Forget to Remember

Album: Lost and Found (2005)
  • In our interview with Mudvayne lead singer Chad Gray, he said that this song was inspired by a graphic novel, but wouldn't say which one since "people can't dissect it because it's not that hardcore."
  • This song is about people who abuse their success, especially the very wealthy. It often happens when people divest from the values that made them successful, and lose some of their humanity. "When you forget where you came from, that's a problem," Chad Gray told us.
  • A remix by Chris Lord-Alge was featured in the 2005 movie Saw II and appears on the soundtrack. The song is used in the "Venus Fly Trap" scene where an unfortunate soul must remove his eye in order to save his life. Darren Lynn Bousman, who directed the film, also directed the music video, which features clips from the movie. Chad Gray had to do some actual acting the video, appearing without his Mudvayne costume and makeup.


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