Hang 'Em High

Album: Three Cheers For Sweet Revenge (2005)
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  • Three Cheers For Sweet Revenge is a Rock Opera about a man and a woman who are separated by death. The man is in Hell and the woman is in Heaven. "Hang 'Em High" is the western version of the story. This guy is a "Shotgun Sinner" who has a great shot. He falls in love with a lady who one day dies of a misfire. He kills himself, and they are separated. When he says, "Got you in my sights" he is talking about this lady and how his only goal is to get through these thousand demons to be with her again. >>
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    Bob - Rio Vista, CA
  • This features additional vocals from punk rocker Keith Morris, who fronted the bands Black Flag and Circle Jerks.
  • This was named after the 1968 Western film Hang 'Em High, starring Clint Eastwood.
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Comments: 13

  • Rae from Buxton, NcI cannot get this song out of my head sometimes. At least its awesome instead some sort of Ke$ha crap
  • Brian from Alluhrst, Nji love how ruff this song sounds compared to the others on the album
  • Ed from Rugby, EnglandAlong with going with the concept I think its also about the acts of love; self-sacrifice, devotion and protection.
  • Marte from Ålesund, NorwayAgreed with Frankie. Song is amazing tho.
  • Frankie from New York , NyAlthough the band has constantly stated the story line, or rather the "concept", of this album it's hard for me to believe that they wrote the entire album based on a story line. I think that most of these songs came from a personal place and i don't understand why they continue to put up this front about what the album is. Some songs fit perfectly with the concept but others, well they makes no sense. it's like they were thrown in there randomly. As much as i love this album, because i really do, it still confuses me when i have to think about the concept of the album.
  • Amber from New York, Ny"dont stop when i fall and dont look back" it obviously signifies tht he's trying to save her
  • Carol from Chesterton, Inwow mcr does like to make you think. i love them thier so creative
  • Meggo from Baton Rouge, LaThe real story behind the song is the man sacrafices himself to save the woman. They are the "demolition lovers" spoken of earlier on the album. The woman escapes and lives on but the man dies in gunfire. i even found the video.
  • Zier from --, Inthis song is so awsome. i could listen to it for an hour...then i'd have to change songs. Courtney...you wouldn't know a good song if it bit you on the ass.
  • Tabitha from Brooklyn Park, MdI really like this song, it's one of my favorites. But I don't believe it's about the death of a women and man. I think it's more about a women and man that are trying to get away from someone, like the church. "Don't stop if I fall and don't look back" means that he wants her to keep going even if something bad happens to him, and "bury me and fade to black" means to bury him, but return to her old ways, not to mourn over him. "she won't stop me put it down" sort of means she's not going to interfere in his decisions against the church (or whomever he's running from).
    And btw, My Chemical Romance is my favorite band. :]
  • Lili St. Cyr from Iselin, Njthe term is PARIAH, erin. a PARIAH is used to describe any outcast from any institution, not necessarily from a church although this is where the word originated.
  • Ilse Serna from Empalme, Sonora, MexicoThis is a great song. You can't really explain how good this song is. So no comment.
  • Lena from Wkgn, United Statesthis song.. has a very powerful meaning to it.. very deep..
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