The World At Large

Album: Good News for People Who Love Bad News (2004)
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  • This song is existential in nature. The lyrics refer to feelings of disconnectedness, much like that of a drifter wandering through the world. The existential feeling is universal for anyone who has contemplated their "place" in the world. >>
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    Mike - Pompton Lakes, NJ

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  • James from Fairbanks, Akthis song is about me
  • Steven from Clayton, NcI agree with the ties to Float On, Ian. I've felt many times that this album tells a sort of story. Not just the obvious story of Brock, but also a sort of vague bit of fiction, if you look at the songs in a more literal sense. I've actually been trying to figure out what exactly that story is so I can try to tell it more precisely. But for that, I think I'd need Brock's help. Which I don't. Thus, the story won't really be told.
  • Adam from South Pasadena, Israelsong is insanely deep. the music is very simple so you can concentrate on what the lyrics are telling you, to only stop when you are satisfied and to live your own standards only
  • Ian from Larksville, PaI think this song only reminds you that you're just a speck in the world. He refers to Ice Age, Heat Waves, and not being able to complain. He also repeats "Gonna float on baby, don't you understand". It ties very well with the song "Float On". It goes from talking about the inability to control the world around you. But even at its worst, life can still clear up.
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