When God Made You

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  • NewSong founding member Eddie Carswell penned this song for his eldest daughter Jennifer's wedding. After she'd asked her dad to pen a tune for her nuptials she and her fiancée gave him a pile of letters that they'd written to each other. He read through them and came up with an idea. However, with a week to go before the wedding, Eddie hadn't completed the tune so he got band member Michael O'Brien to help him finish it. "That's not really bizarre for songwriter type people to be working on something last minute," Eddie told us.
  • The original plan was for O'Brien to sing it with Carswell at the wedding, "then something happened last minute" and he couldn't make it, so the proud father ended up singing it for his daughter on his own. They got so much positive feedback from his performance that NewSong decided to record it as a track for their More Life album.
  • NewSong decided they needed a female voice to accompany Michael O'Brien, so they recruited their friend, CCM singer-songwriter Natalie Grant to guest on it. As one of their most popular songs, the group are keen to perform the tune in concert, however this presents a problem as Grant is never there with them. Eddie told us that he always tries "to make sure there's somebody with us that can do it." However, though they've "done it quite a few times, they haven't performed "it as much as we do most of the songs we get to do, because there's no girl to sing it with us."
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