God Was Never On Your Side

Album: Kiss Of Death (2006)


  • Lemmy provides what has been called lyrical doom-mongering for this swipe at organized religion. Although Richard Dawkins will doubtless approve - if he has heard it - Lemmy was an agnostic rather than an atheist. His antipathy to religion in this song is intensely personal, and was expounded by him in "Poison" from the 1979 Bomber album.
  • In a 2006 interview with Andred Latham, Lemmy said of "God Was Never On Your Side" it was not about himself, he was just sending out a message.

    The theme is one that will be familiar to historians; many of the wars in history up to the present day have seen leaders and their religious allies claiming God is on "our" side, with the inference that the Devil is aiding the enemy.
  • Running to 4 minutes 20 seconds on the 2006 Kiss Of Death album, band members Phil Campbell and Mikki Dee also contributed to the music; C.C. Deville of Poison guested on lead guitar. >>
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    Alexander Baron - London, England, for above 3

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  • Joe from London@Micplo both songs sound rather like I'm Not Like Everybody Else by The Kinks.
  • Micplo from PolandHi guys, Im blown away by it but the melody belongs to a Polish Singer from 70's
  • Nedkelly from Sydney, AustraliaLemmy (RIP?) was agnostic, atheist, anti-paedophile and a woman lover ever since his early days in Hawkwind.
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