Love on the Rocks

Album: The Jazz Singer soundtrack (1980)
Charted: 17 2
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  • Diamond wrote this for the movie The Jazz Singer, which he starred in. He wrote this and four other songs for the soundtrack with the French singer/songwriter Gilbert Bécaud. It was originally called "Scotch on the Rocks" and had a reggae feel. Diamond and Bécaud didn't think much of it, but when they came up with the verse, they saw the song's potential and made it more of a ballad.
  • The Jazz Singer bombed at the box office and was bashed by critics, but Diamond's soundtrack did very well, going to #3 on the charts.
  • Diamond quotes this song in the movie Saving Silverman, where he played himself. When the lead characters explain that their best friend broke up with the love of his life, Diamond replies: "Love on the rocks. Ain't no big surprise."
  • This was used in the movie Donnie Brasco.

Comments: 14

  • Annie from EnglandThought it was SEE how they really need you
  • AnonymousFrom Holland a fan of Neil Daimond..LOVE THIS SONG was very populair in Holland van Hilde Thamm in the seventies
  • Montana from San Antonio, TexasIn reference to Lisa from Eveleth, MN, I'll say, "First they say they want you,
    (and plead) how they really need you, ....
    And plead, are the words I hear in the missing words of the lyrics to the song, "Love on the rocks."
  • Linda from IndianaA beautiful artist, Thank you for all of your music!!
  • Alec from Bridgeport, CtI came here trying to figure out what he says before "how they really need you"... I guess he is singing "eeeeeee!"
  • Yano from ParisIf you pay attention, in the movie he sings "gave me your heart, [you] gave me your soul, then you left me alone here with nothing to hold" instead of the record version "Gave you my heart, gave you my soul, you left me..."
    That's a whole different meaning, too...
  • Barry from Sauquoit, NyOn January 4th 1981 "Love On The Rocks" By Neil Diamond peaked at #2 (for 3 weeks) on Billboard's Hot Top 100 chart; it had entered the chart on October 26 and spent 20 weeks on the Top 100...
    All three weeks it was at #2, "(Just Like) Starting Over" by John Lennon was the #1 record...
    it reached #3 on Billboard's Adult Contemporary Tracks chart...
    As stated above, the movie 'The Jazz Singer' didn't do well at the box office but the soundtrack produced three Top 10 records; beside this one there was "Hello Again" at #6 and "Amercia" at #8...
    In twenty days on January 24th Mr. Diamond will celebrate his 73rd birthday.
  • Sandy from Enterprise, Fl"First they say they want you, man, how they really need you."
  • Amanda from Melbourne, AustraliaHear how they really need you?
  • Kathleen from Clinton, MdThere is no "missing" word. If you watch the movie clip or even several videos of him singing this song live, he actually just sings "eeeeee" to fill in the beats. In this clip,, he doesn't sing "eeee" at all. He just goes into the "How they really need you" line, which is the next line of the song.
  • Jack from Mesa, AzDang it I came here to find out what that word is... thought maybe "believe"...
  • Lisa from Eveleth, Mnthe best i can come up is " plead". but i have no idea. there is a word missing tho. and i checked all the other lyrics sites and none say the missing word. : (
  • Stephen from Melbourne, AustraliaFirst they say they want you, how they really need you.
    Um.. I think there is a word missing somewhere?
  • Zabadak from London, EnglandAlthough a Columbia (CBS in the UK) recording artist at the time, as a film tie-in, the soundtrack and related singles came out on Capitol.
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