Burn It to the Ground

Album: Dark Horse (2008)
  • On this ode to getting drunk, frontman Chad Kroeger sings about drinking "everything in sight."
  • Kroeger told MTV News that the Canadian rock troupe had to revise this metallic track three different times, because producer, "Joey Moi, who works with us on a lot of stuff, was sitting in the back of the studio, and said, 'I don't know - it doesn't make me want to pump my fist in the air and crack a beer open.'" Kroeger added that the band continued to work on the song until, "everybody's head started moving in the same direction, and Joey said, 'Now I want to crack open a beer, now I want to party with my buddies, now I want to crank the song, and now it's doing what I thought the song should do.'"
  • According to the royalty-distribution service BMI, this was the third most-played song at sporting events in 2009-10. (Kevin Rudolf 's "Let It Rock" came out at #2 in the survey and Queen's "We Will Rock You" #1).

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  • Marissa from Akron, OhThis song is used as the theme song for World Wrestling Entertainment's Monday Night Raw program on the USA Network. I think the image of a wild free-for-all suits the sports entertainment industry quite well.
  • Punkgal from Leeds, United Kingdomthey rock...
  • Liam from Tulsa, OkI'm not a fan of the theme of this song...but the heavy riffs and pounding drums make for a freaking awesome workout song!
  • Peggy from Cape Coral, Flwe went to see Nickelback in WPB Floirda. on April 25,2009 They ROCKED!!!!!!
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