Filth Pig

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  • According to Ministry lead singer Al Jourgensen, the title was derived from a statement made in the British Houses of Parliament, where one of the MPs described him as a "filthy pig." The statement came when Jourgensen was preparing to tour the country with his band Revolting Cocks (not surprising they aroused the authorities with that name).
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  • Gladys from Chicago, IlActually, Al J was reportedly VERY unhappy with the way that first release turned out; he didn't feel it portrayed Ministry as they really were. In fact, I read somewhere that he refers to this album as "an abortion."

    Now, if you REALLY want some kick-ass Ministry, find "Just One Fix" or "Stigmata"...
  • Nathan Mueller from Eagan, MnGet to the root of this band and get a taste of what 'alternative' music was when that phrase was coined. Listen to Ministry's "With Sympathy". the whole "goth" thing started many moons ago, and "everyday is like halloween" will give you that.

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