• This hard-charging track finds Michael singing about his anger with the media, a theme he pursued on several of his other songs including "Leave Me Alone," "Scream" and "Breaking News."
  • The song was recorded in New Jersey in late 2007 at the home of Michael's friend and former manager Frank Cascio, where he was staying. He wrote it with Frank's son, Eddie (Angel) Cascio and singer James Porte. Jackson laid down some of his background vocals through a length of PVC tubing.
  • The song was produced by New Jack pioneer Teddy Riley, who had worked with Jackson since 1991 on Dangerous, HIStory and Invincible. In an interview with Billboard magazine Riley said that the tune was too slow when he first began working on it, and that he spent a while adding some funk to the darker themes. "I brought in guitars. I brought in bass. I brought in keys. I brought a lot of effects and sounds that kinda took it to the next level," he explained.
  • The song features a verse by Queens rapper 50 Cent, whom Michael had contacted about collaborating prior to his passing. In an interview that appeared on, 50 recalled about how the song came about: "I didn't have the opportunity to physically be in Michael Jackson's presence," he said. "But my DJ, Whoo Kid, he had the opportunity to actually meet Mike, because he was interested in working with me and he said that he had something he wanted me to actually hear, a song he created. He thought it would be perfect for us to collaborate on and then he put me on the telephone."

    After the shocking news of Jackson's death, 50 received a call to come into the studio and perform his portion of the track. Once in the studio, the rapper worked with Teddy Riley on the song. "When I sat down and listened to the actual song, I was excited. I said, 'This is the 2010 version of Thriller'" the rapper recalled. 50 added that he made adjustments to his normal flow. "I missed an opportunity to be on a record not just with a great artist, but a legend," he said. "So I wanted more, and I made adjustments to my cadence so I don't sound like I sound on music that people have previously heard from me, because I'm adjusting to the production."
  • This features guitar work from Australian guitarist Orianthi, who was chosen by Michael to be his lead guitarist for his London O2 arena shows in Summer 2009. After the King of Pop tragically passed away just before they were due to begin, she played and sang at Jackson's globally televised memorial, on July 7, 2009.
  • Jackson complains on this song about the activities of the paparazzi. Teddy Riley explained in an interview with Reuters: "The Monsters are the ones who, when you're up they come to get you and they beat you down and when they get you down they go to the next artist. That's their job, to hit you while you're up and step on you while you're down, and that's what he always said."

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  • Brittany from ArizonaI'm pretty positive Michael would be more than disappointed with all of these songs that were CLEARLY thrown together as quick as possible without his perfection. That's just the thing.... No one will ever be able to do what he did. Every song that was released after his death sounds so sloppy and off. Its sad. It almost ruins his name and everything he stood for as far as making and writing music.
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