by Mika

Album: The Boy Who Knew Too Much (2009)
Charted: 72


  • The song's lyrics are from a letter that Mika wrote to an ex. He explained to The Sun September 11, 2009: "it's a break-up letter I wrote. So I thought it would be funny to put it down to a dance beat and get everyone to dance it."
  • Stuart Price, who has also worked with Madonna, The Killers and Keane, produced this track. Mika told Q magazine June 2009: "This is an unapologetic '80s pop record. I bumped into producer Stuart Price while he was working with The Killers at Olympic Studios. He helped me program this. It reminded him of ABBA and Frankie Goes to Hollywood."
  • This electronic dance track features a guest appearance from Final Fantasy's Owen Pallet, who did the song's violin programming.
  • Mika elaborated on this song to The London Times November 20, 2009: "How was I feeling the day I wrote that? I was furious with the person I was going out with." The interviewer asked what they had done? Mika replied: "Nothing. That was the problem."
    The interviewer then asked what he wanted them to do? "Embarrass me, Mika replied. "Make me happy at the risk of making me totally miserable... So I wrote this nasty little nursery rhyme - and then I thought, wouldn't it be funny to put it to a dance beat, because that would empower it."


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