Can't Let Her Get Away

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  • Jackson wrote and produced this song with Teddy Riley, who was referred to by a Chicago Tribune journalist as one of the "kings of new jack swing."
  • Riley recalled to "This was mostly from a sample CD that I just put together myself, and it kind of reminded me of the James Brown sound. I could feel it. I thought I'd bring a shadow of some of the greatness of the James Brown production sound to this. I made the sample CD myself – that was me playing instruments, then looping them up and having them lying around for potential projects. Back then I just had them lying around and I hadn't used them… But I really wanted to use them! Throughout the album I was drawing off a lot of CDs I had hanging around, all played by myself. I'm a multi-instrumentalist."
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  • Kevin from Mobile, AlMichaels vocals along with the instrumentals are also reminiscent of James Brown.
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