We've Had Enough

Album: The Ultimate Collection (2004)
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  • Jackson wrote this ballad with songwriter Carole Bayer Sager. The song is about the war in Iraq, a big issue at the time. >>
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    Robert - Brisbane, Australia

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  • Ann Darton from United StatesFirst time hearing this song and l love it . Another shooting in Wisconsin were a black man was shot in the back seven times by the police . Seven times. This song seaks to those who have had enough. What a song.
  • Muse from Alkmaar, Netherlandsi can listen to this song over and over again, evey time hearing something new in it. it is so emotional, raw even. listening to the words, michael´s unique voice, watching the video, it all brings tears to my eyes. thank you, michael!
  • Janice from Detroit, MiMichael makes you feel his lyrics and voice. He is a vocal and lyrical genius. His visions and dreams become yours on a spiritual level. Love you more,MJ
  • Kevin from Mobile, AlMichael was a genius as far as vocals go: His real voice was a normal man's voice, but he is famous for his falsetto. Then he could flip that and channel James brown, among other things. He could do Jazz(Human Nature), Disco(Rock With You), Rock(Dirty Diana), R&B(Remember the Time), Gospel(Will You Be There?)and probably country if he wanted to. Yeah, Michael Jackson was a horrible singer.
  • Ioana from Bucharest, RomaniaI absolutely love this song! Michael's songs touch my heart and not only mine... He is an example for many singers...
  • Zoe from England, OtherMICHAEL JACKSON IS NOT A HORRABLE SINGER do you even know what music is?!?! michael is a to artist and is songs touch so many around the world i love all of his songs i could pick a fav of his. "Michael I think you're wonderful".
  • Gyh from Yuykiyfk, United StatesMichael Jackson is a horrable singer
  • Julius Von Brunk from Lancaster, PaI think it's funny that Michael Jackson (of all people) is on the side of the war protestors. That says a LOT about these crazy hippies...
  • Aj from Washington, DcMichael wanted this song to be a duet with his sister Janet....a sort of follow-up to their Scream Duet. Not exactly sure why it never panned out.
  • Petri from Bollnäs, SwedenWe've had enough, is it a brand new song? Or is it just un-released before?
  • Chris from Edinburgh, ScotlandVery nice song. It's a very powerful song and he makes you really feel the message he is delivering. It's just a pity he never released it as a single. I suppose it wouldn't be fully appreciated for the great song it is.
  • Jam Kemal from Lindua, South AfricaNice song, has a bit of "Earth Song" vibe to it from the 1995 HIStory album.
  • Silouette from Lala Land, United StatesI love MJ's "new" song! It's so powerful and the way he delivers the song is just awesome! You can feel every feeling , sense every note and see every lyric. OMGosh! Love it!!
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