Breaking News

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  • This is a track from Michael Jackson's first posthumous album of original material, Michael. The song debuted on November 8, 2010 on and streamed for one week.
  • The song was originally recorded in 2007 at a friend's place in New Jersey and completed after the singer's death in June 2009.
  • "Breaking News" finds Michael addressing his conflicts with the media and other detractors. It begins with sound bytes of news reports about Jackson's life and death before the King of Pop sings about his contempt for the tabloid press.
  • This was the first song from the album to be promoted and it led to some questioning whether it really is Michael singing. LaToya Jackson, for instance questioned whether the voice is really her brother's, telling TMZ, "I listened to it... It doesn't sound like him."

    However, Teddy Riley, who worked with Michael on his later albums, said he had the family's support on the production of the album. "I did what Michael would expect of me with the tools I had to work with (vocal tracks of Michael). This is his legacy," he said. "Let it live."

    Michael's former manager Frank Dileo also vouched for the song's authenticity. "I spoke to Michael by telephone at the Cascios' home studio several times while he was recording with them, and he was excited and enthused by the music and the experience," Dileo said in a statement. "While listening to the tracks, especially the ones not heard by the general public, you can hear that he was having a great time!"
  • The track was co-produced by Teddy Riley, who claimed responsibility to Billboard magazine for many of the song's major musical elements. "'Breaking News' was a track that, when I first heard it, I wanted to take to the next level and make it very exciting, very interesting, and kind of change things up," he said, "and we completed our mission doing that."
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  • Barbara from Gloucester, United KingdomThis song is amazing - contrary to public opinion, I believe it is Michael and yes it wasn't finished so Teddy Riley added bits and pieces to bring it all together. I would love to hear the original demo because MJ's demos are far superior to most artists final product.
    Also Kaz, C Oh - he sings "Why is it strange that I would fall in love " - a cry from the heart, not what you are hearing!!!!
    At the end of the day - it's more of Michael than we thought we would ever have; the whole album is a treasure - a work of art!!! It's all for love ....... L.O.V.E
  • Kaz from C, OhI agree with his family...this is not MJ, when you listen to the accapella you can tell they took clips from different songs, to get the ablibs. the verses are sung by a impersonator and the hook is sung by MJ. The song AGAIN does not go with the title. Find the lyrics. "Who ever think that i would fall in love?" like ...when has he even referred to himself in third person...
  • Evan from San Jose, Cathis is my favorite song from the MICHAEL album
  • Wanda Lowery from Jackson, TnI thank you for the information of Michael's latest album. It mean so much to me! It's like having a piece of him still living. And I'm appreciative for that. I love Michael very much, and wish to hear even more about him and his new album. I can't wait for the release of his album. I'm sure people will be camp out at the stores waiting for its arrival.The fans that truly knows Michael Jackson's voice will know whether or not it's his voice. Thank you.
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