Matthew BellamyVocals, guitar
Chris WolstenhomeBass
Dominic HowardDrums
  • They formed whilst at school in Teignmouth, Devon. Their early gigs were performed in a boxing ring at their school.
  • Their first two albums, Showbiz and Origin Of Symmetry, were produced by John Leckie. He also produced Radiohead's The Bends. Muse have been compared to Radiohead on numerous occasions.
  • Bellamy's dad was guitarist in '60s band The Tornados, who were the first UK band to have a US #1.
  • Before Muse, they were known as Gothic Plague, Fixed Penalty and Rocket Baby Dolls. The name Rocket Baby Dolls was based on a Japanese porn film Matt and Dom saw. >>
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    ellie - coventry, England
  • They grew up when Britpop (Oasis, Blur, Suede, etc.) was popular but they were never fans of this kind of music. Instead, they listened to Grunge bands such as Nirvana, Primus and Smashing Pumpkins. These American influences led to them being signed by Maverick Records on Christmas Eve, 1998.
  • They played at the ill-fated Woodstock '99 festival.
  • Bellamy's parents divorced when he was 14, at which point he went to live with his grandmother.
  • None of them are originally from Devon. Matt's from Cambridge and moved when he was 10. Chris is from Yorkshire and moved when he was 11. Dom is from Stockport, near Manchester, and moved when he was 8. >>
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  • Bellamy didn't want to be a rock star when he was younger. "My dream was always to be in music, but I didn't have any dream to be a rock star, he told The Sun. " I wanted to be in a classical band or a jazz band. So when I started, I wanted to learn the jazz piano, or maybe the clarinet."
  • The group were supported by a grant from Prince Charles' charity, The Prince's Trust, when they first formed in 1994. "We bought our first PA system with [the money] and still have it now, it comes out for family weddings," Dom Howard revealed to Digital Spy. "I guess you could say we owe Prince Charles £250."
  • Matt Bellamy holds the world record for most guitars smashed on a tour. He demolished 140 guitars during Muse's 2004 Absolution tour.
  • Bellamy revealed in 2013 that he had named his pet cats Kim and Kanye (after Kim Kardishan and Kanye West) despite not really listening to the rapper's music.

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  • Kaitlyn from Dallas, TxMuse are definitely becoming huge in the US. Selling out large concerts and fully rocking every last person. I can't stop listening to "the Resistance" right now, but damn me if all their albums aren't perfection.
  • Katie from Madison, AlThey're not entirely absent from the southern half United States, and thank Odin, not all of us are Republicans. Muse is absolutely my favorite band of all time (so far). You can TELL that Bellamy has most likely had very intense classical voice training, which I really admire. Muse has a message, but they also have oodles of talent to articulate it with! Refreshing!
  • Oli from Biel, SwitzerlandOk I was wrong, they played Woodstock 99... :-( Sorry!
  • Oli from Biel, SwitzerlandWhat? They played Woodstock 1999?! I highly doubt that fact. Please check this!
  • Gerrit from BelfastBellamy doesn't claim he is in touch with the dead, I doubt he even believes in that. His parents practised this sort of things but he says he just saw it as a cool novelty thing, the way he speaks about it is something with an undertone like "and do you seriously believe that?". He did state in a very serious interview that he is an Atheist and doesn't believe in afterlife ; so how then would he be speaking to the dead while he doesn't believe that there's any form of life after death?!
  • Everett from Providence, RiI've heard that they did a battle of the bands and won after only a few weeks after forming.
  • Andy from LondonMuse are such a talented group. Live they are amazing but i think the most notable thing about them is that every album has such a different sound. check out their cover of House of the Rising Sun if you can. Typical Muse effects etc and Bellamy's voice works so well in it. a great tribute to a great original song!
  • Tom from Harrogate, Englandmuse are one of the best bands ever and i love all their albums ("showbiz" is my favourite) but the main reason there so big really is that they appeal to many types of music
  • Tonia from Athens, GreeceMuse are already one of the biggest bands in England and Europe and are slowly getting recognition from America as well.Onstage they're one of the most dynamic bands with Bellamy's almost choreographed perfomance and they seem to drive their audience almost crazy with excitement.
    Although absolution has been on the market since 2003,it's still selling like crazy and now with the new release of "Stockholm Syndrome" Absolution is about to become one of the best-selling albums in the U.S. as well.Muse has a bright,successful of future ahead of them. :)
  • Tom from Trowbridge, EnglandI think it's only a matter of time before Muse break America; 'Absolution' has sold 300 000 copies there thus far. But, I've noticed they're only very popular in the cities like New York, Boston, Philidelphia, etc. To my knowledge, they don't seem popular elsewhere i.e. 'Bushland'. Well, maybe Muse are too complicated for Republicans and the fundamentalist Right. (By the way, if you delete this comment then you will have proved my point)
  • Anna from Dorset, EnglandMuse. Are. Amazing. I saw them at Earls Court, Dec 20th and it was the best day of my life. The music is so deep, and Matt Bellamy is so incredibly talented @ piano, it's insane.
  • Luke from Martin, TnI'm glad this band is starting to get some recognition. I saw them when the Curiosa festival came to Nashville earlier this year, and DAMN it was incredible.
  • Ryan from Edmonton, CanadaI think they are the best band around today, great basslines, great vocals and good guitars and drumming. Can't wait to hear more from them
  • Tom from Trowbridge, EnglandBest British band there is at the moment and the Best British trio since Cream. I mean they're all unbelievably good musicians and Matt Bellamy's voice is so original and eerie. I hope they'll be around for many years to come because they undoubtedly have so much more to offer the world.
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