No Judgement

Album: Heartbreak Weather (2020)
Charted: 32 97


  • "No Judgement" is about a romance where Niall Horan gives his girlfriend absolute freedom. She can "slip out in the night" or stay for "breakfast in the morning." He'll be her lover or a shoulder to cry on. Whatever she wants from their relationship, he's happy to oblige without judgement. [Americans spell this word "judgment," but in the UK and in Horan's homeland of Ireland, it's usually "judgement."]

    Reflecting on the song, Niall said, "When you're with me, there's no judgement. There's enough people judging, so you don't need to be judged by me."
  • Niall wrote the song with:

    Frequent One Direction songwriters Julian Bunetta and John Ryan.

    Vancouver singer-songwriter Tobias Jesso Jr., who also co-penned "Nice To Meet Ya."

    Cuban-American songwriter and rapper Eskeerdo, who also collaborated on "Slow Hands."
  • Drew Kirsch, who shot Taylor Swift's VMA-winning "You Need To Calm Down," directed the video. The clip features a tuxedo-wearing Horan observing an elderly couple. We see how they love each other completely free of any judgment, despite their many quirks.
  • Niall Horan came up with the goofy video storyline himself. "I heard my granny talking about it: You get to a point in your relationship where nothing matters," he explained to the BBC. "Old people don't judge each other at all because they've lived enough life to not care."


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