Tennessee Fan

Album: One Thing at a Time (Sampler) (2022)
Charted: 49
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  • Yeah, she was raised Roll Tide 'til the day she died
    But ever since that night, she's been a Tennessee fan

    Here, Morgan Wallen sings of falling for a girl who supports a rival football team. His love interest is a University of Alabama fan, but because she's dating the Tennessean Wallen, she's switched her allegiance to the University of Tennessee.
  • Wallen first shared a snippet of the song in celebration of the University of Tennessee's football win over the University of Alabama, which broke a 15-game losing streak. Fans immediately speculated he's singing about his rumored girlfriend, Megan Moroney. Her viral hit "Tennessee Orange" tells a similar story of a girl falling for a Tennessee boy. Originally a fan of the Georgia Bulldogs football team, she now roots for the University of Tennessee (Both the University of Alabama and Georgia Bulldogs are rivals of Tennessee).
  • Wallen gives further clues that Moroney is the subject of the song.

    I got the number one pick, blonde hair, red lips
    Brought her over to the other side
    A little deep south Delta Gamma

    Megan Moroney is blonde too. She was also part of the University of Georgia's Kappa Delta sorority.
  • Wallen wrote "Tennessee Fan" with Ashley Gorley, Mark Holman, and Hardy. Gorley and Hardy also co-penned Wallen's Dangerous track "Sand In My Boots" along with Josh Osborne. They've both individually contributed to more of the country star's songs. Mark Holman co-penned three of Wallen's Dangerous tracks as well as his collaboration with Ernest, "Flower Shops."
  • Morgan Wallen released "Tennessee Fan" on December 2, 2022. It's one of a trio of new songs on his One Thing at a Time–Sampler EP, a teaser of new music he's working on.


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