Album: Three Cheers For Sweet Revenge (2004)
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  • This song is partially about the death of lead singer Gerard Way's grandmother, Elena Lee Rush. She taught Gerard how to draw, paint and sing, and she gave him his first car - the white van that appears in the original "I'm Not Okay (I Promise)" video. The song is dedicated to her, as is the CD. She is mainly who the part "Can you hear me? Are you near me?" is for. But this song also starts the concept of the CD. A man and a woman (Helena) die in a car crash ("When both our cars collide"), except the woman doesn't really die, the man only thinks she has. The man is sent to hell. This song is a mourning for Helena's "death" by the man. He is wishing he could see her again and is giving his last goodbyes ("So long and goodnight"). >>
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    Tanya - Botswana and Rhiannon - Manchester, England
  • Throughout the Warped Tour 2005, Gerard introduced this song as the most important song to himself and his band. >>
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    Greg - Bellaire, TX
  • In an interview with the Florida Sun-Sentinel, Way explained that Three Cheers For Sweet Revenge is a combination evil, devil-vampire story and sweet tribute to grandma. The whole CD was to be about revenge and this guy coming back from hell to be reunited with his love. But then Elena, Way's grandmother, died, and they decided to add in tributes to her because he loved her dearly and she was the one who taught him everything he needed to know to have a good band (i.e. how to sing). He had no idea how it would work with the rest of the CD that was supposed to be a storyline on revenge. "I don't know if it fits," Way says, "but I know that's how we had to make the record. And it's one of those things you just hope works in the end. And actually, the record works so much more on a personal level not only for us but also for the people who listen to it. >>
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  • In Shakespeare's A Midsummer Night's Dream, there is a character named Helena who toward the play's end falls into a deep sleep. This could coincide with the song's refrain, "So long and goodnight." >>
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    Mike - Milwaukee, WI
  • Before playing this song during their 2005 American tour, Gerard Way would tell the crowd to look up and say, "Hey Grandma! What's Up?" >>
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    Michael - Dallas, TX
  • The music video, directed by Marc Webb, takes place in a church where Helena's funeral is being held. From the pulpit, Pastor Gerard leads the mourners in prayer as Helena, played by dancer/actress Tracey Phillips, emerges from the casket and dances down the aisle before her final rest. The video was difficult for the Way brothers, who were still mourning their grandmother.

    "It was extremely cathartic at first," Gerard told MCR biographer Tom Bryant (Not the Life it Seems: The True Lives of My Chemical Romance). "But the video was the hardest video we have ever made, because of that. I think that might be why it's our best. It was almost torturous to make. I showed up and the coffin was the same [as their grandma's]. I watched Tracey Phillips, who was the dancer, do the dance segment and I had to leave. There were a lot of moments that I had to leave that video. There was a very somber mood. It was very quiet. We all sat in the church very quietly ... Maybe that’s where the magic is in that video – because it came from a completely raw place. My grandmother's funeral was very hard and that video was like reliving it again. That video was very special, really personal."
  • This, along with "I Never Told You What I Do For A Living," was used in the 2005 horror movie House of Wax.

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  • Danial from TurkeyFun fact is my girl friend name is Helena and she born when this Helena died and the other facts is she draws and plays electronic guitar too before even knowing such thing would've existed
  • 54 from EarthThis is my favourite MCR song
  • BoudiccajonesSynn With Two N's from The Pit Of Emotional Catharsis, And The Comedy Of Tragedy:has he not always been fat? He's a hefter in this video ( and in fact every vid). Love this song and the video but just sayin' like. he's no sylph
  • Roel from Tarlac, PhilippinesI listened to that song when I was in high school. I just enjoyed that song. But as I grow up and I listened it again, I have goosebumps in the meaning of this song. It has full of meaning especially in concern of those who are in grief when their love ones passed away. And I listened again in 2020, maybe months and years after my (maternal) grandma and grandpa passed away. I understand now what is the point of this song - a dedication to the love one who passed away, just like what the vocalist pointed out as he dedicated it to his grandma. What a wonderful song to remember.
  • Synn With Two N's from The Pit Of Emotional Catharsis, And The Comedy Of Tragedy.I like how Gerard went from this emo guy in his 30's dreamboat that played dress-up singing songs that appealed to overly dramatic 14 year olds to a paunchy guy from Jersey with a scraggly halfassed beard in his 40's and his wife is still fairly passable and still plays dress-up but he looks like a guy who sits on the couch all day playing nintendo switch and sucking down bag after bag of Funyuns with hot sauce. I wonder if instead of squeezing into his goth Sgt. Peppers outfit he just comes out on stage in a bathrobe.

    Something tells me she's gonna come home sometime soon and he's gonna see another mans mascara stains all over her ass.
  • AnonymousThis song’s got such a beautifully sad meaning and that’s why it will be a legend. MCR isn’t given enough credit in music history tbh.
  • Tatoos Have To Be Meaningful from WisbechUwU I played Helena in my Shakespeare festival with my school. My fake friend told me about this song. I want my funeral to be like this. I want to die completely emo. Black eye makeup and mcr band t.
  • Danny from UtIt's so funny that I'm in English class, and I'm supposed to be learning about A Midsummer's Dream. I look at this, and I learn that Helena is a character in the story. Coincidence? I tHiNk NoT
  • V from Corvallis, OrMy grandfather doesn't have much longer anymore, and this song fits horribly well with the situation and what I'm feeling.
  • Rae from Buxton, NcThis song is almost as gorgeous as Gerard in the video, I sing it all the time
  • M from Asdfjkl;, IlOk first of all Elena wasn't just Gerard's grandmother she was also Mikey's grandmother and I personally don't like it when people talk about my family but they say the person is my brother's grandfather, uncle, aunt, etc. I also think Mikey would feel hurt if he read all of this "i feel bad for Gerard" and stuff like that I mean I love Gerard don't get me wrong but give Mikey some of the credit he deserves I mean after all he did get the name of the band.
  • Vicky from Chesapeake, Vaon july 22, my stepdad,who taught me many things, died. now , not even a month away from the day he died , i was looking through vids on youtube.....i found this one. when i saw it i about cried ,wich is not something i would ever want to do cuz i dont like people seeing me broken down wen i am 1 of those people who help other people get over things like a loved-ones death.......... if i had known about this song during my mourning time......... i definitly wood listened 2 it.! sometimes i do the dance "helena" does in the video, i think this song is the most beautiful in every way you cood ever imagine...ever!
  • Haley from Mt Airy, NcI love this song! its so sad and its sweet that Gerard dedicated it to his grandma:)
  • Megan from Stevenson, AlThis song gives me chills! It's awesome:) I LOVE MCR!
  • Jordan from Chicago, Ili think what Gerard was trying to say is that sometimes when someone who you love very much dies, you may wish to go with them (suicide) or at least take their place.
    but it didnt play out like that and we have to deal with what has happened and hope that our passed loved ones understand that we still love them but we must still move forward in our lives and say our last good-byes (whats the worse that i can say, things are better if i stay, so long and goodnight so long and goodnight)
  • Deb from Long Beach, NyTodd, great synopsis, I think you pretty much nailed it! Loz, Frank has never stated that he is bi-sexual, he's married with children.
  • Lc from Panama City, PanamaEnough with the EMO bashing. I'm 32 and definitely not EMO, and I love this song. It helped me cope with the anger and pain of the death of someone dear to me, I can totally empathize with Gerard Way and why he wrote it.
  • Raine from Cebu, Philippinesi want this on my funeral....too bad, then i wont be able to see it
  • Alex from Atlanta, GaBecause what the heck is up with all the "emo" stereotyping? Everyone automatically assumes that if you like punk or alternative music, you have black hair and you wear converses that you're "emo." It's ridiculous! Stop with the stereotyping! Not everyone like that is what you people call "emo."
  • Jon from Mishawaka, In"This song is amazing. Every time i cut it helps me realize i need to stop. Kristin, Fort Worth, Texas"......emo much? i know that the second i post this all the little 14 year olds with black hair and black chuck taylors are gonna wanna hunt me down, but MCR is pretty much the definition of emo. theres no way around it. out of all the bands that get labeled emo these days, MCR fits the label the best. deal with it kids. by the way, im a huge MCR fan.
  • Todd from Metropolois, ScCONTINUED: you get a lifetime is him telling his wife that because of what he's done she'll get another chance at a lifetime. Been holding on forever means that he's been holding on to life to kill the 1000 people just to bring her back. later he screams 'i will be with you...I WILL BE WIIIITH YOUU!! it is his last night killing and then they will be together. On I Never told you he feels guilty about the lives he's ended, but forges on to be with his wife. The stains( of blood) that never come off the sheets is him saying that the stain on his soul will never wash off. Finally they are together, after he kills the last man. But you can't beat the devil, and so he shows up and shoots them both in the back of the head. Anyway, because of the killings, the boy himself is evil, so deserves to die like the 1000 men. They are about to die and are covered in blood( this is the scene shown on the cover, but they kiss anyway. I tried...screams the man in anguish, feeling he has failed twice: in protecting his wife and then getting her back. He also knows he should never have made the deal anyway, because Helena was probably happy in heaven and they would have met in another life anyway. He knows it was selfish of him. Now he can never enter heaven: as he said, his soul is filthy and can never be cleansed. "It's better off this way, so much better off this way", he sings, and looks upon his wife for the last time.
  • Todd from Metropolois, ScO.K. here we go! my interpertation of the the album 3cheersforsweetestrevenge! first, you may want to read my comment for demolition lovers. if any came here after reading that comment, thanx. ok, i'll shut up. inbetween demolition lovers and helena, the man went to hell and discovered that his wife was in heaven, and so makes a deal with the devil that if he kills the 1000 evil men in the world, they can be reunited on earth. the devil gives him a gun and most definately a book. i'm not sure what the books for, maybe to keep a log, or entry for every person he kills. and so he is ent back to earth. before embarking on his killing spree, he attends helena( the gir's) funeral. then it's on to give em' hell kid, which i believe is what the devil tells him before he leaves hell. (sorry for the backtrack) he takes a train out've wherever this gothic fantasy takes place, i'm thinking it's probably not really orleans, and begins to kill. his first big assigment is a creepy old man who lives in a mansion he refers to as The Tomb, and who's crime is, to be vague, 'always looking at men'. next he kills a young girl whose crime is 'lending her body.' Next, he is arrested at a restsuraunt because of the killings. However, this is a major mistake, since it only brings him closer to his next victim, wrondoers in prisons. he kills them and then escapes. Next he goes undercover to a highschool, being told by the devil that it was the day that a shootout would occur.( 2 anyone that's lost, we're currently on i'm not okay) sure enough a bullied kid has had enough and kills his class, and as he celebrates his achievment is then shot by our, um, hero. next in ghost of you, he is thinking about his wife, and wondering if they'll ever be together. in jetset life, he uses a killimg jar that a girl gives him to contact the devil and tell him of his progress. the devil is surprised at his remarkable killing abilities, and gets ansy ( i love that word) cause he didn't think he'd succeed. in interlude demons are sent after the boy to stop him from succeeding. Now, thank u for the venom. sorry, but i'm just not sure about this one. in hang em' high he kills a gang in a desert. IN fashion statement, he sings to his wife: you'll get a lifetime! will continue later
  • Beth from South Point, Ohi love this song. it's so sweet.
  • Roy from Granbania, MaHas anyone ever noticed that My Chemical Romance is to the 2000's as the Doors were to the 1960's? I'm not saying that they are blatantly copying the Doors, but I see many parallels thus far in their careers. Gerard is an eccentric frontman that most girls love and most guys hate (who only sings but has artistic tendencies), their music can't be defined by a single genre (but its generally dark and has eclectic influences), and some of their songs are similar in some respects (For instance, "Alabama Song" and "Mama"). Also, everytime I hear "The Black Parade," I can't help but think of "The Soft Parade."
  • Sally from Fremantle, AustraliaTo Jeremy - the Misfits are listed by Gerard by one of his main influences, the first punk band he was into, and he also says that Helena is what his grandma was often called - her real name being Elena. I suspect that the song is a double tribute, both to his grandma after she died and to the Misfits themselves (they could be linked? Elena taught him to sing and the Misfits got him into punk.)
  • Alayna from Somewhere, NjThis is the first song I ever heard from My Chemical Romance, and I love it. It's really what got me into MCR. Reading through these comments, I saw that alot of people said that this song helped them out when a loved one died. The same goes for me. "Helena" got me through the death of my granddad. MCR, if any of you read this, I want you to know that you are an inspiration to many people around the world. <3
  • Lexii from Darwin, Australiai love the dance in the video clip. it is sensational and her dress is gorgeous. it is such a great song, and a lovely memorial to someone they loved.
  • Alicia from Grand Rapids, Mii love this song... did you guys know there is a marching band arrangment? yeah, there is. i was looking for sheet music and i found helena as a marching band arrangement. it didn't actually sound too bad. it sounds a lot better when my chem plays it though. i love mcr.
  • Jeremy from Ventura, CaOK i have some respect for mcr
    and this is one of the few songs i can tolerate by them,
    my only problem is the name.
    "Helena" is a misfits song. totally different song all together. why would they name the song helena if another band (of a semi- similar) genre alreadt did?
    what i am trying to say just isnt coming out right.
  • Sarah from La, Caok song
  • Patty from Alamo, Txhey screw you bob...mcr are aoriginal...and green day is cool but they are old..mcr are still has a long way to go....ha!!!!!
  • Bob from Birminghan, AlWell,in this song thy are showing the honest fact that they are copying of green day
  • Amber from Outer Banks, NcThis isnt the best song that MCR has made there first CD had a lot of good songs, and there 3rd CD is an "okay" one. If I had to pick a CD it would have to be "Three Cheers for sweet revenge" Gerard Way Is amazing :] He makes me smile! :]]
  • Skyttles from Poolpartytopia, Czech RepublicMY Chem is the best band in the world!! In the music vid.. the band had to fake playing..and Frank said that he didnt like it and he felt like ashlee simpson!! (It's on Youtube, look up "the making of Helena") many people knew the ways personally! This is amazing!! God, can you people stop pretending and just appreciate the band??
  • Michelle from Sydney, AustraliaThis song is one of my favourite songs from My Chemical Romance. I never realized how much they met to me until i went to there concert on the 30th of November 2007 Friday.:)They are awesome and I have listened to them everyday since there concert:)!!!!!!!!!!
  • Sophie from London, EnglandHa! That guuy thinks he knows the Ways. Ha.
    PLEASE! Gerard is bi, Frank is STRAIGHT!
    And the Ways grandma was very kind to them and taught Gerard to sing, draw etc.
    This song is my favourite song of all time, it saved my life. I don't know what I'd have done without it. Its truely and simply beautiful.
  • Linsay from Glasgow, United StatesOH my god. Helena is the best song ever and that is so thoughtful that the song is dedicated to his granmother. I so want my grave to be like that and I love her wedding dress. Gerald ways is so hot. I love the video
  • Loz from Perth, Australiawhat the hell?

    frank is not gay... & Elena was not evil.......

    your a RETARD!
  • Deb from Long Beach, Ny"Ok....I was actually quite interested in all of your posts.. Nice trys...All of you... I know Gerard and Mikey personally. You guys are 100% right when you say its about their grandmother who died, but its not him choosing to go on tour over being with his family for the funeral. Elena , their grandmother was a complete bitch. She was not the loving grandmonther that we all think of. She had a lot of problems. Serious mental issuses. She pushed Gerard and Mikey out of her live along with the rest of the family. If you actually listen to the song guys it tells you in there.Gerard had a hard time growing up , and he never undersood why Elena could be so mean, especially to the family. When he says "Whats the worst that I can say? Things are better if I stay..So long and goodnight." He is praying to her. He had a lot of suicidle thoughts after she died. Hes contiplating suicide. If she was a loving grandma, maybe he would have done it? But since not hes saying its better if I stay here on earth...Rather then kill himself and go to heaven. The song is much deeper then all you realize. Gerard is 100% straight. So is Mikey. Frank is homosexual..Does it really matter? The girl who plays "Helena" in the video is Tracy Phillips. She is the daughter of NFL coach Wade Phillips...Bet you didnt know that either....Anyways keep on dreaming. If you guys want more let me know!"
    - Rich, Middle Village, NY

    ROFLMFAO! You're funny. About the only thing you got right in that post is that Tracy is Wade's daughter. K sounded pretty well informed to me, but then again, so am I, and I don't know anyone personally. I just pay attention to what I read.

    The lyrics to "Helena" were written by Gerard as an open angry letter to himself for him and Mikey having been out on the road while Elena was sick and dying, and having lost so much time with her. They loved their grandmother; Gerard has said zillions of times that she was his first inspiration.

    Gerard's issues with suicide stemmed from drug addiction, not evil family members. He's been very outspoken about this.

    And anyone with a brain knows that every member of My Chem is straight. The Ways are married, Frank is engaged, Ray and Bob have girlfriends. Go get a life, Rich, please, you're sad. If you know the Ways then I'm Jesus.
  • Michael from Hurst, TxTo be honest I don't listen to much of this type of genre @ all. I'm really into death metal and stuff but I just love this band's style. His voice is phenomenal and I wish there were more bands out ther e like this.

    This song is amazing, and I can see both sides of the arguement on how she was mean or the nicest person ever. It just really makes me confused how the song is 50/50 in itself? Sounds like a very sad farewell song to me. =[

    Whatever the case may be, the man has a good heart & a great voice. And he just MAY not want anybody to know what exactly he means in this song. Sometime's singers write their lyrics in this type of way to make it hard to understand. I love it's creative. Keeps me thinking.

    What an amazing lyricist, singer, and overall person seems like. If you ever read this Gerald, keep your head up, keep doing what you're doing. You're changing the world, in a good way.

  • Aliya from Rocklin, CaThis is my favorite song by MCR! At first I thought this was about a lover which made me cry. But then when I found out that it was dedicated to his grandmother, I cried even harder! I'm just so in love with this song. And I LOVE the video!
  • Marr from Prestonsburg, KyOMG. I love this song but i never knew what it was truly about! Awes. Thats is so sweet and it has so many messages to it! ILY MCR!!!
  • Carol from Chesterton, Ini love this song. i thought it was about suicide too becouse of the lyrics "just like the hearse you die to get in again"
    "came a time when every star falls
    brought you to tears again
    we are the very hurt you sold" like if you kill your self you no longer hurt but you sell that hurt to your loved ones. im not sure i completly get this song but thats why i love it
  • Kelly from Citrus Heights, CaThis is a song, I doubt I would have gotten a few years ago, I would have thought the song and the video and the band for that matter were wierd, but after losing so many loved ones, over the resent years, I totaly feel this song and love the video too, so beautiful!
  • S from El, Mii read that it (three cheers) was a continuation of bullets, how in the song demolition lovers the couple dies, but only the man really dies (he goes to hell and his lover is still alive. the devil makes the man bring back the souls of one thousand evil men to get his love back... or something like that. and rich (middle village, ny), gerard says that it was his grandmother who helped him realise what a voice he had and encouraged him to use this talent... she sounds like a pretty nice gram to me. she personally made his fourth grade peter pan costume, and i highly doubt that gerard and mikey would dedicate an entire album to her memory if she was the b*tch you say she was.
  • Nicki from Pittsburgh, Payeah this song is really goooood but they do have better songs im not saying this is there worst but 2 me thank you for the venom is by far the best but thats just my oppion im sorry but yeah if i coud pick my funral i would deffnlity want it to be like this i already have a dress sum wat like it from hot topic its tripp its so great but another good song is EARLY SUNSETS OVER MONROEVILLE but i am also from P.A. so maybe thats why i like it so much oooooo and im local i live near Monroeville and DAWN of the DEAD is the bast move EVER oh and GERARD WAY is so hott
  • Nikki from Glasgow, OtherI loves this song and a agree with emma from worcester england l want my funeral to be like that to is would be amazing n gerard way is so hot !!!!!!
  • Emily from Grand Rapids, MiAmazing my fav. besides Famous Last Words,I hope to see them live one day. It's amazing that he dedicated this to his grandmother, who taught him to sing.The funny thing is I'm playing Helena is Midsummer Night Dream play at my school :) I went out for the part partly for the name
  • Kristin from Fort Worth, TxThis song is amazing. Everytime i cut it helps realize I need to stop
  • Stacey from Vic, AustraliaIt's an amazing and powerful song and still remains the bands best yet
  • Katie from --, Inme too Tessa. i thought no one out there knew how i felt. i mean my grandma was awsome but i miss her. she was the best. Tessa your not alone.
  • Tessa from Montreal, Canadathis song actually helped my with the death of my own grandma, she ment alot to me, and just knowing that someone else knows how u feel n what ur going thru helps. in a weird way i guess.....
  • Meghan from Tipperary, Irelandhi!i waz reading the comment left by K from new jearsy!i waz just wondering if you wer still good friends with gerard?because if i have my facts straight he says on the back cover of the first album(i brought you my bullets,you brought me your love)that he waz sorry form writing all those songs about killing you!if this is the same "k" that he waz on about does that not seem like hes angry with you for whatever reason...and also i read that mikey is getting married on the 12th of may 2007!to his long time girlfriend!maby he jst recentaly ended it!i might be rong!thats cool though if u accuatly do know them personally!your so lucky!id kill 2 be in the same room as frank even if it waz only for a moment!hahahahaha!by the way this song is so amazing!my grandad died right after i got the album and i found that this song reallt helped me!thanks mcr!and for gods sake please come to ireland 4 a concert!ive been dieing 2 see you guys play 4 years!bye bye!XxX
  • Vanessa from Dallas, TxI really like this song. It is really emotional.I think this song is a really good song to listen when you lost a loved one.
  • Vanessa from Dallas, TxI really like this song it is really deep and emotional. I almost cried when I first heard this great song. I really think who ever lost someone should listen to this song.
  • Ilse Serna from Empalme, Sonora, MexicoThis song is really good. Everything the song says is true. Gerard and I have the same feelings because my grandma died and it is hard but at the same time you have the feeling that it is going to be better because that person doesn't have to suffer anymore.
  • Simone from Redwood City, CaI love the song Helena. Its a really special song to me because my grandmother also died. You might not believe me and i am not saying you have to but my grandmother's name was also Elena.That is why i love that song!! I want my "wedding" to be like that!!! but i want my wedding song to be "Demolition Lovers" and/or "Helena". I also want my funeral to be like that and i am sure i will see it. "They will all dance alone to the tune of my death".But they wont be the only ones.Hey, who said the dead cant dance? :[
  • Tiara from London, United Statesi love this song. it reminds me of my father who perished in a car crash, and thats why i love it.
  • Geewaylover from Vancouver, Canadaalso, what does "What's the worst you take? From every heart you break" mean? Rich thinks that Elena was a bitch and K thinks she was nice and Im foncused (confused.) plz someone get the story straigtht for me, before I rip out all my hair. thankz a lot.

    ~"You can slit my throat and in my last gasping breath I apoligize for bleeding on your shirt"~
  • Avalon from London, Englandi might be wrong but i thought the album was about two lovers that were caught in a gunfight, and they die. when the man goes to hell, the devil tells him that the women didn't die, and that if he gets 1000 souls or corpses for him, he'll be able to be with her again. at least that's what i heard in the interview- gerard said it himself. and on the back of the album it says "a story about a man, a wonem, and the corpses of a thoysand evil men". and yeah, this song is amazing- i hope i can write a song as meaningful as this one day
  • Jaynie from Hillsborough, NjThis song is about Gerard and Mikey's grandmoa Elena dying,but the entire CD is not based on what you think. A man and a woman get married, and the night of their honeymoonhe shoots her. This song is the man saying he "misses" her, when he's really an evil person and did it for the fun and for revenge (hence the CD title) but the other songs on the CD are describing what the woman or the man did that was so terrible that he killed her.
  • Eleanor from Paris, FranceThis is for Monique from Newport:
    I beg you to read this. You say your mother has cancer. Well here is something that could help her and maybe even cure her. People got healed with this and it has absolutely no side effects. She must take Shark Cartilage. 10 capsules a day for as long as possible. I know you don't know me and this might seem weird but I beg you to try. I promise your mother has nothing to lose by foing what I said. Also if she has fillings in her teeth she must take them away. It contains lead ans mercury and it causes cancer. And she must not take the chemical medications that doctors would give her for it would only made everything worse. It sounds terribly crazy I know but I'm talking about things I've seen and it's true please do believe me.
    As for the suckers at your school there is no need to bother about them. I had to cope with people who called me queer and weirdo and all kinds of other things I won't tell so I know how it feels. But you must be proud of it because it means you are real not a faded and fake robot and follower as they are. You know, most of the famous people who have something to say and who are admirable have been outcasts: Gerard Way, Billie Joe Armstrong, Kurt Cobain, Benjamin from Billy Talent, etc, etc, etc..........(much people)
    And it is good that you pray God keep on doing so and trust
    That all. Ea mellon nin
  • Eleanor from Paris, FranceI would highly like to thank K from Belleville for the most precious information she gave on the members of MCR and on the grandmother of Gerard. You have no idea how pleased I was when I read your comment and I intend to believe nobody but you. Saying that you made my day would certainly not be enough. I daresay what you said made me forever glad.
    And of course, as everyone knows, that song is fantastic and meaningful.
  • Elizabeth from J-ville, Flthree cheers wasn't really about all that vampire/monster/good/evil stuff. thats what Way said it was about, but then he got sober and realized that it was just about two little boys who have lost their Grandma. The entire record (Helena included) is about love and loss and the end of things. but mostly about loss. but Helena was entirely about his Grandmother, Elena Lee Rush and her death. The song is called Helena, because it's actually kind of an inside joke between Mikey, him and her (not really such an inside joke anymore, though) because some people called her Elena (her real name) but some people called her Helen, so they came up with Helena. the whole thing is really very sweet...
  • Hannah from Atlanta, GaI've always thought that the girl ,Helena, commited suicide because of the line, "Like the blade you stain." This is my favorite song ever. The music video is beautiful and it always leaves me breathless
  • Selene from Belleville, NjThis song is like a letter to gerard himself. It is a hate letter. This song is beautiful, I thinks Gerard and Frankie are hot in the video
  • Lee from Trenton, Nj"& like the blade you stain" meaning Elena(grandmother) dying and hitting him REALLY hard. like a blade to the skin.
  • Darcie from Flagstaff, Azwhat is the meaning of the line- like the blade you stain?
  • Melissa from Toledo, OhOk I'm confused, I've heard that Elena was a good grandma and really helped their career and supported them and stuff, but I've also heard she wasn't a very good grandma and was really mean. Was she nice or not? I really need to know.
  • Mercedes from St. Marys, CanadaThis song is not ABOUT his Grandmother (Elena Lee Rush, if you were wondering) it is DEDICATED to her, as is the entire album Three Cheers For Sweet Revenge. The song is a self letter to singer Gerard Way, adressing his addictions to alcohol and several drugs (one being Xanex, an over the counter anti-depressant) and all the people he has hurt in the process of the addiction.
  • Jack from Hemel, EnglandGhost of you was written about his Grandmother. The story of the album is not that they die in a car crash is that they are seperated by death in a gunfight.
  • Monique from Newport News, Vai can relate to the song because i was very close to my grandma she died right before i went to kendergarden .i went to the funeral in a red dress the whole time my head was down it was so depressing sometimes i pray to her and wish she was here to help my family we really need her .it's ashamed because no one talks about her any more they act like everything is fine which it not sometimes i just cry at night and ask god why she had to sister died when she was a baby i wasn't even born yet i wonder what she looks like i bet she was beautiful we don't talk about her either to makes things worse my mom has brest cancer i pray everynight because it's so sad to see her suffer sometimes i wish i could've went with my grandma because no one understands me school is very sad because people talk about me and call me crazy because the way i dress sometimes i want to end my life becuse everyone calls me ugly and stupid and say i worship the devil but i don't i don't say anything and let them talk about me my life is so messed up and everynight i pray for things to get better but it don't sometimes i go in my room in the dark and cry my life is a living hell but it's slowly getting better at home but not school
  • Janetta from Davenport, Iai am in love with this song it is like my anthem and gerard i think is the sweetest man alive and i love his music excpeciallty helena it has so much meaning.
  • Rachel from Fiskdale, MaI admire Gerard for not being afraid of death. What I mean is I admire him for only seeing the beauty in it, like the way he sees the beauty in other people. I think Helena is a beautiful song and the video, the dancing, the performance, everything was amazing. I'll love My Chemical Romance no matter what anyone says about them or whatever anyone labels them as I'll always be a fan.
  • Renee from Saint John, CanadaI love the video for this song.
  • Jeevan from Brampton, CanadaThis is a sad song. It's one of the best, too. MCR rocks!
  • Cheval from Sugar Hill, Ga It's about Gerard + Mikey's grandmother. Gerard was the closest to her. Her name was Elena, but when Gerard was little he pernounced it Helena, and it stuck.Well... he was so close to his grandmother that he decided to die at the same time she did. But when she died, he decided to stay with the family to help them through this tough time. That explains,"Things are better if I stay.So long and goodnight..."
    The video was made in a catholic church. It's NOT,underline,underline,underline a funeral,but a WAKE. Gerard was really sad when she died, and got stuck beeing a Pall Bearer.(He helped carry her coffin to the Hearse.)
    - Cheval, Sugar Hill,Ga.
  • Justine from Lincoln, EnglandGerard is 100% straight. So is Mikey. Frank is homosexual..Does it really matter? The girl who plays "Helena" in the video is Tracy Phillips. She is the daughter of NFL coach Wade Phillips...Bet you didnt know that either....Anyways keep on dreaming. If you guys want more let me know!
    - Rich, Middle Village, NY
    Um Gerard Is Actully Bi As Far As I Know, But i Could Be Wrong, Ah well!
  • Tina from Philidelpha, Nji really get this song b/c my mother just died and i feel this way(like i need 2 say goodbye and goodnight 2 her. If it wasn't 4 them i dont know what i do(most likely kill myself.(BUT im not gonna)
  • Bronwyn from Invercargill, New ZealandHey all of you who have posted comments, i am a BIG MCR fan and i envy the peple that know them personally. Gerard Ways voice is so deep adn intense and the fact that he writes the lyrics.. i love knowing that i am singing along to something he made.. just thought i'd share with you how much he and My Chemical Romance means to me.. Cemetary Drive is my favourite song of their new album 'Three Cheers for Sweet Revenge' and did you know that Gerard actually designed the cover of the CD?

    'can you strike my heart before the sun goes down' My Chemical Romance
  • Hmmm from Los Angeles, CaI think this song is an energizing song as well as a meaningful one. I don't like My Chemical Romance as a band personally, but this is a good song. I think we can also learn that death can come at any moment in our lives and we don't realize it until someone we love or know very well dies.
  • John from Glasgow, Scotlandi really dont like this band, but now i know the meaning of the song i can actually relate to it, my granmother died in august this year from a tumor in her liver and i saw her the day before she died, and it was really hard for me and i canimagine what it was like for him too
  • Grace from Fairfax Station, VaI'm not sure which of the commentators below REALLY knows MCR, but I'm leaning towards the fact that Gerard and Mikey's grandmother was sweet and loving. This is a great, emotional, well-written song and Gerard Way is HOT! I can't really relate to it, though, since one of my grandmothers is schizophrenic and in a nursing home (she's always nice to me, though) and the other one isn't talking to my mom, thus me and my brother never get to see her. To tell you the truth, I don't think she cares.
  • Shannon from New York, NyK from Belleville, are you SURE you're legit and that you really know the guys and their girlfriends?
    'Cause I know who Gerard's girlfriend is and I know a fair bit about her. I'm not revealing names either, but I would not describe this girl as "very gorgeous."
    I'm not trying to be rude or hateful or anything....just saying that "very gorgeous" is an exaggeration. Did you say that to make all the little fan girls jealous or something?
  • Mac from Philly, Pai have an open mind about everything and anything. i dont listen to this band as a fan it was just on MTV (as always) and i got my own idea of the meaning of this song/video and wanted to come online to see what people had to say. then i get you guys arguing about who knows these mascara men in real life and who does not. its sad, personally, i dont think either of you know them nor do i care. i JUST signed up for this site to come in here and tell you guys that youre ridiculous. (well two or three of you) and quite frankly its pathetic how little you understand. its art, take what u want from it. so sad. hahhahahahahaha dont you get it? didnt think so.
  • Olivia from Toowoomba, AustraliaI just wanna say the Helena is the best song n it is realy heart felt it would b so awesome for MCR 2 sing at my funeral & Gerard said that he doesn't no if it fits in with the whole story line of revenge n stuff but i think that it fits in just fine n it was such a nice thing to do in memory of his grandma
    -Olivia, Crowsnest, Toowoomba
  • Nat from Vegas, NvHey!! 2 of you actually know MCR?
    So freakin coooool!!!!
    I would really appreciate it if you could explain some things to me....
    1. What happened to Mikey and Gerard's parents?
    2. When and Why did Gerard go through depression?
    And how did he get out of it...
    3. Is he serious about this girlfriend? (Gerard)
    4. How is it to know them personaly? I mean...what kind of people are they really? lol...everybody's crazy about them but nobody really knows who they are through their tell us about them lol
  • Amber from Parsons, KsI agree with all the stuff that the chick that knew them said. Even most of the stuff I already knew. Most of it was obvious. Its not like I knew them personally or anything. Hell I was 5 when Gerard graduated High School. The song is very beautiful though. I could relate to most of it. My grandfather died shortly after their grandmother did. He inspired me to do so much just as Elena did for Gerard and Mikey. And my best friend died a little over a year ago and he also inspired me to do so much.
  • Kika from Nyc, NyI don't think that a midsummer night's dream has any relevance. I wouldn't compare my grandmother with that character anyway.
  • Chris from Tampa Bay, FlTo Michael from Dallas, TX, you seem to know a lot about MCR and I was maybe wondering if you could name some other songs by MCR because all I've are heard Helena, The Ghost of You, and Thank You for the Venom. I wouldn't consider myself a fan yet but sure would like to be..thanks.
  • Asima from Des Plaines, IlHelena is one of the very rare songs that has so much meaning that people who don't [and those that do] listen to alternative, rock, punk rock w/e..can enjoy. Its emotion captives everyone on a some level...who can NOT like it! :-)
    -much love to MCR.
  • K from Belleville, NjI'm sorry Rich, but you are a 100% fake. I on the other hand, do know Gerard and the other guys personally. I attended Belleville Highschool and went to School Of Visionary Arts with Gerard. For starters, if you really knew the guys, you would know that FRANK IS NOT GAY. True. HE IS NOT GAY. Please do not think about Frank being gay, because he is not. He has a incredible fiancee named Jamia and she is the sweetest girl. Second, Elena was a very respectful Catholic woman. She was one of the sweetest woman I had ever met, and she respected anyone. She had no mental illness or any mental problems. She was a normal, respectful, caring, religious woman. Gerard is 100% straight, yes. He DOES have a girlfriend, who might I add is very gorgeous and nice. Mikey does not have asthma, for all you people who have been wondering. The inhaler for the "I'm Not Okay (I Promise)" V2 is only a prop. MIKEY DOES NOT HAVE ASTHMA. You could ask him yourself. From the phone call I got from Gerard a week or so ago, Mikey broke up with his long time relationship with his girlfriend. It's told Ray is single.. Well ladies, he is not single. He has a amazing girlfriend now. Yes, I said NOW. He didn't have a girlfriend, but now he does. I would give out names, but I do not want everybody to start talking about these wonderful girls. Tracy Phillips IS the dancer in the "Helena" video. She is also a very sweet girl. I was also in the "Helena" video, as a dancer. I was almost not going to be in the video, but they needed a girl who knew ballet to be one of the dancers. After a three hour talk with Marc Webb and the band, I agreed. So there is your information.
    Oh and sweetheart, the next time your going to be a fake, make sure you actually know things.
  • Marlena from Carmicheal, CaDid you know...
    : Gerard can play the guitar but doesn't in MCR because it means he cannot concentrate on his singing
    : While filming the video's Gerard sings live so he is putting all his emotion and effort into it
    : Gerard still see's a therapist everyday when they are not touring
    : Before MCR he designed a shirt for 'Thursday'
    : Before MCR he wanted to be a cartoon artist and attended Art school in New York
    : He wrote his own cartoon called 'The Breakfast Monkey'
    : The song 'Helena' is about his grandmother Elena who everyone referred to as Helen... to him she was Helena
    : His grandmother bought the band their first van featured in the original 'I'm not okay' video

    If you didn't know; now you do, and if you did..well
  • Isabel from Los Angeles, CaOh Yeah!there is this interview on that says his grandma Elena died the day after he came home she was in the hospital and he couldn't go see her because he was sick too!she taught him how to sing and draw and something about him not regreting it because his grandma would of wanted him to go on tour!so how was she not loving?
  • Rich from Middle Village, NyOk....I was actually quite interested in all of your posts.. Nice trys...All of you... I know Gerard and Mikey personally. You guys are 100% right when you say its about their grandmother who died, but its not him choosing to go on tour over being with his family for the funeral. Elena , their grandmother was a complete bitch. She was not the loving grandmonther that we all think of. She had a lot of problems. Serious mental issuses. She pushed Gerard and Mikey out of her live along with the rest of the family. If you actually listen to the song guys it tells you in there.Gerard had a hard time growing up , and he never undersood why Elena could be so mean, especially to the family. When he says "Whats the worst that I can say? Things are better if I stay..So long and goodnight." He is praying to her. He had a lot of suicidle thoughts after she died. Hes contiplating suicide. If she was a loving grandma, maybe he would have done it? But since not hes saying its better if I stay here on earth...Rather then kill himself and go to heaven. The song is much deeper then all you realize. Gerard is 100% straight. So is Mikey. Frank is homosexual..Does it really matter? The girl who plays "Helena" in the video is Tracy Phillips. She is the daughter of NFL coach Wade Phillips...Bet you didnt know that either....Anyways keep on dreaming. If you guys want more let me know!
  • Ash from Some Town, CaThe video kind of made me laugh, but it's still pretty good. Gerard is amazing obviously, and so is the rest of MCR. They go really well together...the music and the vocals sound perfect and everything. Helena is one of my favorites musically.
  • Elliot from St. Louis, MoGerard himself said that he doesn't care what genre people consider his music as, as long as they listen to it and buy the CDs. I think it is funny that on their website, they have like 10 pictures of him with ketchup on his face. Maybe he has some kind of a "ketchup fetish". It doesn't matter, though, MCR is an incredible band, whether they are Emo, Pop, Punk, Goth, or any other catergory.
  • Matt from Millbrae, CaI think there are better bands out there, but I like how this song kind of switvhed the old formula for songs. Instead of slow verses and a fast chorus, they have really fast-paced verses, and a slowed down chorus. It actually works.
  • Florry from Swansea, WalesI love this song. I think even though Gerard comes across as such a punked up guy, to write a song in memory of his grandmother is lovely
  • Sarah from Chicago, IlGood song really like the video I'm kinda fascinated by the concept that the corpse could get up and dance while everyone is praying. I mena it's an interesting concept something totally incredible happening while we aren't looking. :)
  • Becky from Norwich, Englandi can really relate to this song.i wish i could have written a song about my nan dying, it would have been much easier to cope.good for him:) it's not emo when you can relate to the meaning of the song
  • Emma from Worcester, EnglandI want my funeral to be like this one just a shame i wont be able to witness it :(
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