This Is Heaven

Album: Spaceman (2021)
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  • This is Heaven
    And I don't know how this could get much better
    Than you and me, here right now

    Nick Jonas wrote this song for his Spaceman album during the COVID-19 pandemic. His wife, the actress Priyanka Chopra, spent fourth months in Germany working on the fourth Matrix movie and Jonas composed the uplifting tune when she returned to their Los Angeles home.
  • Jonas' feelings of isolation while waiting for his wife to return home inspired the project's title track.
  • Jonas wrote the song with the Detroit singer-songwriter Maureen "Mozella" McDonald and the track's producer, Greg Kurstin. The three also penned "'Spaceman" together.
  • Jonas explained to SiriusXM Hits 1 he wanted to capture that euphoric feeling of being with your love interest after a long absence. "For me, it's obviously a romantic thing, but I think for anybody that listens to this song," he said. "It's really about that feeling of when we're going to do that first normal thing again, or when we're going to see that the friends and family we haven't seen in almost a year or beyond. And, it just is supposed to give you that feeling of truly throwing your hands up in the air and saying, 'Oh finally.'"

    Jonas added that the sound of '80s artists such as Peter Gabriel and Steve Winwood were a big influence, as well as more modern artists such as Drake and The Weeknd. "But this definitely has that Steve Winwood, Michael Bolton kind of feel with the sax solo," he continued.
  • Jonas performed the song for the first time on the February 27, 2021 episode of Saturday Night Live. SNL musical director Lenny Pickett delivered the sax solo during his rendition.
  • Daniel Broadley directed the video, filming it in London, Windsor, and Southampton, England. The visual begins with Jonas finishing the last page of a script on an old school typewriter that describes where his previous clip for "Spaceman" ended.

    During the verses, the isolated singer wanders empty hallways and a lush forest alone.

    For the buoyant chorus, The London Community Gospel Choir joins Jonas in St. John's Church in London's Hyde Park as he rejoices over being reunited with his lover.
  • The song is about Jonas' personal experience with faith and religion. "I believe in a lot of things, and one of the things I believe is that love is a high, important power that connects us all," he told Apple Music. "When you're in that state of euphoria and connection with your person, it should feel like heaven. I wanted to write a song that embodied that. Also, naturally, heaven would have sax solos."


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