I Never Told You What I Do For A Living

Album: Three Cheers For Sweet Revenge (2004)
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  • The album is a story of a man and a woman. They both die - the man goes to hell and the woman goes to heaven. The man then makes a deal with the Devil that if he brings 1000 evil souls to the Devil he can be with his wife again. As the last song on the album, this tells the conclusion of their story:

    And we'll all dance alone to the tune of your death
    we'll love again, we'll laugh again
    and it's better off this way
    and never again, and never again
    they gave us two shots to the back of the head
    and we're all dead now
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    Michael - Dallas, TX
  • This is the last song on the album, and it is his last night of killing before his deal with the Devil will be completed and he can see his lover again, hence the lyrics, "Another night and I'll see you" because he is almost done collecting 1000 souls. All the killing that he has done has made him feel dirty and the "stain that won't come off the sheets" is referring to something that he'll never be able to forget. He thinks the Devil has lied to him, and he didn't send him to his lover, but he feels that he should stop killing now as they'll eventually meet again in another life. The Devil ruined his plans of being with his wife and metaphorically shot him twice in the back of the head, and now they're both dead. >>
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    Rhiannon - Manchester, England
  • Along with "Helena," this was featured in the 2005 horror movie House of Wax.

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  • Greg from Broken Arrow, Ok[I found two interviews of Gerard explaining the concept of the album and the ending.

    "The concept for the record, Three Cheers for Sweet Revenge, was the story of a man and a woman who were separated by death in a gunfight and he goes to hell only to realize, by the Devil telling him, that she is still alive. The devil says, 'you can be with her again if you bring me the souls of a thousand evil men', so he hands him a gun and he says, 'I'll go do it.'"

    " I just figured out the ending to the story yesterday. This is the total truth too. I was doing an interview and I didn't say it during the interview but I actually figured out the end of the story. It's weird because I never came up with an ending to this story. It's really bleak though, but it would have to end this way if it was a movie, right? So the guy has to bring the devil the souls of a thousand evil men to be united with the woman he loves. I'm sure a lot of people saw this coming but I never realised it. So obviously he kills 999 evil men and then he realises the last evil man he has to kill is himself. I thought of that and was like 'man, why didn't I think of that before?!' But at the moment I don't know what it'd be like as a song."

  • Rae from Buxton, NcI heard this was about a murderer rapist who is loosing his mind through what he has done to these people. Does anyone feel like the are going to faint when Gerard says, "I'm so dirty, babe"? He is so hot
  • Logan from Indianapolis, Ini love mcr! and i love these lyrics!
  • Anna from London, United KingdomWhat I got from it was that his wife has been killed by vampires (listen to Eraly Sunsets Over Munroeville, the two tie in), and so he makes a deal with the devil that if he kills 1000 people he gets his wife back. He becomes a murderer, setting out every night to fulfil his debt. He kills them all and she comes back to life, so he explains what's happened, telling her it's better off them both being alive and him having killed people than her being dead. Then the police find out that it's him who's been killing all these people and shoot them both as they run away, hence "they gave us two shots to the back of the head".

    Anyways, that's what I understand from it :)
  • Alex from Mesa, AzSince the album is about the devil making him a deal he ends up a hit man because he owes the devil 1000 souls/lives
  • Ashli from Chicago, Ili agree with savannah, that's EXACTLY what i thought..lol. but when it's explained with the 1000 souls and all, it makes sense, and it's an awesome conlcusion to the album.
  • Savannah from Somewhere, MnI agree with Elliot there. I'm sure that the story is one of heaven and hell and stuff but what I really picked up from this song is that he's a murderer or assasin who gets a high off of killing. Think about the lyrics

    "Another knife in my hands, a stain that never comes off the sheets clean me off I'm so dirty babe. The kind of dirty where the water never cleans off the clothes I keep a book of the names and those only go so far 'till you bury them"

    I pretty much thought that he was insane and singing about killing people

    "It ain't the money and it sure as hell ain't just for the fame"

    It's like he's a serial killer or something who tempts getting caught and takes risks. In the end I thought he did get caught and was sentenced to death (two shots to the back of the head is a way of death)

    I'm not sure that's just what I thought, that he was a complete crazy guy who killed for fun or for his job, tempted getting caught, and in the end was killed.
  • Todd from Metropolois, Scfor a while i had all the songs on the album but this one, cause it wouldn't load. i never really understood all the hype about 3cheers, much preferred bullets. then i tried to download it again, and now i see the album totally different. still not as good as bullets, but this one song brings it to a whole nother level for me. my fav song from 3cheers; dramatic, tight arrangment, perfect,lyrics:a classic.
  • Bailey from Belleville, Njthe song really ends where drowning lessons started for me. i mean the concept of 1000 bodies piled up comes from the lyrics directly. his lover drowns. (little side note: drowning is also vaguely mentioned 'i will avenge my ghost with every breath i take. so yea if you get that awesome if not forget this) asks odd/slightly creepy blind (if youve seen pirates of the carribean 2 or 3 shes like the chick w/ dreadlocks.) person that helps him contact the devil w/ her killing jar (jetset life) and said devil orders 1000 evil souls. yeah yeah he finds another girl who is on the same mission about 1/2 way in & falls in love with her, and still kills. on the list the devil gave him to kill, there's only 999 of them. he hands the number to the girl (she likes him too) and sees its 666 (devil #) and finds he has to kil the devil. devil finds out, yada yada...devil kills them both in the desert after seeing their car stranded there. its like cujo (movie) meets hellboy sort of...
  • Ed from Rugby, EnglandAs much as I love the concepts of albums I think its all too black and white so I usually look for other meanings too...which are probably wrong.

    Its like...this song is about living on through the toughest times, perhaps loving someone whojust causes you pain. "we'll love again, we'll laugh again" etc, showing the realisation that the person can move on. "I tried" showing that he really tried to show her how much she meant.

    But I know the concept means the song is all about claiming all the souls...but faiing.
  • Andrew from Clarksvile, TnIt bassicly means " I can't be killed if i'm already dead".
  • Z from Somewhere Over The Rainbow, WaI think that he wasn't able to give the 1,000 souls, because it sounds like he's trying to say 'I'm never going to see you again, they shot me twice in the back of the head, and now everyone is dead' when he says 'well, never again, and never again they gave us two shots to the back of the head and we're all dead now' but he's trying to say that even in death they will still never truly be apart, because he loved her too much to ever forget her (And we'll love again and we'll laugh again
    We'll cry again and we'll dance again) and it's better that they both no longer feel any pain. ~~Ta~~
  • Sammi from Candyland, FlI agree with Rebecca because i wasnt sure if he did it or not. He does make it sound like he did . Did he?
  • Rebecca from , OnNear the end of the song, it kind of sounds like he failed to gather 1000 souls, and that hes telling her that she's better off without him. i.e. " Cause I tried but I lied, I lied."
    Dunno, just from my POV.
  • Holly from Melbourne, AustraliaI love it when he screams, I can't clean the blood off my sheets in my bed! =]
  • Steven from Florence, Azok.... ive got one for you that's a lil bit different than heaven and hell, think of this concept next time you listen to the album because it's the one that has always come to my mind when I hear it ... our two lover's live in a broken down society, a depression if you will, but in a more modern world, the city of darkness they live in is over run by corrupt vampires who's grip of fear keep all but the bravest in there homes, death is a constant occurrence and only the strongest survive, our sympathetic vampire boy who was brought up around this world of violence and decay is an elite warrior and considered a freak among his fellow soldiers, for his immense agility and power. but inside he secretly hate's the corporation he is forced to kill for, upon caring out an assignment on night he is betrayed by his partner and shot in the back and left for dead.... 3 day's later he wakes and find's a beautiful human caring after him, and almost immediate fall's in love with her, for some reason she made him forget about all of the terrible thing's he's done.. five months later while watching the stars on an rusted abandoned playground a group of vampire soldier's jump the boy and tie him up, and in spite of the disgust that a vampire was in love with the human they tie her two a tree and douse her in gasoline, and as he's forced to watch his love die he's overcome by rage, he break?s free and slaughter's the gang... as he try's his best to put out the flames, it is to late... as she die's in his arms he promises her that he will see her soon and that he has some business to take care of before he can see her again, and with one last breath she whisper?s that she love's him, before slipping beneath deaths cold arms,..... now more than ever our vampire boy is more beast than freak and with two fifty caliber's and a katana strapped to his back he set's off for his last assignment, and ass the carnage comes to a stop and every vampire that had a hand in shaping this corrupt world lay on the ground with a limb missing or two.. Our vampire boy climb's to his old headquarters? building, the tallest point he takes his life, and hears her voice pound through his head louder than the bullet, and finally he is in peace.
  • Laura from Chicago, IlOK so i think we get that its "A story of a man, a woman, and the corpses of 1000 evil men" but i've always thought this song was, well, sort of sexual.... [clean me off, im so dirty babe. the kind of dirty where the water never cleans off the clothes] meh? but i do hear the parts about the 1000 evil dudes and killing and stuff but still, that part always struck me that way...
  • Carol from Chesterton, Inthanks kayley from London i download my music and did not know were every one was getting that from lol know i need to go bu the CD X)
  • Katie from Temecula, Caokay this whole album is about a man and woman who are in love they both get killed and the women goes 2 heaven and the man goes 2 hell and he makes a deal with the devil that if he can kill and bring back 1,000 bad ppl and bring him back 2 the devil he can go and be returned with the women in heaven... so this song is the last of the record and it talks about the man finding and killing all the bad ppl and he will be reuntied with the woman.... its saying well dance and laugh and love together agian and things are better off with them together.. very swesome song!!!!its like the most deep and beatufil songs right along with ghost of you and helena very awesome
  • Kayley from LondonUm...Elliott...open the CD. You see where the band pics are with their name underneath it? Look above the pics dude...It says:
    The story of a man
    A woman
    And the corpses of
    a thousand evil men...
    That would be where Michael's 100 souls conclusion came from :)
  • Carol from Chesterton, Inok i think i totaly did not get this song i thought it was about a hitman and in the end he kills his girlfriend then himself.
    He thinks its better off to just die and maybe be in heaven with her(not sure on that part)
    "And we'll love again, we'll laugh again
    We'll cry again and we'll dance again
    So much better off this way
    I can't clean the blood off the sheets in my bed"

    i dont even think it said anything about 1000 souls or , im pritty sure thats ghost rider lol.
  • Zier from --, Inokay, i think this is what this song is about. okay, this guy and girl die in a gunfight. the guy dies from two shots in the back of the head. so the lady goes to heaven while the guy goes to hell. so satan says that if he kills 1000 evil souls, he will live and see his girlfriend. so he prays to tell his girlfriend but when the guy finally kills all 1000 evil souls, the devil deceives him. so then when he sings, "I tried but I lied" he stays in hell and he never sees his girlfriend again. :) oh wait. this is suppose to be a sad song... :(
  • Areyah from Toronto, CanadaFor me what really happened was... it all started with Demolition Lovers. They were outlaw lovers and they drove off to the desert to escape the police, but they got killed. Now, the guy (I have no idea whether they went to hell or what but since they were 'outlaw'/'criminals' then I conclude that they both ended up in hell... but they weren't able to see each other in hell... that's only for me), the guy wanted to see the girl so much, he wanted the both of them to be given a second chance to live on earth, so he made a deal with Satan to kill 1000 evil men.. he suceeded and they were together again... then the guy lied to the girl when he said "we'll love again, we'll laugh again, and we'll cry again" (meaning the guy lied about how they would be able live normally and happily again) but then in the end he said that he lied [*well I tried, BUT I LIED*] [*well I tried.. one more night, but I can't clean the blood off the sheets in my bed*] because he realized that there will always be a catch when you make a deal with the devil.. or that the deal with the devil would never make things better, (well of course, he's like wanted for 1000 murders lol)... so he tried to make their last night memorable (or something) so I think they danced (or what) but while dancing they could already hear the police sirens [*and we'll all dance along to the tune of you death*] then when the police arrived they shot them then the guy tried to tell girl the contrast of what he told her earlier... that "well never again, and never again, they gave us two shots to the back of the head and we're all dead now..." and he thinks that "it's better off this way".. that it's better they died together and that, at least, now they were able to tell and express how much they love each other... and that because they died for 'love'
  • Chelsey from Lake Charles, Laim listening to this song right now and i think it is about a man that loves a women very much and they both die. the bad news is that the man goes to hell but the women went to hevan. he wants to have her back. he tries to get her back he tried very hard and he keeps thinking that dont worry i will c u again. but is dosnt happen.
  • Lucas from New Yok, IaI think its about a man and a women and the womaens name is helana they die in gunfight he makes a deal with the devil to kill 1000 evil men.He succeeds but he soon fines out he is still going to hell. He trys to get the lord to forgive him and hes still on the run from the cops.The cops capture him and helana and take her in for interogation. as he is in his jail cell he gives one last prayer God saves him by sending an angel to come and take him and helanas soul away. THE END:)
  • Robert from Haywards Heath, EnglandI just listened to the songs and just guessed so here it is. Man and woman die at their wedding. woman sent to heaven, man sent to hell. Man makes deal with devil that if he kills 1000 men, he could see her again and they would be happy. He kills people at weddings, swimming pools and the police catch him. He escapes and kills 1000 men. He lives on earth with wife, they are happy. But the police shoot them because he escaped and killed more people.
  • Eleanor from Paris, FranceActually that whole story thing is a metaphore meaning that people would do anything to get what they want even wrong stuff. It is to show us that there is a line we shouldn't cross. They always use stories to explain their messages(which are great and deep and good). When we listen to the songs we have to try and understand the true meaning behind the fiction. It took me a lot of time with this one but the DVD helped.
  • Elizabeth from J-ville, Flthis song is about murder and crime. the character in the songs is a serial killer. it ties into "...Prison"
  • Mercedes from St. Marys, CanadaWoahkay.
    This song is aobut a man and a woman who are caught in a gun fight. The man goes to Hell and thinks the woman is dead. BUT SHE LIVES. He wants to see her again soso bad, so he makes a deal with the Devil in that he must kill 1000 EVIL men, then he can be truly reunited with this woman. But he does not complete his 'mission' and gets shot "...they gave us two shots to the back of the head and we're all dead now...". But he is still confident that he and the woman will be reunited.
  • Steve from Racine, Wiheres my theory, man marries woman, dies, pacts with devil to kill 1000 men to reunite with her, sent back to earth alive but can be killed, police are chasing him because of all the bodies he claims, asks her to help him, they kill together, when devil sees this, sends demons to earth to slow him down, if he finishes this tasks it would defy hell, she eventually freaks, kills him, and tries to kill herself, "give me all your poison and give me all your pills" sent back to earth to try and finish the task,(he has one night)now, hes back on earth, trying to stop her from killing herself, and finishing the deed to be with her, asks heaven to come get her before she kills herself, because then the devil will claim her soul as well, finally gets to her, and because of the second chance, he automatically goes back to hell, the demons catch them both, shoot them in the back of the head, and its better off this way, he never stopped trying for her, but because of her human nature, was not able to handle helping her dead husband, and tries to kill herself, it sounds like he wants to be with her forever, but knows it cant happen, but makes the pact just to be with her on earth again, even knowing he cant be with her the way he wants, he still gets to see and be with her while they kill, it sounds funny but read the lyrics in order of song title on the cd, its a story of how their love bends the boundaries of heaven and hell, she helps him hide the bodies of the men, but get caught up with police and demons, they get into her head, watches her husband die again,(killing him) and trying to kill herself to be with him in hell,but he wants to be with her on earth, comes back to stop her and finish, but cant they get caught and are both murdered in the end, she goes to heaven and he goes to hell...
  • Melissa from Delhi, CaTo Elliot if you have the c.d it says on the cover back(were it has the band members) is says"story of a man and a woman and the souls of a 1000 evil men."
  • Amina from Manchester, EnglandI think this is what interlude means:"Angels of unknown are Satan's angels. Satan's angels are coming to try and stop him from finishing his job in claiming 1000 lives" i got it off imnotokay.net
  • Nathan from Dunedin, New ZealandI love the album, my favourite is it's not a fashion statement, it's a deathwish. But can anyone explain interlude? I don't like it and don't see why it was included in the album.
  • Chris from Tampa Bay, FlI love how this song just ties up the whole album and concludes it. The whole plot of the 1000 soul thing is awesome, but does anyone know why MCR seems kinda like very thematic and like horror fanatics? I mean its awesome i love it but im just curious if anyone knows thanks
  • Tina from Philidelpha, Njwhen i hear this song it makes me think of a guy & girl who just died.and the guy has to kill someone for the devil. so he can be w/the one he loves(in heaven).and he has only 1 nigh but he doesn't finsh the job in time so then he thinks its "better off this way" and then the man realizes that its all a dream and he didnt have 2 kill anyone "I can't clean the blood off the sheats in my bed" so in other words the man was nuts and made up the woman.... But mabey im thinkin too hard and mabey ur right well never know..., unless u ask MCR From a dead friend Tina
  • Sarah from Dublin, IrelandI really like this song. Actually i really like yhis album, i only REALLY fell in love with it after the MCR concert in Dublin Ireland. The best song has to be Demolition Lovers dont you agree?? Cheers for the interpretation of the songs.
    Sarah Ireland
  • Lara from Chillicothe, Oharguing about who is right and wrong doesn solve the meaning
    considering the story behind the album
    the song is the conclusion to the story, take it your own way, weather he gave up with the killings, weather they were rejoined, in life, in death. Its about the end of the stor and the album
  • Alex from Springfield, MaI always thought that this song was about the guy who had to kill 1,000 men not being able to finish what he started. That the guilt was overwhelming, and that he had given up killing. He screams "I can't clean the blood off the sheets in my bed." He's so consumed by guilt that he just gives up. He's saying that someday (maybe when the world ends) he and his wife will be together again, but it's better off with him not killing anymore people "And it's better off this way."

  • Nina Hikari from Nowhere, MoYou know, I always thought this song was about the marvel comics character "Elektra" and her guilt on killing people... but maybe that was me.
  • Michael from Dallas, TxBecause two of your lines go with your story doesnt make it true... "and its better off this way" yeah its better off that im a rapist and a murderer... and i wanna know where you got this story from? on the inside of the cd it says my version... hes said it many interveiws (check mtv.com... i can actually back up the *he said it in interviews* thing)
  • Mary from Saratoga, CaThis song means that to join his girl in heaven, he had to kill 1,000 men, and now he did, and he's with her, and when she asks him how he reunited with her, he tells her. Before, he had "never told her what he did for a living." So now he does. She didn't know before. She's scared, but he tells her, its okay, "we'll love again, we'll laugh again." he's an assasin and a rapist. Unfortunatley, cuz this iz the frickin best song!!! and all the mexican stuff you wrote iz bs.
  • Jaden from Jackson, PaMichael is exactly right, it's almost like a rock opera thing, it gives out that kinda vibe to me, and I seen an interview, where Gerard himself tells the story Michael explained. The whole album rocks, the first one is great too. MCR rock on!O hell yeah! Oh yeah and Gerard has some kick ass unassailable lungs! wooo.
  • Russell from Liverpool, EnglandSurely the number is 1,000 evil souls. It says in the album booklet "The story of a man, a women, and the corpses of a thousand evil men. I just think "I Never Told You What I Do For A Living" is just so deep and meaningful. It captures the all the feelings, and gives them to you, in a way which is sometimes hard to swallow, but you love it anyway.
  • Liane from Auburn, Mathat meaning is totally wrong. its about a man and a woman that are in a gun fight. the man dies and goes to hell only to find out that the woman survived. the man makes a deal with the devil- if the man brings him the souls of 10,000 evil men, he can go back to earth. and the song is about the man getting the souls.
  • Michael from Dallas, Tx....she dies.... mcr says that thats the story of the cd, and this song ends the story. shes not gonna die in the cd story then have a song about the story and she doesnt die... makes no sense
  • Tanya from Botswana!, United Statesthe woman doesn't go to heaven in this song... she just doesn't die.
  • Michael from Dallas, Txnever heard of that erin, although i doubt it cause gerards grandmothers name was elena, and isnt it amazing how it goes so well with helena and fits with the cd... but then again i could be wrong
  • Erin from Waurika, Okactually... the whole album is based on the mexican legend of helena and jose santos. helena was married and jose was her lover, her husband and jose were in the mafia. they caught the two together and gunned her down, she died in his arms. he got killed too; he went to hell but she went to heaven. in exchange for being able to be with her again, he promises the devil 1000 souls.
  • Mia from Vanderfrift, PaI love this song personally. I never knew the story thought, thanks guys, and ...........MCR RULES!!
  • Richard from Coventry, Englandso on the back of the CD insert it says that its the story of a man, a woman, and the corpses of a thousand evil men. and this song ties it all up right im following it so far but are other songs on this album part of this story?
  • Michael from Dallas, Txyeah early sunsets over monroeville is good... and spooky at night! i didnt really like the first half of the song but when he starts screaming it gets better. but does anyone notice... theres a corpse in this bed! coooool
  • Michael from Dallas, Txwell for people who dont underdstand... you know the 1000 souls story... well he is human for the time being untill he brings these souls... but he can get hurt and he can still die. and this song says how he gets killed... (two bullets to the back of the head) and then he sings "well love again and well laugh again well smile again and well dance again and its better off this way so much better off this way"

    now on the topic of the first cd... Romance is the best song... love the little static. so spooky if you hear it at midnight all alone. second best is demolition lovers (only the first half)
  • Elliot from St. Louis, MoMichael, how did u come to the 1000 soul conclusion, i have the Cd and i read the lyrics, but i don't see a connection. Could you explain? MCR rocks!
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