by Muse

Album: The 2nd Law (2012)
  • On this track, Matt Bellamy sings of risk takers who are destroying the world's economy. He howls with rage at the greed of bankers and stockbrokers as well as industries desperate to kill the competition. Bellamy told NME: "These are some of the biggest crimes in history. It's phenomenal and it's left the rest of the public having to fund their mistakes. The world of business seems to be wild. That song is conjuring up the rawest form of that feeling of, 'Look what humans are capable of doing, it's shocking."
  • Speaking with Q magazine, Bellamy explained the song is primarily aimed at former Bank Of Scotland CEO Fred Godwin. His strategy of aggressive expansion primarily through acquisition eventually proved disastrous and led to the near-collapse of the bank. Goodwin was forced to stand down as CEO amidst widespread criticism.


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