Runnin' (Lose It All)
by Naughty Boy (featuring Beyoncé)

Album: Yet to be titled (2015)
Charted: 4 90


  • Produced by Naughty Boy, this yearning, piano-led power ballad features Beyoncé's pained vocals about romantic reconciliation. It is the first feature from Queen Bey since she teamed up with her former Destiny Child members Kelly Rowland and Michelle Williams for "Say Yes," a track on the latter's 2014 album, Journey To Freedom.
  • British newcomer Arrow Benjamin follows Beyoncé on the second verse soulfully crooning about searching for a love that is hard to find. Bey then joins him on the bridge and climactic final chorus.
  • The accompanying music was directed by Charlie Robins and features world champion freediver Guillaume Nery and fellow diver Alice Modolo, portraying two aquatic-crossed lovers running, twirling and dancing underwater on the ocean floor toward each other. We then see them connect with a passionate embrace.

    The clip was inspired by the acclaimed short film Ocean Gravity by Nery and freediver/film-maker Julie Gaultier. Robins reached out to the pair immediately upon hearing this song. "I absolutely knew I wanted to work with them," recalled the director. "As soon as I received the track from Naughty boy I contacted them to see if they wanted to collaborate on a music video with me."

    Robins, Nery and Gaultier traveled back to Rangoria in the South Pacific where Ocean Gravity was shot. "In order to achieve the effect we were after we had to film in the middle of a fast, deep and quite dangerous current through a lagoon, this gave us the forward momentum you see in the film," explained Robins. "They didn't use tanks for air so everything you see in the film was done holding their breath, sometimes up to 6 minutes at a time. I still can't quite believe how they do it. No CGI was used. Quite something."
  • Naughty Boy originally met Arrow Benjamin on the stairs to his studio, and they got together to work on this track. Having first encountered Beyoncé in Los Angeles in January 2015 around the time of the Grammys, he sent over an unfinished version to the Texan songstress' publisher. After the demo was played to her, Beyoncé rewrote some of the lyrics, recorded a vocal in New York and sent it over to the English producer.
  • That Beyoncé' should collaborate with Naughty Boy is very appropriate: In 2004 she had a worldwide hit with "Naughty Girl."
  • The song was used as the background track in Chanel's 2017 Kristen Stewart-starring commercial for its fragrance, Gabrielle.


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