Get To You


  • This mid-tempo track finds Michael Ray urging a woman to love again, whether it's with him or somebody else.

    "We all in our lives have had something change us, and whether you know what it is or not, a lot of times that's what stops you from giving your all to another person," Ray told Wendy Lynn from Country 106.5 WYRK in Buffalo, New York. "You've got a little bit of a wall built. You've got something that's stopping you from loving wholeheartedly."

    "Hopefully you'll get through it," he added, "and hopefully it's with me but if it's not with me then hopefully the person you fall in love with you fall (whole)hearted."
  • Michael Ray revealed to Billboard this is a very autobiographical song.

    "I've been on both sides of this storyline," he said. "I'm definitely guilty of putting up walls. I've gone through tough breakups like everyone else, and the one thing I've learned is that no one experiences heartache the same way."

    Reflecting on his own relationship, Ray added, "This song serves as a reminder - it's lyrics make it okay to let go of the past or whatever it is that is holding you back. I never expected the fans to connect to this the way they have. It's really incredible to feel like we're all overcoming that fear and vulnerability together."
  • The song was released as the lead single from Michael Ray's Amos album. The record was titled as a tribute to his grandfather Amos, who taught young Michael first lessons about loving and playing music.

    Michael Ray started his music career playing in a family band called Country Cousins with his grandpa, his father and cousins. Amos died of a heart attack just two months before Ray made his Grand Ole Opry debut back in 2015.

    "He was so passionate about music," Ray told ABC Radio, "and all those shows that we played - that I played together with him - he wasn't getting paid for that. And he was traveling all over Florida. But he took it as serious as if he was playing Madison Square Garden and getting paid a million dollars."


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