Great music from a band that has defied logic, time, and physical limits.
  • Guy from Las Vegas, Mothe second meaning for this song. i completely disagree with. i think if it was about moshing and stuff, it wouldnt be called, SEEK AND DESTORY... more or less, that definition fits whiplash. another song off of kill 'em all
  • Caleb from Lansing, SingaporeThis song is arguably one of the best Metallica songs of all time
  • Matt from Houston, TxDefinately in my top 5 in metallica songs. hall of fame this year!
  • Av8rdav from Petaluma, CaLeonard Haze of Y&T is wearing a Seek and Destroy shirt in the picture of him on the In Rock We Trust recording.
  • J from Jackson, GaI love this song. My band and I played this at a Battle of the Bands
  • Julie from Beatrice, NeI LOVE THIS SONG! I dont care what this song is about however this song is great when your driving or if your really pissed off. I absoultly love this song.
  • Zakk from Ponoka, Abthis is the coolest ever!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1
  • Kris from Wichita, KsActually Ryan the book "A Clockwork Orange" was made inthe early 60's but it's supposed to be set in the future. but all in all this song kicks some ass
  • Justin from Tempe, AzThs song, along with Master of Puppets, is my favorite Metallica song. I like to call it my "anger management" song, because it's so much fun to sing when I'm pissed, or when I've had a long, hard day at work (I sing this song at karaoke, and have qualified twice in contests with it). The middle of the song, where Kirk's solos come in, is my absolute favorite, and the final solo never fails to induce a major attack of headbanging in me (which would look a lot cooler if I wasn't losing my f'in' hair).
  • Ryan from Maple Valley , Wathis song is about the book "aA Clockwork Orange" wich is about a group of boys who terrorize the streets of early 60's england
  • Evan from Otway, OhDon't get me wrong. I love this song and all, but after a while the chorus gets kinda old. I havent heard it in for ever so i still like it but...after saying SEARCHIN'....SEEK AND DESTROY! 4 times over, its gets sorta old. SORTA.
  • Devon from Westerville, Ohthis song kicks ass one of my favorites from metallica
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