Even Though

Album: Blood Like Lemonade (2010)


  • This is the first single from Blood Like Lemonade, the seventh album by British electronica/soul group, Morcheeba. The song finds singer Skye Edwards pondering the ecological state of the planet. In 2003 Edwards was dismissed from Morcheeba, with both musical and personal differences being cited as the reason. On February 12 2010, the NME revealed that she was once again working with the band and this is the first single to be released since her return.
  • Multi-instrumentalist Ross Godfrey explained the song's meaning: "The lines about 'the hidden dangers' and being 'cast adrift in space' reflect worries about humanity. That was inspired by reading interviews with astronauts – they'd get into space and look back at the world, and couldn't understand why people were still fighting with each other, and why we were destroying our own planet, that was so beautiful from a distance. The heavy breathing sound is an astronaut breathing in his helmet. He doesn't have long to live, and at the end his breathing stops. He's basically just trying to send a message that we should all get along."


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