It's A Beautiful Day

Album: To Be Loved (2013)
Charted: 10 94
  • This is one of four original compositions on Michael Bublé's eighth studio album, To Be Loved. It was released as the first single from the set on February 25, 2013.
  • Bublé penned the song with his longtime co-writer and musical director Alan Chang and his producer Bob Rock, who was also responsible for his Call Me Irresponsible, Crazy Love and Christmas albums.
  • Bublé told BBC News that alcohol helped him find inspiration for this tune. "I have always written these songs about love, or loss or longing," he explained. "I just sat down at the piano and I started to work on this tune and the lyrics just came right out. I was drunk, that's the truth. I have never written anything sober in my life.
    "I thought this is a great concept," he added. "I am going to write this song about a guy whose girlfriend thinks she's the greatest and dumps him. And he realizes that once she is gone, his life gets so much better."
  • The song's music finds Buble's girl making out with her "yoga instructor." Buble's love interest is played by My Name is Earl actress Jaime Pressly, while actor Jesse Heiman from that GoDaddy Super Bowl commercial portrays the singer's rival for her affections.
  • Bublé told Parade magazine that he considers the song to be a "revenge" track. "Yeah, it's revenge! I wanted to write a song that empowered anyone going through that and give them hope," he said.
  • Bublé told Vanity Fair that he wanted to make the four original songs he wrote for To Be Loved sound like any other Pop radio hit. "On the originals, I wanted to make pop songs. I wanted to make them sound like Top 40," he said. "I want to go compete with Timberlake and Katy Perry. I need them to get on the radio and to use Auto-Tune and effects and all that stuff because I want it to sound like a modern pop song."

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  • Beth from N/a, VaWhile I enjoy this song, I'm disappointed that Michael is choosing the Top 40 route. He was appealing as an artist precisely because he didn't sound like anyone else on modern radio. I really hope he keeps singing the standards once in a while, and stop using Auto-Tune. He has a beautiful voice and doesn't need any special effects.
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