Mother Of Mine

Album: Neil Reid (1971)
Charted: 2
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  • Neil Reid was an 8-year-old Scottish singer when he was discovered singing at a Christmas party for old-age pensioners in 1968, and for the next few years he spent his school holidays singing at various clubs. He won the British TV talent show Opportunity Knocks three times and as result he was given a recording contract.
  • This was Reid's first single. He later became the youngest artist to top the US albums chart with Neil Reid. He was unable to follow up his success and little more was heard of him.
  • Written by session guitarist Bill Parkinson, this was a massive hit worldwide, and rightly so, being recorded in every language from French to Japanese. Parkinson wrote it about/for his own mother, who, he told this website, was always "a bit coy" about the song.

    In English, it was also recorded by Little Jimmy Osmond, as the B-side of "Long Haired Lover From Liverpool." In French, it is known as "Maman Chérie," and the best known recording was by the youthful René Simard. >>
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    Alexander Baron - London, England

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  • Forest from CoventryMike from Isle Of Man, England send me your email address. I will gladly send it to you.
  • Graham from Newark On Trent, United KingdomIn my opinion this is the worst song of all time. I was 10 years old when Neil Reid was in the charts with this and I remember being torn between laughing at it or turning it off. I couldn't understand why a kid would want to sing about the love of his mother. It was embarassing. Most kids in my day has a healthy dis-respect for authority figures whether they be parents or otherwise. Hardly surprising Neil Reid faded away. I wonder whatever became of him???

    and I just wanted to laugh at it or turm it off.

    Not just myself but most of the kids I went to school with found this just plain embarassing.
  • Alexander from London, EnglandJust for you:

    and in French
  • Jennifer from Epsom, United KingdomI have had this song on my mind recently for whatever reason - maybe because I have two boys of my own. I fell in love with Neil Reid when he was on Opportunity Knocks and I am interested to know what he is doing now. My mother loved the song so maybe I will get her copy just to let her know how much she is appreciated. Maybe my boys will do that for me one day!!!!
  • Isabella from Glasgow, United Kingdommichelle, i also played this for my mums funeral
    i have it playing on her memorial site too , and sing it too her when im on the site . its a great song i have always liked it .
  • Michelle from South Yorkshire, United Kingdomi played mother of mine at my mothers funerals 18yrs ago & i sing to myself when i want to be close to her....can i get the full lyrics to my phone so i can listen to on my phone
  • Supramaniam Agnes from Singapore, Mtif i could not get it , i think is no point,for me to looked for it.
  • Supramaniam Agnes from Singapore, Mtthis song mother of mine i heard went i was young my mother use to sing to her mother, now i have lost my mother and each time i keep thinking of the song i try to looked for it i went all the ways to looked for neil reid and jimmy osmond, now i try all over from placer to placer, witch on the computer and saw their names, i still feeling down that i could not get their dvcd.
  • Joe from Cochin, IndiaThis is a beautiful song which I used to listen to on Radio Ceylon in the 70's.Recently I had been searching for this song on the net and could only get the Donny Osmond version (terrible).It was on YouTube I came to know that this song was originally sung by Neil Reid. I have since then been successful in getting the original version by Neil Reid.It does bring back so many memories of childhood.
    I intend to have my daughter learn it for the next Mother's Day.Joe
  • Laura from Singapore, SingaporeI need the music score of 'Mother of mine' Pls help me. If you know where or how to get it, pls let me know. Thank you very much.
  • Derek from Birmingham, United KingdomGreat Song. Is it possible to get free download of this?
  • Chris Barrell from Sacramento, CaThis Song has sentimental flashbacks for me. I can remember watching Niel Reid when he appeared on Opportunity Knocks and was always quite fond of this song. Can you tell me if there is a Karaoki version of this.
  • Chris Barrell from Sacramento, CaI Know a little boy with a good voice and I would like to get sheet music and a copy of the song to get him ready for an up and coming Mother's Day event. I have tried the above prompts without success. Please advise.
    Chris Barrell
  • Mark from Bhopal, IndiaWhy does the tune amend with the passage of time?
    They are egoist who do that.

    Mark David, Bhopal, Madhya Pradesh. India
  • John from Ayr, ScotlandWhat can I say thats not already been said about this song.I have the song on mp3 which took me ages to find. It is a lasting memory of my childhood and my mother.
  • George from Aurangabad, IndiaIt brought back memories,years ago I used to sing it for mum. I wish to get a copy .where could I get a tape or CD in Maharashtra,India.
    Pastor George P
  • Gitanjali from Hyderabad, IndiaHi... Its so wonderful to get hold of the lyrics.. We used to sing it in Primary school.. We had a small song book too.This one was my favorite.Almost 20 years since then.. i feel the same heart strings tugged
  • Jayashreerao from Mumbai, Indiahey..i m very nostalgic primary school kids we were singing this song with our school band...i m so h'py i hv got the lyrics
  • Joe from Bronx, NyI came across this song "Mother of mine" on the web-site below. It is sung by many as you can see when you open the link. e-m me if you find my posting useful (
  • Craig from Kingsteignton, Englandplease tell me where i can get hold of a copy of the single or album or download it? my mother passes away recently and it was her favourite tune. please help me
  • Mike from Isle Of Man, EnglandHow can I get a copy of the song or can I download it.
  • Renu from Cochin, Kerala, India, IndiaWant to know where i could get a copy of this album "Mother of Mine" by Neil Reid in Cochin. Would it be available in Music World? Please help me- Renu Mathew, Cochin, Kerala, India
  • Robert from Phrae, ThailandI want to listen of this song( Mother of mine)
    where would I get it ?
    Can I download for MP3 ?
  • Cliff Kernal from Hampshor, EnglandI would like to have the acopy of this album"Mother of mine...."by Neil Reid.OR I would like to download the same How can I have this song? Please help me.
    - kernal sonton
  • Aziz Bava from India. Kochi, InI would like to have the acopy of this album"Mother of mine...."by Neil Reid.OR I would like to download the same How can I have this song? Please help me.
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