Album: Rise of the Lion (2014)


  • This one of several outcast songs on Rise of the Lion. Frontman Levi Benton told AbsolutePunk he wrote them, "because we get so many letters from people who get bullied at school, people feeling weird... even people's parents make them feel bad. Just all these feeling people have, it makes them feel crazy."

    "Obviously I feel that way too," he added. "I won't be home for three months at a time and I'll be stuck in a little square, and you just feel insane and you want to get out."
  • Benton explained this song's meaning: "This song is about letting it all out, feeling a little crazy, and feeling like a lunatic sometimes," he said, "which I feel like everyone feels that, you just have those days where it's not your day and you just want to snap and explode. That's the voices at the beginning of the song – all this crap, all this stress is building up and you just let it go."


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