Everybody Nose

Album: Seeing Sounds (2008)
Charted: 41
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  • This song is an extended metaphor relating to doing crack cocaine in a popular club. The chorus "all the girls standing in the line for the bathroom" is saying that they are in line to do drugs in the restroom. "Here's a towel wipe your face" is said slowly and calmly because the girl he is talking to is "wired." >>
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    Fatima - Norfolk, VA
  • Co-vocalist and drummer Shae Haley said of the song title on their record label's website: "People know what we're talking about. It's an observation of what we've seen and it captures that sex, drugs and rock 'n roll mentality."
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  • Chase from Bridgewater, NjI don't think girls are going into the bathroom to smoke rock cocaine. This song's about blowing coke in the bathroom.
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