Dressed To Kill

Album: New Found Glory (2000)


  • This song is the story of a boy and a girl. She lives next door and is always "dressed to kill" and really pretty, but she has a boyfriend. They secretly have crushes on each other, but in the end they find out and live happily ever after. >>
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    Julia - Buffalo, NY
  • Chad Gilbert (guitar) told Kerrang! magazine February 16, 2008: "It's about having to break up a relationship!" Steve Klein (guitar) added: "It's basically saying that you know the girl is good enough to get somebody else. We all talk about our problems with each other. That's what makes our songs so emotional. Chad will come with an idea, and then I'll kind of put myself in his shoes, and I write the song from that perspective. There are songs about all of us."
  • The video features Gilbert's screen idol, actress Rachel Leigh Cook. He admitted to Kerrang!: "I said to my friends, 'One of these days I'm going to meet this girl.' Then 4 years later we got her in our video."

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  • Chet from Flagstaff, Azjust cause you saw the video doesnt mean thats what the songs about. why do the idiots always get the first post thingy...everyone else is right.
  • Mari from Cataldo, IdI agree with K... that is the real story behind the song... my feelings on it are that when he says that he "cant" do things like dream anymore or wake up in her arms, that he is saying that he feels lost without her and misses having her in his life. And when you say that you "cant dream anymore" you're sort of saying that nothing is what it used to be and if you cant even dream, then it'll never be the same. Just my thoughts.
  • K from Bellingham, Wai'm gonna disagree with both of you. this song is about a failed relationship, failed because the writer, steve, the guitarist, was "always on tour". its about letting go of someone who you have lost, but still want to be with, but cant, because "you're not here".
  • Tawny from Honolulu, Hiid have to disagree with you there, Julia. i think the song is about a girl and a boy being in love, or maybe just the boy being in love with the girl, im not sure. but at some point during the relationship, the girl left him, or moved "and youre, youre not here, and i cant stop pretending that youre forever mine, and i.. i cant dream anymore since you left, i miss you singing me to sleep"
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