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  • Nichole Nordeman was on top of the Christian music world when she had her first child, a son named Charlie, in 2003. Like many new parents, she often doubted herself, wondering if she was getting it right as she raised him. Once she got over this feeling of terror mixed with vulnerability, she felt empowered, which led her to write "Brave."

    "I wrote that song for my son Charlie when he was first born," she told Songfacts. "I felt like up until that moment I lived a safe, ordered and predictable life. He 'cut the strings.'

    My whole life had been a series of safe moves, and plenty of compromises. But once you love something infinitely more than you love yourself, everything else seems small and silly, by comparison. My son made me feel brave for the first time in my life."
  • In this song, Nordeman sings about being a small girl who speaks when she is spoken to and does what she is told, but is ready to stand up and assert herself with the guidance of God.
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  • Tia from Haynesville, LaI think the song holy talks about you doin so many things for god but all he ever wanted was or you to get on your knees and praise him and tell him and admit that he's holy and you you realize that's what he wanted and you did it
  • Shelby from Pittsburg, VtI think that this song is about just sticking through with your walk with Christ and it may leave you out of your comfort zone but he is your power to make you Brave
  • Kim from Greensburg, InThis song is about the call God places on all Christians to be bold/brave in our in our walks with Him. With His help you can be brave about sharing the Good News and changing our world for Him. So Aiedail I guess The GUY does pull us our of our shells (comfort zones).
  • Shannon from Palisade, CoThis is not a mainstream lovesong...this is about God making it possible for the shy and meek to be bold and strong with His awesome power behind you!
  • Gerald from San Antonio, Tx"but she is willing to trade it all for a guy "
    Not just ANY guy - but Jesus Christ himself.
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