Evil Urges

Album: Evil Urges (2008)


  • Frontman Jim James explained the title "Evil Urges" to AOL: "It's kind of all tied into religion confusing people's morality and people always wanting to think that something is either bad or good, whereas in reality I feel that most stuff is more confusing than that. So basically, it's about being confused and feeling that most people are searching for some kind of answer that sometimes people think religion can bring. And lots of times, people will do things that they think are good in the name of religion, but oftentimes they're destructive for the world, although people think they're really being good - or maybe they are being good, 'cause I'm kind of confused about the whole thing."
  • James told Mojo magazine May 2008 that the album title was one of many on a sheet of paper, but was "winking its eye at me. Some people were concerned because they thought Evil Urges sounded like a death metal record. Once people hear it they'll realize it's kinda the opposite."


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