Living With War

Album: Living With War (2006)


  • This song is about how Americans became acclimated to a seemingly endless war after the US invaded Iraq in 2003 under President George W. Bush. Young was a harsh critic of Bush, and like many, felt that the war was staged under false pretenses and was a disaster.
  • Young set up a "Living With War Today" website to chronicle the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan. The site is modeled on the newspaper USA Today; the slogan: All War, All The Time.

    The video also uses this theme, presented to look like footage from the "Living With War" network.
  • The songs on the Living With War album were written around the same time and follow a political theme. One blatant track that got a lot of attention is "Let's Impeach The President."
  • A 100-voice choir sang on this track. Lois Blaisch, best known for writing the #1 Tiffany hit "Could've Been," was one of the singers. She told Songfacts: "My friend Rosemary Butler was the contractor on that session. Most people when they contract sessions, they get maybe 25 people at most. Maybe they'll get like a dozen singers, three on each part, and then they'll just double it and triple it and quadruple it until it sounds like a hundred voices. But Neil Young wanted to make a statement. He was very much against what George Bush was doing at the time and so he wanted to film it and make a documentary and show 100 people singing these lyrics about how wrong things were going at the time politically, in terms of the whole Iraq invasion.

    And it was really funny because all the pro-George Bush people, which were many studio singers in Hollywood at the time, those people were not called for that session. It was all the left-wing people who were not happy with the Bush administration who were happy to go in there and sing all these lyrics that were just politically incorrect at the time in questioning the presidency."


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