Brick Shoes
by Mona

Album: Listen to Your Love (2011)


  • Nashville-based alternative rock band Mona comprises vocalist Nick Brown, drummer Vince Gard, bassist Zach Lindsey and guitarist Jordan Young. The band channels of the sounds of the American South through modern rock 'n' roll, which along with their Pentecostal past, has led some critics to compare them to Kings of Leon.
  • Brown's vocals for this song were recorded in an intentionally low-fi manner to recall the Sun Records vibe of the '50s and '60s.
  • Lyrically, this song is a lament about women who can't seem to find happiness. "I'm always blown away by the decisions girls make," Brown explained to Spin magazine. "Why choose to be stuck in a situation that you're miserable in? Why be with someone you don't really love? Why settle? And then why choose to lie to yourself instead of go for something better?"


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